Hard Lump under Skin: Causes, Painful, Get Rid

When you get a hard lump on skin the first thing that may come in your mind as usual to a good number of people is cancer. It is very important to be cautious about our health but it is also good to know that many small lumps under skin are benign and treating them is easy. Let us have a look at the possible causes of hard lumps under skin and how they can be eliminated medically.

Main causes of hard lumps under Skin

We have many possible causes for hard lumps that occur in the inner part of the skin. When experience a lump, it may be caused by either of the following:
It is one of the major type of lumps formed under the skin. It occur as small, fatty masses that are harmless to personal health. A lipoma as usual it occurs as a soft lump and rolls easily under the skin when moved.
This is an enclosed sac –like bump beneath the skin and it contains fluids, semisolid matter which is said to be dead skin cells and some oils. It is usually yellowish in color and can roll on the skin when moved as well. In most cases cysts have no harm to the skin and more so, do not require any treatment.
Swollen lymph nodes
They are part of immune system. When your body is under attack of nay bacteria or virus, inflammation or trauma, you may develop swollen lymph nodes. They normally occur in the groin, armpits or neck. The case may be more serious when you are having HIV or cancer.
This is a collection of pus causing a hard lump under skin that has inflammation. An abscess is usually a response to bacteria, parasites or foreign substances in the body. In some cases it may appear as red, raised, and painful lump under skin.
Corn or callus
They are formed in response to continued pressure on a certain area of skin. Corn or callus may occur on toes, feet and hands and they normally have a hard feeling when touched. The skin may appear thickened with a yellow color on top, and in some cases it may develop a fluid underneath.
Malignant tumor
There are possibilities that the hard lump under your skin may be cancerous tumor. Though not in a common occasion, considering other causes of the lump on skin to fail then we may conclude that it is tumor.

Home care on lump under skin

In numerous happening a lump on your skin may not need a doctor and it can be handled well at home. You may use a warm compress which may help to a certain level. You can use it on abscesses or cysts, especially when swelling is the case to be handled.
Corn and calluses can be handed by reducing pressure applied on the skin. You can wear protective gear when handling a heavy job; like gloves, cotton socks with safety boots, or soft pads in the shoes. Soak a callus in warm water and using a pumice stone may also help it to go away by rubbing it off. You can as well acquire special bandages over the counter to cover the corns for faster healing.
When to see a doctor
When you find it hard determining the cause of that hard lump under skin, it is advisable you seek help from a medical specialist. Home care services should only be used on a case that is understandable and the one that respond to it. For special care is most appropriate for a doctor or a dermatologist.
Here are some of the prescriptions and treatment you may get from your physician:
Tissue sample – if after examining your case the doctor is unable to know the cause of the cyst, a tissue sample may be carried to give an accurate diagnosis.
Surgical excision – this is a typical minor outpatient surgery that is carried to eliminate a hard lump under skin out of the body through a small incision. This is an activity done right in the doctor’s office without visiting a theater room.
Antibiotics – lumps that result from bacterial infection can be completely be treated by use if antibiotics that you acquire over the counter or by doctor’s prescription.
Draining the lump – if the lump under skin is fluid-filled the doctor may drain the fluid by use of syringe.
Steroid injection – certain lumps such as limpomas can be reduced with you having a steroid injection. Although the treatment will not make the lump to disappear completely.
Liposuction – large syringes may be used to get out the lump’s fatty tissues.
Cancer treatment – if the lump is cancerous you may go for cancer treatment options including radiation and chemotherapy.

Hard Lump under Skin on Inner Thigh

You may develop a lump on your thighs that is big or small, hard or soft, painful or painless. When the lump is inflamed, it can be painful and cause a lot of problems. Each and every person can develop this kind of hard lump under skin regardless of gender or age. In this case, we are going to look at some of the causes and treatments that involve a lump that may occur on your inner thighs.
If we try to look at some of the causes in general, a lump on inner thighs may be caused by infections, inflammation, and trauma. As per the cause of the lump, it can be single or even multiple, soft or firm, painful or painless. Lumps can grow rapidly or might remain in the same size.

What might result to lumps on inner thighs?

When we look at some of the conditions that may cause a hard lump under skin on inner thigh, some of them are very mild while others may not need any treatment to get rid. When the case is serious it is important to respond urgently on medical care to treat them. Let us look at the causes of this lumps:

  • Staph infection- more serious bacterial infection may cause a bump on your inner thighs. These kind of lumps are characterized by much pain, redness and swelling. In other cases you may notice a cyst forming around the area especially if the condition is severe.
  • You may be having an abscess or a boil – an abscess may be caused by the staph aureus bacteria that infiltrates the skin resulting in pain, swelling, redness and cyst.

You can treat by applying a warm compress on the spot and taking medication.

  • You can as well develop a sebaceous cyst under your inner thigh skin – these kind of lumps are formed with fluids in them combined with other substances. They develop under skin thus appearing like small balls that move around slightly.
  • Watts on inner thighs – they are caused by the virus that gets in the skin leading to the hard lump under skin on the inner thighs. They form with red dry bumps on upper inner thighs that has a scaly feeling.

There is medication that can be applied for warts and the doctor may freeze them or dry them off.

  • Chaffing and inner thigh bumps – when wearing tight cloths or when running you may cause friction between your thighs. The friction may result to irritation causing your skin in the inner thighs to develop lumps. The heat causes a heat rush on the skin called miliara.

Irritated skin usually causes blockage of skin pores and formation of pink, red or even white lumps on inner thighs, experienced by an itchy, prickly feeling.
Treatment is by washing the area gently with water and allow it to dry off, then put on something greasy like petroleum jelly.

  • Blood clot swelling – these are lesions that are stemming from the disease often break open and the n leak pus which is smelly.
  • Cyst on thighs – also called folliculitis, can lead to red bumps on inner thighs. It comes about when the hair follicle is infected by a bacteria, causing it to be inflamed.
  • Cancer and bumps that keep increasing – if the bumps appear below the skin it can be cancerous. A normal bump will shrink and go away but that which grow more and more can be problematic.
  • STD bump- that hard lump under skin on inner thigh can be caused by STDs such as syphilis and herpes. This bumps are very painful, they appear as blisters under skin between inner thighs or even genitals.

Treatments and how to get rid of lumps under skin on inner thighs

  • Hidradentis suppurativa can be treated by use of basic hygiene like use of basic soaps.
  • Do not put on cloths that will cause irritation to your skin, and lose weight to avoid inner thigh friction.
  • Quit smoking to assist the lesions to go away more quickly
  • Abscess and those from folliculitis can be treated by use of antibiotics.
  • Use a warm compress to the area that is affected with a cyst of abscess for some time to reduce the swelling,
  • Warts can be freezed or dried off by a doctor.

Painful Lump under Skin

Most of us in our lives we may have experienced a lump on our skin.  The lump may have been harmless and healed on its own without any treatment, or you might have treated it.
When you develop a painful hard lump under skin or a swelling that appears suddenly over a day or two may be caused by injury, infection or inflammation. If the skin around the lump is red and warm, it is likely to be an infection.
There are several reasons for unexplained lump or swelling under the skin and some of the common areas on the body affected are as follows:

  • Face
  • Neck or throat,
  • Breast,
  • Groin area,
  • Testicle,
  • Anus [bottom],
  • Hand, wrist or finger,
  • Shoulders, back, chest or arm,

Though there are some hard lump under skin that may appear on all areas of the body, others have specified areas that they appear depending on their causes.

Hard Lump under Skin on Buttock

Hard pimples on the butts are common and in most cases should not cause a lot of concern. They are easy to treat and handle, hence some are not painful and they come and go away on their own. In severe cases they may get infected and progress to a boil, and when the matter has reached this level it is good to see a doctor.

Causes of hard lump under skin on butts

Folliculitis which result from a blocked pore that then become infected. The other pimples that may follow after outside the follicle can be caused by infectious organisms like bacteria or virus. Skin trauma as well and skin allergens together with irritants may result to more lumps.
Infection can as well result to bumps on the butts. Bacteria and fungi as said above are the common victims. They feed on dead skin cells and debris and infected clogged pores. They too affect the follicle through an abrasion after you scratch the itchy, inflamed pimple.
Skin trauma for sitting for long time. Modern day life has enabled mankind to work and spend more time while sitting. This will prevent normal skin respiration on the butts, resulting to blockage of pores. The end result of clogged pores is development of bumps.
When scratched or rubbed the irritation may lead to formation of a hard lump under skin on buttocks.
Sleeping naked on dirty beddings may also cause bumps on butts as the beddings may contain bacteria and fungi.
Long term use of steroids
Moisture and bacteria trapped under surgical tape used to cover a wound
In most cases pimple on butts heal on their own without need of treatment. If the lump is stubborn and develop to a boil or tumor you are supposed to seek medical advice urgently. Home care treatment can also help with the use of over the counter medicines.
Home remedies

  • Use warm compress to reduce inflammation and swelling. Also it can help soften the pimple for it to drain.
  • Soak the butts in a bath tub of look warm water for around 20 minutes. Add some Epsom salt and vinegar to the water. This help reduce the itching and inflammation.
  • Wash the affected area with antibacterial soap or antiseptic solution to kill the bacteria infection.

Hard Lump under Skin on Face

Hard bumps in most cases when they appear on face they are very irritating uncomfortable. This is because a face is the first physical description of someone’s appearance. A hard lump under skin on face can be caused by a number of reasons. When you have this problem, it is very important to respond as some cases can be dangerous if they are left untreated.

Symptoms of bumps on face

These bumps can be accompanied by swelling, itching, burning, stinging pain, redness, etc. The bumps can appear to be blister like and feel hot when touched. In other cases they may be pus filled or with small oil stones thus being hard. The lump can be single or several covering a large surface on the face. In severe cases you may develop breathing or swallowing difficulties due to pimples on face.
Causes of hard lumps on face.
Hard lump under skin can be caused by a common condition called angioedema, an allergic reaction that causes deep welts to form under the skin, specifically by the lips and eyes. The reaction can be triggered by some foods and medications.
Cysts and nodules can as well be the cause of hard bumps on your face. When infected the bumps can be painful and irritating.
Bug bites may leave your face with hard lump under skin. There are certain insects such as mosquitoes and bed bags that leave your skin with a bump which is hard to touch.

  • Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and warm water at least twice a day
  • Hold a wet towel with an ice pack to the bumps for few minutes to reduce inflammation and redness.
  • Recommended creams can as well reduce pain and inflammation.

 Hard Lump under Skin on Arm

The body is protected by the skin which act as a living ammunition. Many people do not care about their skin until something wrong happens to it like unknown hard lump under skin on the arm. We have numerous causes of bumps that appear on your hands, most of which are too minor conditions that will either disappear on their own or with little home care activities.
However, for some serious cases you should not assume them at all. When the bump keeps increasing in size with much pain you should see a doctor.

Causes of hard lump under skin on your arm

Trauma and bites are the common causes of lumps on the arm. For example, when you knock your arm to a sharp object you may not only bruise it but cause a deep tissue swelling as well. On the other hand, when bitten with an insect like a bee you may end up getting a bump on your skin.
When the bump is not related to injury or insect bite, then it is a cyst. This is an enclosed sac-like swelling in the skin filled with fluid or semi-solid tissues. We have numerous types of cysts depending on size, turgid and the rate of growth.
Noncancerous tumors may as well cause bumps on your arm. A good common example is fibromas which arise from fat cells. They grow slowly and do not require any treatment.
Cancerous tumors my result to a hard lump under skin on the arm. This kind of cancer can be common since the arms are exposed to the sun for a long time.
Treatment and precautions.

As we discussed in the beginning, lump that appear on the hand do not have any harm. When it persist and won’t go away you have a reason to be anxious especially with the following signs:

  • Spreading redness surrounding the lump
  • Severe or worsening pain
  • Numbness, tingling or paleness of the arm or hand
  • Growth of the lump
  • Changing or irregular color
  • Bleeding or itchiness
  • Discharge
  • Fever, chills or sweat
  • Weight loss

Visit a doctor who will help you in dealing with these conditions.

Hard Lump under Skin on Neck

A lump that appear on the neck can also be called a neck mass. They can be large and visible, or can be small. Most lumps that appear on the neck are benign and not harmful at any case. Although to be on the safe side it is not important to assume any hard lump under skin that do not go away.
Possible causes of neck lumps
A lump on your neck can be either of the following:

  • Swollen glands- they indicate that you are infected either with a cold or a sore throat. The glands will go down when you start to heal.
  • You have a cyst- it is a harmless fluid- filled hard lump on your skin that may go away on its own without any treatment.
  • A skin tag- this is a harmless, knobby wart- like growth that hangs off the skin and can be left alone as it is not attached to any tissue.
  • A goiter- this an abnormal large swelling that occur in the neck’s thyroid gland. It is caused by an infection.

Most of the lumps on the skin in the neck region will go away on their own. On a serious case see a doctor as in some instances the swelling can be cancerous.

How to Get Rid of Hard Lump under Skin

Many pimples on your skin unless they carry much complications can be handled easily. It is important to know the cause as this will help you know the possible easy way to get rid of them.

Proven way to control pimple under skin

Ozone therapy- this is a method that will not only reduce the time of treatment but also prevent scars and blemishes to be seen after. This also reduce inflammation and redness of the pimple making it not painful.
Avoid using cosmetics that will cause allergy your skin. Some will clog the pores resulting to sebaceous glands.
Use antibiotics that are only prescribed by a doctor to control bacterial infections.
Solutions to stop hard lump under skin

  • When you realize a lump on your skin respond to it by the available home remedies to cub it.
  • To keep normal your body metabolism and cleanse your body of any toxins you can drink nettles infusion.
  • Take bathes with sea salt, and do not wear cloths made of synthetic tissues.
  • Mix warm water and lemon juice and wipe your body with it after every wash.