Dry Skin around Eyes: Causes, Eczema, Wrinkles, Sore, Eyelids, Remedy, Vaseline, Get Rid

Having any dry skin around eyes? Here, you will learn about the dry skin around eyes, causes, eczema, wrinkles, eyelids, home remedies, Vaseline and getting rid of the dry eyes around skin.

Dry Skin around Eyes Causes

  1. Dermatological disorderslike the following:
  • Eczema (specifically atopic dermatitis)can happen on the areas that are surrounding the eyes, which includes the eyelids. In addition to the dryness, eczema leads to the skin to be scaly. In extreme cases, this leads to cracking, itching, and also swelling.

When they are left untreated, dry skin can be inflamed and then bleeding sets in. This also increases the risk of infection as well as the painful skin peeling, causing blistering, skin reddening or even discoloration in uneven patches, and also unusual skin thickening of afflicted skin parts.
This is normally a symptom of the allergic rhinitis, but people who are genetically predisposed to different allergies have much higher chances of having eczema.

  • Blepharitisalso affects the eyelids, leading to the eyes to be inflamed with dry and also scaly skin. This also leads to a liquid substance to stick to the eyelashes, thus making hair clump together.

Other symptoms are crusting, and reddening. In very extreme cases, this leads to burning sensations, irritation of skin around the eyes, mucus buildup, and also oversensitivity to light. When they are untreated, this can lead to decreased vision in one or even both eyes.

  • Chronic blepharitis is very much common, with repetitive bouts of remission as well as flare-ups.
  • Common triggers of the condition are: allergy (such as the blepharo-dermatitis and seasonal blepharo-conjunctivitis,) bacterial infections (such as the herpes simplex, varicella zoster, etc.,) facial acne rosacea, and also the seborrheic dermatitis.
  • Perioral dermatitisis a very serious and normally chronic condition that affects the adult women. It can as well spread to the nose and also the mouth areas. Symptoms are the bumpy rash, itching, pus-filled bumps, and scaly skin.

Research indicates that products (e.g. cosmetic products, oral contraceptives, toothpaste, etc.) that have corticosteroids, paraffin, and also the petrolatum can trigger allergic reactions that eventually cause the condition.

  1. Poor hygiene, which leads to the bacterial, fungal or even the viral infection is considered a typical cause of the rash.
  2. Sunburn injury or overexposure to the ultraviolet rays can cause the minor and also the serious burns (known as erythema). Other symptoms are the dryness, blistering, fever, foul-smelling skin, peeling, premature skin aging, retinal damage, stinging pain and also suppression of the immune system. This increases the risk of infection as well as inflammation.

Extreme UV overexposure can cause confusion, fainting, severe pain and vomiting.

  1. Climateis a cause of dry skin around eyes. The climate can damage in both hot and also humid weather. Sudden changes or even extremes in weather is able to aggravate the dryness of the skin.

When the temperature drops, air becomes drier because of low humidity. Less amount of moisture that may be in the air depletes skin of oil, which leads to cracking, reddening, and also the appearance of fracture lines, which might split and also bleed. This also leads to the skin to look dry, saggy and also wrinkled.
When the temperature rises, then the risk of UV damage rises also. This leads to the skin to age prematurely. Worst of all, it slows down its inherent healing abilities, making a person to be highly susceptible to the life-threatening conditions, such as the melanoma, neoplastic skin lesions and also the skin cancer

  1. Eye skinstress is able to trigger dryness. Excessive rubbing of the skin may lead to stress. This is why dermatologists usually recommend against constantly rubbing the face using unclean hands. This can damage the epidermis, and thus compromises the vision also.

Eye skin stress may be acquired from constantly washing of the face using hot water. This emanates from the belief that hot water usually opens up pores. This might have some grains of truth in it, but opening up of the pores is not synonymous to freeing from the epidermal debris.
Any mild facial soap is able to clean out the pores better. Use a room temperature or even lukewarm water, and always apply the gentle strokes so as to lessen permanent damage to the skin epidermis.
Dry skin around eyes can also be brought about by applying and wearing make-up. For instance, using of concealer so as to hide dark dry skin around eyes, wearing eyeliner or mascara, and use of dirty brushes that have accumulated bacteria are stressful to the skin.

  1. Harsh chemicals – Regularly overusing facial cleansers and also many other skin products (such as the facial scrubs that have micro-beads, etc.) that have harsh chemicals can lead to dry skin around eyes.

The skin that surrounds the eyes is usually thinner, sensitive, and naturally susceptible to the irritations that comes from chemicals and also the toxins.
Chronic use or even abuse can permanently damage the epidermis, which also leaves the skin darker looking and prone to the sun damage, increaseing its risk of bacterial, fungal and also the viral infection leading to the inflammation.

Dry Skin around Eyes Eczema

  1. Eczema is a catch-all phrase for many skin problems, but the most common is the one that you’re likely to experience around the eyes is the atopic dermatitis. It is likely to happen around the eyes in babies, and the skin condition often shows up in small children.

But, no matter how old a person is, he can end up experiencing a flare-up of the atopic dermatitis around eyes, and you are required to have a way to know the basics. Atopic dermatitis is a condition that most often seen in childhood.
It is much related to hay fever and also the asthma, implying that if you develop the conditions, you are likely to develop the other conditions.

    • Atopic dermatitis is normally an immune response. The body usually gets confused and then overreacts to an irritant, leading to an inflammation of skin.
  1. Know the symptoms.You might see very small, red bumps that usually itch. You’ll also experience itchy patches of skin that are normally brownish or even reddish.
    • Also, the bumps can weep, implying that they produce liquid. You can as well have scaly, dry skin.
  1. Understand how eczema acts. Atopic dermatitis is able to come and disappear over time. When the symptoms are much worse, it’s known as a flare-up. But, you can go for longer periods exhibiting no symptoms.
  2. Know how atopic dermatitis is spread. This condition is not in any way contagious, implying that you can’t get it by coming in contact with another person who has the condition. But, it can be passed very much genetically from a parent to child.[8]
  3. Know how atopic dermatitis is able to affect your vision. This condition can lead to several problems with a person’s vision. If you think that the vision is being affected by a recent flare-up, ensure to speak with the doctor.
    • One way that it affects vision is through the dry skin around eyes which can also be red and puffy, making it very much difficult to see. But, the disease has also previously been linked to higher occurrence of cataracts and also the spontaneous retinal detachment, even when it has been treated.

Dry Skin under Eyes Causing Wrinkles

The myth on the dry skin around eyes leading to wrinkles persists since the dry skin appears more wrinkled than the skin that isn’t dry. It’s that simple.
Those people who have normal to oily skin are perceived as having very fewer wrinkles, but that’s due to the people having their own built-in moisturizer, which later creates the look of a smoother skin texture. When the skin is dry or even dehydrated, any amount of wrinkling or even flaws will appear more exaggerated.
Application of a moisturizer makes the wrinkles to appear less apparent which assists the skin to thus appear younger, but that’s not the same as giving skin what it requires to be rejuvenated, or even feel protected. Facts are better than myths when it comes to taking care of the dry skin around eyes.
Extrinsic aging is basically the sun damage that emanates from unprotected sun exposure but it also includes the exposure to the environmental assaults like ongoing exposure to the pollution as well as smoking (including the exposure to the secondhand smoke). This is bad for skin in the short term, and definitely affects leads to dry skin around eyes in the long term.
Intrinsic aging which includes several influences like the repetitive muscle movement (the smile and frown lines sets in), fat depletion, and fat pad movement, and many other illness. Just getting older every year will bring about the wrinkles.

Dry Skin on Eyelids

Dry eyelids affect most people, more especially people who already have several issues with the dry skin around eyes. Dry, flaky skin might sometimes be much embarrassing, more especially if a person is suffering from the eczema or even the psoriasis.
Dry, or flaky skin on eyelids might be the worst of the conditions, as it can be very uncomfortable, irritating, and also unattractive. Before use of the lubrications, or lotions to the eyelids so as to relieve the dryness, it is vital that you talk to a dermatologist so as to find out the underlying cause.
Dry, itchy eyelids may be brought about by several underlying problems. Some of them might be major, like the Sjogren’s syndrome. Other common causes are:

  • Cosmetics (eyeliner, eye shadow)
  • Food
  • Allergies
  • Hair Dye that have the ingredient p-Phenylenediamine
  • Eyelash Curlers (the nickel body can lead to irritation)
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis

Underlying Conditions that are able to dry eyelids are:

  • Eyelid Dermatitis, which is said to manifest as an allergic reaction to anything that comes into direct contact with a person’s eyelids.
  • Atopic Dermatitis, which is due to the airborne allergens.
  • Seborrheic Dermatitis, which occurs when the skin reacts to its own natural oils as well as the bacteria.
  • Blepharitis, this is a chronic inflammation of the eyelids brought about by excess bacteria.

Common cosmetic ingredients that can lead to having dry eyelids are:

  • Preservatives like the parabens, imidazolidinyl urea, quaternium-15, and also the potassium sorbate
  • Antioxidants like the butylated hydroxyanisole, and also the di-tert-butyl-hydroquinone
  • Resins like the colophony
  • Pearlescent additives like bismuth oxychloride
  • Emollients like lanolin and also propylene glycol
  • Fragrances, various
  • Pigment contaminants like nickel

Sore Skin around Eyes

Swelling of the eye, also known as the periorbital puffiness, refers to presence of an excess fluid in the connective tissues that are around the eye, commonly the eyelids. A swollen eye emanates from trauma, infections, or even any other injuries to the eye area. Prolonged crying is a cause of swollen eyes.
Virtually any other cause of inflammation that is directed to the eye area might manifest as the eyelid swelling, but the allergic reactions are much likely to be the most common cause. With the allergic reactions, the eyes might as well be red and itchy and swollen.
Rarely, systemic conditions can lead to fluid retention, which includes the fluid retention in the tissues that are around the eyes. With Graves’ disease proptosis or exophthalmos is able to happen. This implies that protrusion or even bulging of the eyeball in the eye socket. Puffiness of eyelids can also happen with the condition.
Blepharitis affects the eyelid margins, especially where the eyelashes grow and also where the openings of the tiny oil glands are. There might be involvement of skin adjacent to the outer edges of the eyelid or the inner edge of eyelid that comes into contact with the eyeball that is secondary to underlying disorder of lid margins.
Most cases of blepharitis are the posterior blepharitis, because of the inflammation of meibomian glands. There are about 35 of the glands in each of the upper as well as the lower lids. The openings of each gland lie normally behind the eyelashes.
The eyelid margins might be inflamed, irritated, as well as being itchy when the glands produce abnormal secretions. Blepharitis is normally observed in patients who have acne rosacea, which is a common disorder of oil glands of the skin of the face.
Anterior blepharitis is brought about by the inflammation of lid margin especially around the lashes.

Dry Skin under Eyes Home Remedies

  1. Cucumber juice:

Use the cucumber juice with the assistance of a cotton ball. Let it stay for about 10 minutes. Wash it off using warm water and then pat the skin dry. Follow up by use of a good moisturizer.

  1. Honey:

Use honey on dry skin around eyes, keep it on for about 15 minutes, and then wash it off using cold water. Keep in mind that honey is very much sticky, so do not rub and also tug too harsh. The delicate skin requires to be treated well.

  1. Olive oil:

Use the olive oil to the dry skin around eyes and leave it on overnight. Olive oil is a perfect repairing agent and works well. Olive oil is also indicated to be a very good anti-aging agent and assists a person handle the fine lines.

  1. Tea bag:

Dip a green tea bag in the cold water and let it rest on the eyes. This is able to prevent any formation of the wrinkles and can be able to boost generation of new cells around eyes. Green tea is a perfect repairing agent also.

  1. Raw milk:

Use the raw milk to the dry skin around eyes and leave it on for about 20 minutes. Wash off using normal water.

  1. Water:

Drink enough amount of water also. Water hydrates the skin and balances moisture content of the skin.

  1. Avoid sun:

Exposure to sun can also cause dry skin around eyes, so always use the sunscreen around dry skin of the eyes. Try to use a natural and safe sunscreen. If needed, take advice from the dermatologist ona sunscreen that is safe to apply under the eyes.

  1. Rose water:

Use the natural rose water around eyes. Rose water usually hydrates the skin and assist in prevention of the puffy eyes. Rose water also acts as a very nice coolant. It is a fantastic toner and assists to reduce the pore size.

  1. Milk, egg and honey:

Milk, egg yolk as well as the honey mixed together may be used around the eyes so as to do away with the dry skin around eyes.

  1. Glycerin:

Apply the glycerin on dry skin around eyes. Glycerin is usually prescribed by most dermatologists to be applied as a moisturizer

  1. Moisturizer:

Apply a good moisturizer so as to maintain the hydration level on the dry skin around eyes. Consult the dermatologist for a perfect under eye lotion and also a heavy moisturizer for use at night.

  1. Sunglasses:

Always put on the sunglasses when you go out to the sun.

  1. Minimize makeup:

Try avoiding application of any cosmetic item around the eyes unless it is very necessary. Always check for ingredients and make sure that you aren’t allergic to any. Also, apply a good makeup remover so as to get rid of the makeup. Never go to bed having any makeup on face. It leads to a lot of havoc on the skin and also causes acne.

  1. Sleep habits:

Sleeping for enough time also assists and gives time to the body to repair the dry skin around eyes. Try and get at least six hours of sleep each and every night. Have a silk pillow cases as they don’t create friction when you put a face on them. Use of silk cases is indicated to prevent fine lines as also the frizzy hair.

Dry Skin around Eyes Vaseline

Favorite petroleum jelly hacks.
To assist get rid of lash glue.
Don’t tug on the false lashes in the morning—it’s very bad for the delicate skin that is around the eyes. When dealing with some stuck lash strips, you should smudge some Vaseline into the lash line by use of a cotton swab. Wait for about 10 minutes and then peel away.
To define lashes. If you’re a minimalist when it comes to the beauty products, then you can get shiny, thicker-appearing lashes without applying mascara: Use the Vaseline to the area makes lashes appear longer and much more voluminous, and it’s also said that it assists them grow faster.
To tame brows. Smoothing some amount of Vaseline over the eyes skin can keep the dry skin arouns eyes in place all day (and even tackle any all the available cowlicks). Dab the pad of the ring finger in the jar, rub about 2 fingertips together so as to distribute the jelly, and then smooth it over the arches.
To moisturize face. Contrary to what you might think, Vaseline is noncomedogenic, thus recommended for use as a face cream without any worry about clogged pores.