Spider Bite Piercing, Jewelry, Pain, Risks, Swelling, Care

A clear overview with pictures on how spider bite piercing is done with minimal pain and the risks involved. An understanding on the swelling after piercing, care and the jewelry worn on it.

Spider Bite Piercing

A spider bites piercing involves two separate piercings. The piercing are placed next to each other on the lower lip. Normally a spider bites piercing is always on one side close to the corner of the lips. In other cases people get the spider bites piercing on each side of the lips, one at the right side and the other at the left so as to make a complete set. Spider bites are not common type of piercing.
Piercing of the lips has really picked up a lot in popularity and even more and more people are doing this type of body piercing. In most cases a ring or stud is to be put and fit into the skin of the lip. There are several ways in which the lip can be pierced. The names of these piercing are very unique and is they are always derived from the way the piercing looks like or on the particular location where the piercing is done.
The spider bites piercing can also be described as the two piercings that are on the side of the lower lip or the upper lip or even on both lips and are placed quite close to each other. Spider bite piercing has become very common with the young generation. One can either do both piercings at the same time or can do them at different times so to allow for the healing.
We are all aware that piercings on the face do have a specific look but a spider bites is quite a different and unique one even among them. This type of piercing is done in a way that it creates a look the skin that resembles a mark that one would get on the skin when bitten by a spider.
You can have two rings placed close together on this kind of lip piercing. It can be either on the upper lip or on the lower lip. Most of the people who prefer to this kind of piercing go for the lower lip and also use the rings. This is more preferred to many than the use of studs in terms of the jewelry that is used.
For some time the piercing known as the spider bites has been more popular with men. But in recent times, women are now going in for this and we can notice a very significant increase in this trend. It is true that you can find the spider bite piercing taking a more creative take when done by women.
One of the main things a person considers and thinks about is how much this kind of piercing can hurt. One has to know that any piercing is bound to hurt but this one is in a more sensitive area and can be really painful. But if one manages to take good care of it, it can then be kept within manageable limits. Time for healing and the pain naturally differs depending on the person’s health and also pain bearing capabilities.
One therefore needs to:

  • Take a good care and focus on certain aspects for a better healing
  • Avoid to touch the spider bite piercing area while the area is still tender
  • Clean the hands thoroughly before proceeding to touch the piercing when really required
  • Avoid completely any unsanitary practice during the healing process.

The cost on getting a spider bites piercing depends on the place where it is to be gotten from and the type of jewelry one would prefer. One has to consider that saving the costs can result to a poor hygiene and improper piercing processes. It is therefore advised not compromise on something that can cause you problems later in terms of pain, infections and other complications that can be accompanied with.
When one is committed to actually doing the spider bites piercing, he or she has to consider all the aspects and also the time he has to invest in the after care of the piercing before actually doing it. You are advised to talk to other people who have done such piercings before taking the final step.

Spider Bite Piercing Jewelry

After the spider bite piercing and once the swelling has subsided, it is very vital to replace the original, longer jewelry with a shorter post so as to avoid intra-oral damage.
Because this necessary jewelry change usually occurs during healing of the piercing, it must then be done by a qualified piercer.

  • Using clean hands or paper product, regularly check threaded ends on the jewelry for tightness.
  • You have to Contact the piercer for a non-metallic jewelry alternative in case your metal jewelry must temporarily be removed.
  • Should one then decide that he longer want the spider bite piercing, simply remove the jewelry or let a professional piercer remove it then continue to clean the piercing until the hole closes. In many cases, only a small mark can remain.
  • In an event where an infection is suspected, a quality jewelry or an inert alternative is to be left in place to allow for drainage of the infection. If the jewelry is removed, the surface cells may close up sealing the infection inside the piercing channel. Thus resulting to an abscess. Only until an infection is cleared up is when the jewelry can be removed.

Most Popular spider bite Piercing Jewelry are:

  • White Opal Fire Hoop
  • Yellow Gold Lip Piercing
  • White Gold Lip Piercing
  • Opal Lip Stud
  • Silver Lip Ring
  • White Opal Flower Stud
  • Lip Cuff – Price:
  • Purple Opal Fire Hoop
  • Ball Labret Stud
  • Spider Lip Stud
  • Bead Lip Ring
  • Rose Gold Lip Piercing
  • Criss-Cross Lip Ring
  • Internally Threaded Tube Labret Stud
  • Lip Barbell

It is very important to clean the jewelry very well before wearing them after the piercing has been done. Bacteria and other germs can be present in the jewelry and they can lead to an infections that are ugly and painful at the same time. Before one wears the jewelry it must be lathered properly with the fingers and then rinsed using warm and clean water.
Extra Care should be taken when you turning it up and down. The area is not supposed to be cleaned using peroxide or alcohol. This can lead to either harming the tissue or killing the tissue instead of healing it. The safest way to clean the area is by using an anti-bacterial soap and with some warm water.

Do Spider Bite Piercing Hurt, Pain

Spider bites piercing is usually considered to as having a pretty low pain rating as compared to the other piercings. However this varies from person to person. It is usually less painful than the upper lip piercings. Either way, it is still a piercing and it can be painful to a certain extent. Different piercers can also have different techniques on doing the spider bites piercing.
Some piercers can do it from the outside in and others pierce from the inside out depending on the personal preference. This process is usually very quick and most of the people with the spider bites piercing always say that the aftercare is the most difficult part than even the piercing itself.
It is also important to note that one should be very careful when selecting the piercer and also to make sure that one goes to someone who is competent and professional. The one who is able to make the spider bite piercing to go as smoothly as possible and also help with aftercare too.
Just Like the other lip piercings, a spider bites piercing is usually fairly quick to heal. If the body is fast-healing and a good care taken of the new piercing, it will be fully healed in about a month. It may sometimes take up to three months.
As also with the other lip piercings, one has to take a lot of care so as to keep the spider bites piercing clean. Alcohol and cigarettes are to be avoided after spider bite piercing. One has to keep in mind that the area can be very swollen, this is completely normal and one should not be worried.

Spider Bite Piercing Risks

A spider bite piercing involves getting the two piercings done at one go. This can be more painful than the single spot body piercings. Apart from this, there is also the risk of damage to the lower teeth as well as gum infections. An Infections and allergic reactions can also occur in the area of the spider bite piercing.
As this is both an external and also an oral piercing, one will need to follow the aftercare instructions for the both. The pierced area is going to be sore for a while, this therefore means eating and drinking can be a problem for some few days. The Swollen lips can also make it hard for one to speak properly. However, these effects are just temporary and will disappear after a few days
If one wants to reduce the risks that is involved in a spider bite piercing, then one is supposed to choose an experienced piercer. A good and experienced piercer is very important as they ensure that they line up properly.
Both piercing should be at the same distance from the center of the lip. If one of the piercing is higher or lower than the other then they are not at an equal distance, the piercing may not look symmetrical and one might end up not liking the piercing.
A good piercer is supposed to mark the piercing area before piercing and on both sides with dots. Then you have to take look into the mirror and confirm the positions. If the placement is okay, the piercer can then go ahead with the procedure.
In any case the person who want to get the spider bite piercing has to hold prior consultation with the doctor who can give a valuable advice on the safest procedure of getting pierced. He will then also offer an advice on the vitamin supplements and also on what one is supposed to do and not to do after getting pierced.
Apart from getting to see the doctor, one should also keep in mind that the studio where to get the piercing from should be a good one. You therefore have not to compromise with quality of the studio even if the studio is quite expensive.
After making up your mind on the studio in which you are planning to go get the piercing from, you have to first talk with the artist who is to do the piercing. You have to consult the concerned person on the kind of piercing that you are planning to get. Apart from the procedure, you should also understand on how to go with the aftercare process after the piercing has been done.
The other risk that can be involved in getting spider bite piercing can be from the stud. The metallic part of the stud may hurt the teeth and the gums due to the location. The metal can also lead the teeth enamel getting chipped off.
When the metals stud rubs constantly against the gums it may cause abrasions. It is therefore advisable not to ignore this as its damage can turn severe and ends up becoming permanent. The Kit has to be checked with the doctor or with the piercing artist so as to see if the piercing is in a location that can hurt your teeth and gums. This can be avoided by wearing a soft stud that will not hurt.

Spider Bite Piercing Pictures

Spider bites piercings not very unusual. Now days this has become a great way to stand out. While the other piercings have become more common, a spider bites piercing gives one a chance to be quite different. Having the two piercings together gives one a lot of opportunities for mixing and matching and can be contrasting depending on what kind of look one would like. One can choose to use rings or even the studs.

Spider Bite Piercing Swelling

It is normal for one to have some swelling after getting the spider bite piercing done. The starter jewelry is supposed be long enough to accommodate any swelling that may occurs. If one has a significant swelling, the stud begins to press into the lip and this makes one uncomfortable. You therefore have to take action immediately.
If one can compromise non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like the Advil, he can take some and get over to a local piercing shop that is nearby. The piercer will have to replace the jewelry with a longer stud or a more loosely fitting lip ring or a lip loop until the swelling subsides. By Leaving a lip piercing jewelry that is too tight in for quite a long period of time may cause necrosis or tissue death and which can cause an infection.
The Signs of a lip piercing infections can include discharge of a thick and yellowish pus coming from the lip piercing and makes the skin even hot to the touch. This can cause a fever. If a change in the discharge is noticed and coming from the fistula or any of the other signs of lip piercing infection is noticed, it is important to ramp up the aftercare regime As soon as possible.
By Adding tea tree oil to the homemade sea salt solution or by putting a drop of tea tree oil on to the spider bite piercing can give one a fighting chance of defending against the infection before they spread that only antibiotics will be the only address the problem. The tre oil should only be infused to sea salt solution externally.
Also consider adding of an antiseptic mouthwash to the daily cleaning routine, like the Tattoo Goo’s X-Pressions Antiseptic Piercing Aftercare Rinse or the hydrogen peroxide that has been diluted as per the bottle’s instructions for the use as a mouthwash. X-Pressions Extra Strength Antiseptic Piercing rinse can also be used to clean the outside part of the lip piercing.
It should not be overdone in the antiseptic piercing products. If it is used too frequently it can compound the problem instead of making strides to heal the lip piercing infection. Cleaning with an antiseptic solution for about 2 times a day can be enough.
It is not common for people to get red swelling around their healing lip piercings. The swelling may appear fluid-filled. The taught red skin can often make people assume that they are developing a keloid scar, but that is rarely the case. The Keloids are a genetic issue that affect few people, but any person can develop a hypergranulation issue
Hypergranulation is the result of the combination of moisture and pressure on the healing wound. If one gets a red lip piercing swelling, the jewelry is mostly likely to have been a too tight or the spider bite piercing is discharging an unusual amount of lymph keeping the piercing constantly moist. One has to Get the pressure off and excrete less lymph too.
You do not have to change the jewelry yourself, but instead have your piercer swap out the stud for a longer one. It can takes a minimum of a 2 months for a fistula to thicken and to reinforce to a point where you can now change the jewelry yourself without doing more harm to yourself. The longer one waits the easier it will be for one to change the jewelry by their own.
After you get the pressure off the healing piercing and increase the aftercare regime, it takes about a week or two, but the red bump should diminish soon and eventually disappear at all.

Spider Bite Piercing Care

Any body piercing hurts and that is a fact. This is because it is a wound in the body. With a proper care of the wound, one can minimize the pain and deal with it effectively.
One way on how minimize the pain and reduce its longevity is by getting the second piercing done after some time passes. When both of them are done at the same time they make the healing process take longer time than usual. It is therefore recommended that one has to allow one piercing to heal first before going for the second one.
But this depends on the healing power of an each individual to a very large extent. Those with good healing capacity do not need to wait for another time as compared to the others who may have to come for the second spider bite piercing some other day.
Below are some tips that one needs to follow so as to avoid any post piercing complications:

  1. No smoking or drinking of alcohol.

Because the site of piercing is the lip itself, smoke contact or alcohol can inflame the wound and make matters worse. This can possibly cause pain on the wound.

  1. Not to touch the piercing when it is raw.

The piercing being in an accessible place it makes one be tempted to touch it very often. This should be avoided as it causes an infection in the wound. If one feels the need to touch the wound, he or she has to first sanitize the hands properly before touching the piercing.

  1. Eat frozen foods like yogurt and ice cream

Consumption of frozen foods such as ice creams or frozen yogurt always speeds up the healing process.

  1. Consumption of mild foods and avoid ones that are spicy.

Spicy food usually hurt the lips and can cause infection in the wound.

  1. Avoid the use public pools and baths after the spider bite piercing.

This is because such places are always known to have more concentration of germs as they are used by different people and can therefore cause an infection at the site of piercing.

  1. Getting Vitamin B supplements before going for the piercing.

Vitamin B is well known for raising the rate of cell metabolism. This will keep the body healthy and in a better state of preparedness for the wound that the spider bite piercing will have caused.

  1. Don’t change the piercing on your own.

It is advised not to disturb the piercing without consulting the doctor and jeweler. Make sure only the expert’s hands take out the ring or the stud so as to avoid any complication.

  1. Size and Style of a spider bite piercing

The size of the jewelry that one goes for also matters a lot as far as the healing process is concerned. The style also matters as not every face will suit the same sized of jewelry. It is important to use the right size jewelry since an oversized one can lead to gum damage.
A black titanium body jewelry makes the spider bite gets a dark and serious look while the brightly colored ones makes one stand out in crowd making one appear psychedelic at times. One therefore has to stand a huge chance of discovering the style with the wide range of colors and styles of the jewelries that are available in the market these days.