How to Remove Sun Tan from Face: Overnight, Lips, Neck, Removal, Cream, Home Made Pack

Get insight on how to remove sun tan from face, overnight, lips, neck, feet, removal, cream, home made pack.

How to Remove Sun Tan from Face Overnight

Yogurt, Cucumber and Tomato Paste

  • Take a fresh cucumber and a tomato and blend it so as to get juice.
  • Add 1 cup of plain yogurt in the Cucumber-Tomato juice and then mix it well so as to make a paste.
  • Use and massage the paste on the effective skin and then leave it for approximately 45 minutes to dry.
  • Wash it off with normal water.
  • Regular use the fresh paste every day.

You can also add about 1 half of a cup of gram flour in the paste for better result.
Sun tanned removal using Tomatoes and Lemon Juice

  • Take about 3 fresh tomatoes and crush them well.
  • Add about 4 tablespoon of lemon juice and then mix.
  • Use the paste directly on the effected skin.
  • Allow the skin to dry and wash it off by use of cold water.
  • Do the process regularly once a day to remove sun tanning and many other skin problems.

Lemon Juice to Get Rid of Sunburn
Lemon is one of the best for most of the face as well as the skin problems and is best for the sun tag and sun burn because of its natural bleaching property.

  • Cut a fresh lemon slice and use this lemon as scrubber on skin area.
  • Allow the skin to fully dry and wash it off.
  • Do this alternatively i.e. one time in 3 days.
  • You can also add some amount of sugar to lemon juice and then follow the same procedure for a faster result.

Sun tanned removal using Potato and Raw Milk

  • Grind 1 potato and then squeeze so as to get juice.
  • Add equal amount of raw milk in the potato juice to obtain a solution.
  • Use and massage the mixture on the tanned skin part.
  • Leave it for a few minutes and wash using normal water.
  • Regularly do the procedure twice a day and remove sun tanning and sun burn.

Lemon Juice and Aloe Vera Gel
As most of you are aware of the importance of Aloe Vera for the skin, hair and most of the health problems. Aloe Vera is also very much effective to do away with sun tanning and also the sun burn.

  • Cut a fresh leaf of aloe vera plant and then peel it off so as to get gel.
  • Mix Aloe Vera gel and few tablespoon of lemon juice and then blend it so as to get gel paste.
  • Store the acquired paste in a closed bottle and then keep in refrigerator.
  • Massage the cold Aloe Vera – Lemon gel on an effective skin and then leave it to dry.
  • Do the process regularly to do away with the skin tanning and skin burns.
  • Try the use of aloe vera face masks for a glowing and clear skin.

Gram Flour to Get Rid of Sunburn
Gram flour is a effective treatment for sun tan and also the sun burns and leaves the skin natural and young as before.

  • Mix the paste of gram flour with water or even the rose water for better result.
  • Scrub the paste on the body part.
  • Leave it to dry for about 30 minutes.
  • Wash it off by use of normal water.
  • Do the process about 3 times a week.
  • For better result, you can mix some yogurt and also the lemon juice in the paste.

There are a lot of expensive sun’s cream and also the lotions are found in market. These cosmetic creams works better in the starting but the chemical cosmetic items are very harmful for the skin and is able to worsen the natural skin.

How to Remove Tan from Lips

Some of the causes of dark lips are a lot of exposure to the direct sunlight, use of low-quality cosmetics, excessive smoking and hormonal imbalances.
There are several ways that can be used to lighten dark lips that don’t need obtaining expensive products or even the treatments. Natural home remedies are able to effectively lighten the lips. The time that it takes for the remedies to work usually varies, so use them as long as required to achieve the desired results.

  1. Sun tanned removal using Lemon

Lemon is normally used to treat dark skin patches and also the dark spots, and you are able to use it to naturally lighten the dark lips, too. The bleaching property that is in lemon works perfectly simple yet powerful remedy for the dark lips.

  • Squeeze a lemon and use the juice on lips before going to sleep. Follow this remedy daily for about two months.
  • Take a very thin slice of lemon, sprinkle a small amount of sugar on top and then rub it on the lips. It is able to exfoliate the dead cells so that the new, fresh skin can appear. Use the remedy daily for 2 weeks.
  • Alternatively, you can also prepare a small mixture of one-half teaspoon each of the lemon juice and honey. Apply it on the lips before going to sleep. Do the process daily until you see the desired results.
  1. Sun tanned removal using Rose

Rose contains three main medicinal properties: soothing, cooling, and also being moisturizing. Rose can also help to add a natural pink tint to the dark lips.

  • Mix 1 drop of the rose water with some drops of honey and use it on the dark lips. Do the process three times a day.
  • Mix 1 tablespoon of the rose petal paste and at least 1 teaspoon of butter or milk cream. Use it on the dark lips and gently scrub. Follow the remedy 2 times a week.
  • Soak about 2 rose petals in raw milk for 30 minutes, and then grind the mixture so as to make a thick paste. Add 2 teaspoons of honey and a pinch of the saffron to it. Use the paste on the dark lips and leave it on for about 30 minutes. Do the process two times a day.
  1. Sun tanned removal using Olive Oil

Olive oil is also able to be used to make the dark lips lively and vibrant. Olive oil has several essential nutrients that can be used to nurture the lips and its moisturizing property can make them to be soft and very beautiful.

  • Apply three drops of extra virgin olive oil on the dark lips and then massage it gently. Do the process daily before going to sleep.
  • Alternatively, mix two teaspoons of sugar and some drops of extra virgin olive oil. Scrub the dark lips gently using the mixture at least once a week. This simple recipe is able to restore the natural lip color and also shine within a month.
  1. Sugar

Exfoliating the lips regularly can get rid of the dead skin cells that are able to make them appear dark and also dull. Sugar works as a perfect exfoliating agent.

  • Blend about 3 tablespoons of granulated sugar and some tablespoons of butter so as to make a very thick paste. Scrub the lips gently using the paste. Do the process once a week so as to restore the natural lip color and shine.
  • You can also make a scrub by mixing of one teaspoon of the granulated sugar, 1 teaspoon of honey, and 2 teaspoons of almond oil. Use it to scrub the dark tanned lips once a week.
  • Alternatively, you may be able to simply mix some amount of sugar with the cold cream and use it to scrub the tanned lips gently before going to sleep. Do the process once a week.
  1. Beetroot

Another available ingredient that is able to assist you get pink lips is the beetroot. Beetroot contains natural bleaching properties that is able to lighten tanned lips.

  • Apply fresh beetroot juice on the lips before going to sleep. Wash it off using cold water the next morning. The natural red color of beetroot can turn the dark lips to be rosy. Do the process daily before going to sleep.
  • You can also mix equal amounts of the beetroot juice and carrot juice and use it on the lips. Massage gently and then leave it on for 15 minutes before rinsing it off using lukewarm water. Do the process at least once daily for 1 week.
  1. Sun tanned removal using Pomegranate

Pomegranate is very much ideal for treatment of the dark lips. It is able to nourish and also moisturize dry and the dehydrated lips also assist to restore the natural pink color.

  • Mix together 1 tablespoon of the crushed pomegranate seeds and some amount of milk cream and also the rose water. Use the paste on tanned lips and gently scrub for about 5 minutes. Wash it off using lukewarm water. Do the process once daily.
  • Mix equal amounts of pomegranate juice, beetroot juice and also the carrot juice. Use it on the dark lips once daily.

Sun Tan Removal Cream

Nature’s Essence Lacto Tan Clear

This is usually used for obtaining lighter tone of the skin. This contains got milk protein and also the geranium oil that has the all-time favorite honey. The tan that has matured can be done away with using regular cream. Use it at night and can be able to give you a natural glow that has freedom from pigmentation.

Clarins White plus Whitening Repairing Night Cream

This is a treatment for the dark tanned skin. The patchy skin that you have got because of exposure can be cured. Raspberry and also the extracts of Alchemilla with an addition of the vitamin C cures for the freckles and also the dark marks on the face. The skin of the face then becomes radiant as the cream performs as required for the whole night on the body.

Home Made Tan Removal Pack

  1.  Saffron and Milk Face Pack

Saffron is a common ingredient that is found in Ayurvedic preparations. It has been used for several centuries for brightening and whitening of the skin.
Besides, saffron provides a lot of health benefits. For example, it assists much in cell formation and also repair, works as an antidepressant, minimizes the chances of high blood pressure and also the heart disease, treatment of the blemishes as well as the acne, and also assists in the production of the blood cells.
Just like the saffron, milk also provides a lot of benefits. It keeps the bone healthy, assists you to beat stress, improves the skin complexion, and shrinks the pores of your skin. So no wonder, a face pack that is made from saffron and milk is a potent thing. You can easily get rid of the tan using a pack made with these two.
Get this

  • Four tablespoons of the warm milk.
  • A few number of saffron strands.
  • Two lime juice drops.

Do this

  • Take the milk in a container and then warm it. Heat it up just to be mildly.
  • Now add a few drops of the lime juice to the milk.
  • Include the saffron strands into the milk and then mix it well.
  • You have the pack ready. Now massage the mixture on the face very well. The pack should cover the entire face, including the ears as well as the nose as they are the areas that are likely to be tanned too.
  • Keep it on the face for about ten minutes.
  • Wash off using cold water after the process.
  • Use a moisturizer when you are done.
  1.  Cucumber and Tomato Face Pack

Cucumber is very good to eat and it’s perfect for skin. It fights the constipation, provision of the body with lot of vital fibers and potassium, fights the intestinal worms, reduction of inflammation, fights cellulite, treats the open pores, reduction of the skin’s dark circles, and also hydrates the skin. Besides, cucumber is indicated in skin brightening and also whitening. Tomatoes on the other hand are used to protect us from the free radicals, assists in cell repair, provides us with glowing skin, treats the open pores as well as the acne, and prevent excessive oil production by skin glands.
You may cut a slice of tomato and rub it on the skin. But you will get better results if you prepare a face pack with the cucumber and also the tomato and a few other things. A face pack that is made with the cucumber and tomato can thus perfectly work for you.
Get this

  • 1 tomato.
  • 1 cucumber.
  • 2 tablespoons of gram flour.
  • 1 spoon of turmeric.
  • 1 tablespoon of honey.
  • 1 lemon.
  • Half tablespoon of milk cream. Go for the milk cream if the skin is dry and the curd if you have oily skin.

Do this

  • Slice the tomato. You require two slices so as to prepare this pack.
  • Now grate the tomato and keep it in a bowl.
  • Add the milk cream to the tomato.
  • Add some amount of turmeric.
  • Squeeze the lemon to add 4 drops.
  • Add your honey into the mixture.
  • Include 2 tablespoons of the gram flour.
  • Now mix all the things well so as to make the pack ready.
  • Use the pack on the neck and face.
  • Keep it there for about 30 minutes and then rinse off.
  1.  Turmeric and Gram Flour Face Pack

Gram flour is an age-old home remedy from the granny, and for many good reasons. People who are in India have used this in their food and use the gram flour on faces for several centuries. But in recent times, it is very become popular in the west also. In fact, most of the spa and beauty treatments are make use of this as a key ingredient. Gram flour assists you fight several skin problems like the pimples, acne, dark spots on the skin. It is able to get rid of unwanted hair and bring life to the lifeless skin. Gram flour is very cheap and readily found.
Get this

  • Take 2 tablespoons of gram flour.
  • 1 pinch of turmeric.
  • 1 tablespoon of crushed orange peel.
  • Milk – 1 tablespoon.
  • Some amount of Rose water.

Do this

  • Pour the flour into a bowl.
  • Put some turmeric into it.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of milk and the orange peel to this.
  • Now include the rose water. Make sure that the water is very cold.
  • Mix all the ingredients so as to create the face pack.
  • Wash the face using a mild soap.
  • Use the pack on the cleaned face and allow the pack to dry.
  • Keep it for about 30 minutes.
  • Sprinkle some amount of rose water on the dried areas.
  • Scrub gently to get rid of the pack after 30 minutes. You first scrub clockwise and then anti-clockwise.

Use the face pack every second day. The tan will disappear quickly. You can add 1 tablespoon of yogurt or some drops of lemon for better results. Lemon or yogurt can deep clean the skin pores.

How to Remove Tan from Neck

Sun tanned removal using Coconut oil
You must have known several benefits of the coconut oil but have you ever noticed or understood how effective it is for the skin tanning. Apart from provision of proper nourishment to the skin, coconut oil is capable of removing the back tan from the skin. If you have tan over the neck, use of coconut oil slowly every day can be an ideal remedy.
Sun tanned removal using Tomato and oats
Tomato is a fruit that is used by most cooks for cooking delicious dishes. Getting juicy tomato at home is very easy. Today many people are very cautious about their fitness, even if they might not be in a state to carry on with the exercise on a regular basis, consumption of fat free diet like the oats in the breakfast or even dinner is very likely. This means that, getting little bit of oats is easy.
Now you are required to make a pulp out of a tomato by use of a spoon or a blender. Now crush the oats and make it little in pieces. Now mix the pulp with that of oats and use over the neck where you can be able to see the skin get tanned.
Sun tanned removal using Rose water
You will be much surprised to know that simple rose water usage can do away with the black color mark over the neck. If you want to make it more effective, then you should combine turmeric powder with some amount of rose water and use it over your neck.
Aloe vera gel
You can get aloe Vera leaves from the plant which is found at the kitchen garden. Just like people plucks flowers from the garden, leaves that are from Aloe Vera plant is very effective in treatment of several skin problems. The gel like substance that is extracted from the plant may be applied directly over the neck dark spot.
Sun tanned removal using Sugar and oil
Sometimes, the homemade scrubbers are also very much effective in treatment of darkness and tan appearance over the skin layers.  You are required to make a paste by mixing of about 2 spoon of olive oil and 1 teaspoon of sugar. Now mix it well and use it over the area of the skin that is discolored. Since exfoliation assists much in doing away with the dead skin from the body, tan mark with dead skin can also be eradicated.

How to Remove Tan from Feet

1)Take 1cup of sour yogurt and add some amount of lemon juice to it. Mix well and evenly use on the hands and feet. Let it stay for about 30 minutes and then wash off using cold water. As the pack involves a lot of mess so it should be used before bathing. If the tanning is very strong, then you can use the pack daily otherwise use it every day.
2) Tomato also works very well on tanning. You can either use the tomato juice or even directly rub tomato on the skin. For later treatment, make sure that the pieces are big so as to fit in the palms. Either ways keep it in contact with the skin for about 30 minutes and then rinse off using plain water.
3) Sun tanned removal using Papaya; also gives reprieve from tanning. All you are required to do is taking a few cubes of papaya and mash them very well. Add some amount of lemon juice, and use the mixture on the tanned areas. After about 25 minutes wash off using clean cold water.