Acne Face Map, Reading, Chinese Medicine, Organs, Causes, for Pimples

What is meant by acne face mapping? Get insights on the face map reading, Chinese medicine, organs, and causes of acne, pimples, and breakouts on the face, neck lip and nose among other parts.
This is a theory that suggests the location of your acne could present clues about what is causing it. Traditional Chinese medicine, for example, maintains that a weakness or toxicity in a certain organ or gland in the body can cause an acne appearing in certain areas of the skin. This is theory can be used as a best way of coming up with the root causes of acne on face.

Acne Face Mapping

You may develop annoying acne right in your face, try scrub and wash toning them, moisturizing, and still they appear when you least expect them. Maybe you are going for an interview, presentation, meeting or going to act an episode.
Something to surprise you is that, while it is commonly thought of as a hormonal or stress- related problem, this is not the case. In fact as per some dermatologist, where you have breakout can reveal a lot about what is going on in your body. By this, it means the place where you have an acne talk much about the cause, thus face mapping.
Face mapping as said earlier is a popular ancient Chinese medicine that focuses on the different areas of your face and judging by the location of the acne or flare- up, and doctors certify that can determine its underlying cause.
You can use this theory to carry out some detectives on your breakouts. For example here is a face map breakdown.
These kind of breakouts that appear on the forehead can be caused by a number of things, including digestive problems, small intestine issues, liver issues, much stress, less sleep, poor diet and even reaction to cosmetics and hair products. To avoid these kind of breakouts, get enough sleep, drink plenty of water to flush toxins, avoid stress, watch your diet, and check for irritating hair and facial products.
On the eyebrow or between brows
Face map reveals that this kind of acne can be due to poor circulation, gallbladder problems or diets with high fat content, processed food or alcohol. You can solve this by drinking enough water and proper hygiene practice.
Acne that occur on the nose may be caused by poor diet, constipation, bloating, gastrointestinal imbalance, indigestion or poor blood circulation. Vitamin B, less seasoned foods and messaging the nose area can eliminate the acne.
On the left cheek you may be faced with breakouts due to the lungs, liver issues, overeating, stress, stomach problems, contaminated cell phones, dirty beddings and makeup bushes. It is very paramount to keep your skin clean every day especially if you live in a dirty environment. Clean your beddings and wipe your cell phone to keep it clean.
Mouth/ lip area
Based on acne face map, acne can be caused by constipation, excess spice in meals and reaction to certain toothpaste. Increase your intake of fiber, fruits and vegetables to curb this kind of problem.
Acnes that occur on the chin can be caused by hormonal imbalance, gynecological issues, and kidney problems, too frequent hands to skin contact or toothpaste type. Solve this by resting enough and water intake. Use of omega 3 is good to keep hormones in balance. Only rest your face in hands if they are clean.
Ears are closely related to kidneys. If the kidneys are not functioning properly or receiving enough nutrients or water, water, large and persistent pimples can appear on the ears. This can be avoided by drinking enough water, avoiding excess caffeine and salt.

The time your breakouts show up

Knowing the first time your breakouts show up can be also be helpful to determine what may have caused them. The following are some of the help:
First thing in the morning: if you wake up and find pimples in your face that were not there night before, there are several things that caused it. You may have forgotten to wash off your face before sleep, your dinner did not digest well causing the changes in your skin. Eating too close to bedtime may also cause the formation of pimples.
Afternoon: this may result from hormones, if you are getting close to your menstrual period, or the makeup you are putting on is causing reactions or even moisturizer has a problem. When you had a smooth face in the morning and suddenly you develop breakouts your makeups are the cause. The products may block the skin and traps in bacteria that cause pimples.
Evening: you may not have washed your face after work, exercise, and before cooking. The skin is subjected to pollution and contamination the whole day, if not washed you may develop breakouts. Always wash your face immediately after you enter the house.

What kind of breakout are you having?

It is important to examine your case to confirm if it is just one dot or several pimples. This can give you some clues of your condition:
Blackheads and clogged pores: are tiny black spots that form on skin like pencil pricks. The skin may be dry in the area of the breakout. This is an indication of congested liver, and you may want to try a short detox-diet to flush out the system. Drink much water.
Cystic acne: they appear under the skin forming like swollen bumps and take some weeks to get healed. They may be connected to hormonal issues, like PMS, menopause, pre menopause, childbirth, and breastfeeding. As well may be related to digestive issues. Take in more probiotics in your diet and drink some chaste berry tea a day. It can help in treating hormonal acne.
Frequent acne: they come with whiteheads and blackheads, though they are usually small. They come frequently. They may be caused by cosmetics products. Switch to more natural products to see they can bring some changes.
Occasional: these are kind of acne that appear out of the blue. You may think your skin is fine and from nowhere they show up. They are most likely related to stress. Relax yourself and have some time to chill out.

Chinese Face Mapping

One moment as you were trying to for solutions to your acne. You may have already come across something to do with Chinese acne face map. This is part of the ancient or old way of medicine system that is based on years of observation. It provide the idea that different parts of your face’s skin correspond to specific organs and body systems.
So checking out your problem areas could give some clues to what the underlying problems are in the body.
This concept has taken over and many people uses it even the great beauticians in the world. We shall talk about different face map and related conditions and you will realize it is somehow the real thing.
Let us look at these examples of areas on the face and the related body conditions:
Digestive system and bladder– breakouts that may appear on your forehead: they indicate that you need to hydrate and improve your diet. Drink much water and take more fruits and vegetables in your meal plans. Another cause of problem in this area may be allergy from food hence observe the foods that result in this and avoid them.
Liver congestion – above the nose: a break out in this area means you need to reduce alcohol take in and intake of dairy.
Kidney imbalances –around eyebrows and near ears: if your ears feel hot or swollen, the inflammation may be due to dehydration. Cut on soda, caffeine and alcohol. Drink much water and have enough sleep for at least seven hours.
Respiratory system –lower part of cheeks: for those people who smoke, you may realize increased breakouts and broken small blood vessels in these areas. Also if you have allergy, you can have these kind of breakouts. These kind of acne may also be caused by dental problems like gingivitis. Is good to quit smoking when you see this.
Heart problems – on the nose: this kind of breakouts indicates that one may be suffering from blood pressure. Examine yourself and make some lifestyle changes.
Stomach –chin: your chin is linked to small intestines so breakouts in this area may indicate a buildup of toxins or more need to take meals that have high fiber content.
Hormonal imbalances –around the lips: high stress and general hormonal changes can cause breakouts in this area. If the symptoms don’t stop in a few days, you can visit your doctor to screen the possible hormonal imbalances.
Illness –in the neck or glands: when you have a pimple under jaws that is an indication your body is fighting certain infection. Drink a lot of fluids, get enough rest and take much of vitamins. Also you can seek for treatment of the infected area.

Acne Face Mapping Reading

Face and body reading has been existing for many centuries. Mien Shiang – as it is known, has been practiced for many years that range up to 3000 years as research reveals. In a short given time someone can determine your five element personality type- like character, behavior, and health potential by just analyzing your face.
The classic Chinese face reading originally derived from daoist philosophy, and the oldest Chinese writing on this topic.
In this recent times the art of face reading is becoming more and more popular. Schools that teach Mien Shiang are becoming more and more spread in the world. Face mapping has taken center stage in the clinics and it combines ancient Chinese medicine and clinical dermatological procedures which greatly rely on it.

The five elements

The Taoist five elements, wood, fire, earth, metal and water are metaphors devised by the ancient Taoist philosophers to explain the relationship, interaction and present change of all things in the world.
The five elements are symbolic for different phases, or primal forces within the universe, nature and our bodies. Each element is also linked to a given personal archetype. Knowing which element predominates our personalities can help further insight into our lives and relationships.

How to use mien shiang

The old age Taoist practice of mien shiang is an art and science that literally means face reading. It is an accurate means of self- discovery and enable people knowing each other. According to this practice, the face records the past, reflects the present and forecasts the future.
What to look for when reading a face is features like sizes, shapes, positions of each facial feature, lines, shadings and markings on the face. Just by looking on someone’s face, you can know his character, personality, health, wealth potential, social standing, and longevity.
The basic Chinese face reading is broken into 12 categories, each being important to the other as it tell the practitioner of your past, present and future.;

  1. Fortune house: give a general view of fortune trend. An ideal fortune house should be round, full, and smooth with no visible marks, lines or scars. Flaws reflects problems in life, in form of bad health, stress and lack of cash.
  2. Parent house: attached to heaven luck, it depends on how your parents were and how you related to them. A wide forehead, round and shiny speaks of a good family inheritance, good life and early achievements. Small bony one is a symbol of uneasy childhood.
  3. Career house: broad, round and smooth for a good career house with prominent cheek bones protruding eyes.
  4. House of travel: for disfigured face with scars or deep lines, this is not your part. Jobs, businesses of transport, tourism or import/export not your best choice.
  5. Life house: here is the key to your fortune. Being naturally smooth and shiny suggest trouble- free journey. Dimpled or scared, with permanent horizontal lines – bumping road ahead.
  6. House of siblings: eyebrow oversee your relationship with friends. Hair too has link to physical condition of parents.

Face Map Chinese Medicine

If you are suffering from breakouts on a certain part on your face’s skin, there is much more related to it. Many practitioners believe that blemishes in particular areas of the skin can really reflect problems in the internal body organs. Acne are believed to be caused by multiple factors like stress, diet, dehydration, and allergies caused by hormonal imbalances.
In Chinese acne face map reading, acne are interpreted as the effect of an imbalance of the system that controls the health of the skin, which may include lungs, kidney, stomach etc.
The skin is affected by increased fluctuations of hormones which affects the sebum production as well as the pH, causing bacteria growth in the blocked pores.
It is not the skin that has a problem, but rather it reflects the intestinal imbalances of the body.
What are the examples based on this theory?

  • Those plagued by acne on the forehead area of the face may have problems with the diet. Eating less processed foods and reducing the amount of fat in your diet can help, as this negatively influence the digestive system. Drink plenty of water and get enough sleep to flush out digestive imbalances.
  • The acne condition that target the cheeks is mainly caused by stress alongside with poor lifestyle choices. Smoking and allergies may be the main factors to this. Take green vegetables and wheatgrass. Keep the body more alkaline by increasing the intake of greens and reduce eating of meat and dairy. Also keep away from stress.
  • On the other hand you may develop breakouts on mouth and chin as a result of hormonal changes and stress. Taking enough rest, adequate sleep, hydration and healthy balanced diet can solve this. Lack of hydration can result to kidney imbalance and outbreak of blemishes on the chin area.
  • The nose as well is not left out. It can experience breakouts when the body is subjected to poor diet and indigestion. Toxins like excess hormones, dietary bio products and free radicals may cause inflammation and acne. When you make some improvement on the dietary it may result to a quality face’s skin.

Face Map of Acne Causes

Acne face map is a technique used to determine the root cause of acne you are having. If you realize that your pimples are placed in more or less the same spot each time they appear, this shows that your body is communicating something to you. The concept of face mapping is linked to Chinese techniques of face mapping to cure ailments. A great practitioner from Chinese believe that there are points on the body rightfully linked to body major organs.
If you constantly get an acne on a given side of the face you have a specific internal organ problem. There are then remedies and lifestyle changes to work of this kind of problems

Causes of acnes according to face map.

  • If your forehead and area between eyebrows has pimples, acne face map suggests you have a problem with your digestive system. Have enough sleep, drink more water, reduce stress, eat healthy meal free off much sugar and check your cosmetics.
  • If the acne appear on the sides of the eyes just below the forehead, you are likely to have kidney imbalances. Drink plenty of water, eat fruits, and avoid fatty foods.
  • The pimples that occur between the eyebrows are indicated by acne face map suggests you may be having food allergy, alcohol intake and waxing of hair. Use rightful products, cut on drinking alcohol, and keep a food diary.
  • When they appear on the sides of the nose and upper part of the lips you have hypertension, or early signs of rosacea. Or above the lips means wrong lipstick and lip balm. Avoid spicy foods, exfoliate your face, get fresh air, eat more fiber and observe your lips products.
  • Acne on cheeks are very common and acne face map reveals that they be a sign of hormonal imbalances and problems of lungs, heart, spleen and stomach. Carry out exercise daily, maintain hygiene, and avoid stress.
  • When acne appear on the chin and jaw, it is caused by hormonal imbalance. This is due to stress. Avoid stress, massage the abdomen in a gentle circular motion, take omega 3, cut out sugar, and drink herbal tea.

Face Map for Pimples

Before you start worrying on what may have caused you breakouts on your face, first of all observe on which area of the face the breakout is. This is according to acne face map where by each area on the face is linked to a special organ in the body, hence a breakout in that given area in the face is a visible warning that the counterpart organ is unwell.
We have different face parts that include; forehead, chin, nose, cheeks. Around eyebrow, below forehead, each of them representing a given body part.
To give an example, when you develop acne on the either sides of the cheeks as per the acne face map, you may be having problems with your lungs maybe due to smoking. This result to lung allergies which are seen with breakouts on cheeks. So it is good if you change your lifestyle and avoid areas with pollutions.

Face Map for Breakouts

Do you have information that your breakouts could be linked to a health issue in your internal body organs? According to traditional Chinese medicine, internal imbalances in the body can show up in our face in form of breakouts.
This has not been scientifically proven and not all practitioners have faith in it. There is no medical studies to link face map with specific acne that appear in the different parts of the face, but there may be factors you overlook.
According to some practitioners, the location of acne on your face can indicate their underlying cause.
Look a little bit on these:

  • Poor digestive health has been linked to acne on the forehead
  • Irregular sleep, stress, bad blood circulation may lead to breakouts on the lower forehead as per the acne face map.
  • You consume much alcohol, and much fat you cause problems to the liver. This can be seen with pimples between the eyebrows.
  • When you do not take enough water you dehydrate your kidney and it may result to dark circle under eyes.
  • If you are experiencing too many fluctuations in blood pressure and stress, be ready to have breakouts on the nose. Manage your blood pressure to keep your heart at ease.