Back Dimple Piercing, Pain, Cost, Procedure, Scars, Removal, Pros and Cons

The procedure on how to get a lower back dimple piercing with pictures, the pain associated and also the cost and price of getting it.  An understanding on how the scars form, the pros and cons.

Back Dimple Piercing

This is one of the body areas explored in the concept of body piercings. The major point of the dimple piercing is to look attractive and actually these piercings look very hot and sexy on someone.
The back Dimple piercings are performed on the dimples available right above ones bottom that is a particular sensual region that will make one look very hot when the right piercing is used. If one happens to wear a lowest pants, these dimple piercings will definitely help to make one look very pretty.
The problem with the back lower dimple piercing is that they are not easy to maintain. By Using the microdermals for back dimples piercing tend to be safer, but because of the movement and the contact in the back region, the back dimples can tend to be really difficult in keeping.
Those areas usually move far too much hence difficult for your piercing to get healed. There are also times when the clothes touch the area and this irritates the piercing and also get snagged. One should not move a lot, and be very careful when dressing. Also attempt to put less pressure on the back any time you sit.
The other problem that is concerned with the piercing is usually associated with healing. This makes the curing of back dimple piercing be very slow and delayed.
The Back dimples piercings can be done using microdermals which are faster and easier as compared to full body implant. Microdermal anchors are made up of two components, one is placed directly under the skin layer while the outer visible part is anchored by the part inserted under the skin. This process makes them simple and easier to eliminate incases one decides that they are no longer needed.
When putting the dermal implants, a little cut is usually made into the lower back area of the skin and then an anchor is popped inside it holding it to its place. A small jewel is then screwed upon the anchor.
In case one has the natural back dimples, this process can accentuate them and also make them look more attractive, but even without having the back dimples, the dermal piercings when placed in those exact areas can replicate the appearance of the back dimples piercing.
Back dimple piercing can also be referred to as the perforation of the lower back above the hip region of the body. It has become a more common among the young girls. It is also known as the Venus piercing. This are visible when one wears short tops with low-rise jeans or shorts. Those having the natural back dimples can get this done so as to emphasize this particular feature.
The Piercings are great way for one to express his/herself. Some people can choose to get a normal, surface piercings, but some other can decide that they want the piercings that are a more difficult and longer lasting, called dermal.
The Dermal piercings are like implants and will be less likely to reject them from the skin.  The most popular location for dermal piercings is on the back dimples. The back dimples are usually right above the butt area. They look sexy on a woman, especially when they wear a low-rise jeans or even a bikini.
Before one does the piercing, you have to find the right piercer who has adequate skills and knowledge on how it’s done. You have to do some research on the person. Perhaps you can ask someone who has been through the procedure.
It is always recommend that you verify if the piercer is a member of the Association of Professional Piercers. By Visiting several piercers can help one in coming up with the right decision. One can also ask them on how they do it and assess whether the tools they are using are properly cleaned and sterilized. If the tools are not well taken care of they can lead to a life threatening diseases and infections.

Lower Back Dimple Piercing

You have Select a recognized piercing studio for you to get your lower back pierced well. You also need to inform the piercing artist on the exact location where the piercing is to be placed and get it marked before the procedure.
The skin is the stretched using a clamp so as to push a hollow, sterile needle through it. In other cases, a dermal punch can used. When completed, a jewelry is inserted into the piercing.
Things to put in Consideration:

  • When one gets the back dimple piercings, one has to understand that their placement can make them a bit of a hassle. They can get caught on your pants or clothing which can be painful. And if they get caught by the cloth, they can be pulled out of the skin. If the clothes rub on them, they can be irritating cause them to give you some pain.
  • The lower back dimple piercing are always an area that is hard for yourself to see. This will make one have a hard time cleaning the piercings and also most likely not be able to change the balls that are on the top of the dermal by yourself.
  • Because the dermal are not full implant piercings, they can be easily removed if one decides to take them out. They can be removed at the same tattoo parlor where it was done at, if not it can be easily removed by a doctor.
  • The lower back dermal piercings may reject if they are not properly taken care of at the time healing. One has to always sit with proper posture and also avoid wearing tight clothes that can cause an irritation to the new piercing.

How to Get Back Dimples

The Back dimple piercings are not difficult to get done. When one has to get them done, one is asked to unbutton the pants so as to give ample access to the area that being pierced. The piercer will then take a pen or a marker and makes dots on the area where the piercings will go. One will then be asked to confirm if that is where the piercings are to go. The piercings will then be done.
However there are two different ways one can get the piercing done. The piercer will always make decision on the preference of the method to be used.
It can be done with clamps and a needle. In this case the skin is grasped with a clamp and a needle is to be used to pierce into the skin and make an L-shaped pocket so that the dermal can sit on.
The piercing may also be done using a surgical punch. When the piercing is done using the dermal punch, the piercer will uses the surgical punch to twist it into the skin and pull out a piece of skin where the piercing will sit. This procedure less painful and also has a protective mechanism to prevent it from going too deep to the skin.
After the pouch has been made and ready for the piercing to sit in, the dermal will then be pushed in place with tongs and is then covered over with a bandage. The bandage you can removed later after the piercing has stopped bleeding.
The piercings are to be regularly cleaned with a salt water soak, which you can be done while at home. You can also purchase a cleaning solution at your piercing parlor. The cleaning solution can be applied to the piercing with a paper towel or a tissue.  You have to use a new towel or tissue one each time you clean. This is because the tissues and towels are likely to accumulate dirt and cause infection.

Back Dimple Piercing Procedure

When doing the piercing, the skin is usually stretched using a clamp and thereafter a hollow, sterile needle is pushed through it. In some other cases a dermal punch is used and when completed, a jewelry is usually inserted into the piercing.
Listed below are the Back dimple piercing aftercare

  • Avoid as much as possible touching of the piercing area with unwashed hands
  • Always Clean the piercing with a cotton ball that has been dipped in warm salt water
  • Rinse the piercing properly using a mild soap while bathing
  • Dry the pierced region Using a clean paper towels
  • always sleep while your back is facing up
  • Avoid application of ointments, lotions, moisturizer, or sprays on the area pierced
  • Avoid wearing of tight fitting clothes because the jewelry can get caught in them

Back Dimple Piercing Pain

Back dimple piercing does not hurt much if one has a high capacity to tolerate pain. But a stinging sensation can be experienced for some days on the areas around the pierced spot due to the swelling and tenderness.
The level of sensation that one feels is relative. But if the procedure was well performed by a professional the pain should be very minimal.
It is very important to consult a piercer who can show and take you through examples of healed surface anchors and also advice you through the process and how to carry out yourself during healing so as to minimize the pains.
It is also important to find out the best quality of jewelry to be used. This also plays an important role in healing of the piercing.

Back Dimple Piercing Cost or Price

When one shopping around for back dimple piercing shop, its critical considering the shop’s location. It’s preferable the piercings to done in your state rather than in another state but this depends on whether to use needle piercings or dermal punch. The needle piercings for the back dimples are illegal in some of the states while The Dermal punch is allowed in the states.
Therefore if one has to travel to a different state, it will definitely have an additional costs, that is the transportation cost and the actual cost of piercing and the aftercare products. One will therefore opt to have the piercing done in a state where the kind that is preferred is allowed. By doing this way, one will get to pay a fair cost.
The other major factor that affects piercing cost is the jewellery. The prices of the jewelleries can differ depending on the quality. A Cheap jewellery can react with the skin because it rests inside the skin layer. It is recommended one to use to surgical titanium or a grade stainless steel and bioplast despite their cost. These cannot react with the skin.
A piercer who has acquired all the licenses and proper tools can be expensive than those ones without the proper licensing. It is therefore very important one to ensure that all the licenses that are required by the state are in place.  This is the only way to one can be guaranteed that the procedure will be done in hygienic conditions.
In summary, a back dimple piercing can cost between $60 to about $120 considering the above factors and also the type of jewellery to be used. One can be given a quality service, aftercare products and also a good jewellery and this can cost up to around $140.
The back dimple piercing cost can also vary depending on where one is getting the piercings from.  The high end shops in the New York City charge more than the others in the smaller city in a different states.

Back Dimple Piercing Scars

All types of piercings usually leave scars behind. If one has decides that he doesn’t want the piercing anymore he or she should be ready to face such unpleasant issue. The severity of the scar depends on the person’s skin reaction.
As per the professional surgeons, there are no proven products that have the ability to improve these scars no matter how long they are applied. Only Surgery can be a good option for improving the appearance. But this will not diminish the scars completely.
Also if one opts for a surgery, a new scar will only cover the back dimple piercing scar hence creating an acceptable appearance as compared to how it used to look like.
The newly pierced dimples must be thoroughly cleaned so as to prevent an infection. An example is Sialadenitis. This is a condition where a lump grows in the cheek area, it is usually on or near the piercing thus leading to strong foul smelling pus accompanied by some pain.
When the body detects that there is a foreign object in it that can affect the body wellness, or if the chosen jewelry is incompatible with the body, it will go through rejection. The body will reject the jewelry by pushing it out of the skin. Thus leading to scarring.
It is advisable one to visit the piercer for the checkups. However, if one experiences an infection, then he or she should also pay a visit to the doctor so as receive the right medication for a fast and a proper recuperation.

Back Dimple Piercing Removal

First, one has to take out the jewelry carefully. Some back dimple piercings may require a piercer to remove the jewelry and other can be removed by oneself. The first thing that one is supposed to do before touching the piercing is to make sure that the hands are very clean. Using gloves can be considered as it gives a better grip on the jewelry and also not to irritate the area from pulling and tugging.
In case of an infected back dimple piercing, you should not remove jewelry but instead get it looked at by a piercer or doctor so as to make sure that the proper steps are taken and by doing this will help avoid further infection or problems.
Once the jewellery is removed, there is no pressure holding the open hole. The hole will begin to shrink. The Skin is always made up of collagen and is elastic, so by taking out the hard metal from the name for the hole makes it vulnerable to close up. And this is the reason why piercers usually emphasize on not removing a newly pierced jewelry from the hole.
If the piercing has not healed and you want to removed, chances are that the hole may shrink and close up without a problem thus leaving minimal scarring. But in case of an older piercing it can take years for the hole to get smaller. It also matters on how big the hole was and how the skin is naturally.
If nothing is in the hole for a few weeks or months, it will shrink and be filled up with sebum. Sebum is the body collection of the natural oils that are produced from the sebaceous glands. The sebum after accumulating in the hole can produce some kind of odor that is not pleasant.
This is an unavoidable thing and one needs not to be worried about it. Even whether there is a piece of jewelry in place or not, the sebum will still be produced.
If one has had an unhealed back dimple piercing removed, it will be completely closed. And if it was older, the hole can be smaller in size or even be closed up completely and most likely some form of indentation left on the skin can show up. However this indentation depends on the person but is a remnant of having a piercing on the body.
The scar tissue depends on the Placement of the Previous Piercing and The Jewelry worn.  How the scar looks like afterwards will depends on the person’s skin. The Scar tissue is fibrous and they can be of a different color skin than a person’s normal skin pigment. This is reason as to why people with darker skin color usually fair better in having less noticeable scars.
Also people with an oilier skin have also a less visible scarring. This is brought about by two factors. That is the placement of the piercing and the jewelry itself.
Different jewelry leave a different colour when removed. Some may leave a darker or grayer marks on the skin. Once removed there is no way one can make that coloring go away without a cosmetic surgery. This is why it is really important to use a high quality jewelry from a reputable shops.
After removing the back dimple piercing, scarring is almost inevitable. However something can be done to minimize what is left after removing a piercing. For homeopathic methods, massaging of the hole with oils like vitamin E oil or jojoba oil can really help to lessen the appearance of the scar tissue. Massaging usually helps with blood flow and also softening stiff scar tissue. But for a more permanent fix, one has to consider a cosmetic surgery.
To completely eradicate any chances of scarring one can opt going for a surgical re-excision or cross technique that can only be done by a licensed cosmetic surgeon. This is the best solution for that.
Even though people tend to be sure on piercing of their bodies in the first place, they sometimes change their minds along the way. After removing the piercing, it can be gotten back but this depends on the degree of scar tissue left after the piercing was removed. If the hole is still exists, a piercer can use the taper method.
A taper is a type of an object that gets bigger from one end to the other, and it is usually used to stretch the hole and open it again to insert the jewelry. In Other cases, the piercer can pierce on nearby place but not directly on the scar tissue of the original piercing.
Generally, removing of a back dimple piercing for whatever the reason is not as scary as it may seem to be. Even though one will have something left over, but the scar can be made look better by surgery.