Bumps on Roof of Mouth: Small, Big, Itchy, Painful, Treat

Developing a bump on the roof of mouth is a problem that at least a large number of people have experienced. Therefore, this is something that can easily be handled and in many cases the bump will go away on its own. Get an update on the causes, symptoms, remedy and treatment.
Usually a lump that forms on the mouth pallet can either be large or small, infected or not affected, closed or open simply in relation to the factor behind its formation. Bumps in mouth are generally painful especially if hot food happens to pass over them. This can make it difficult to eat food that much heat.

Why is the Roof of my mouth Sore and Swollen?

Most bumps in mouth will start forming as small pimple and then grow to become large or open up to form a sore. Also, the pimple may grow large, hard, get irritated and become painful. Considering what could have caused them, bumps in mouth are usually white, red, pus filled or with open sores.
Other symptoms
To add on that, bumps in the mouth may be associated with:

  • Itchiness
  • Soreness associated with bleeding to some extend
  • They may release pus or blood when popped
  • Infected bumps may produce a green or yellow pus

Having a bump in mouth is a common problem that a dentist may encounter at least per week if not per day. Regardless of the case not being serious in many occasion, it is not good to assume a bump in your mouth that is associated with severe symptoms that may cause you not even to eat well. You may visit your doctor if you realize a bump in any part of the mouth is persistent and stay for many days without showing signs of going away.

What causes bumps on roof of mouth?

  1. Incisive papilla

These are bumps that form on the roof of the mouth just behind the teeth. They are usually common and they can be enlarged and filled with liquid. In this case you should see your dentist to ascertain if they are just incisive papilla or a minor irritation. Incisive papillae are usually not serious and they usually go away after some time.

  1. Smoking

Apart from bumps on the roof of the mouth, smoking has a series of effects on the user’s body just beginning from the lips to the lungs. Those people who use pipes to smoke or cigar may eventually be affected by a condition referred to as smoker’s palate or nicotine stomatitis. This condition is usually identified by white bumps on roof of mouth. The said bumps can be seen with a red depression on their centers.

  1. Dental problems

When you have dental issues, you may realize bumps on your palate that are characterized by caries on the upper jaw in some conditions running into the root canal. This can as well cause abscess. The formation of plaque and calculus due to poor oral care may cause your gum to swell up on the upper jaw. Swelling may be seen as large bumps on roof of mouth.

  1. Mucocele

Mucocele is also known to cause bumps on the roof of the mouth. The lump may look like a cyst which is in most case not harmful. This condition occurs when there is blockage of a salivary gland. Usually, in the normal circumstance, saliva will drain from the gland to the mouth.
An obstruction may occur in that; no saliva is allowed to come out of the gland. This may result to a pool that leads to development of a soft and painless bump which is identified with a bluish, pearly or pliable in color. The major reason why you may develop a blockage of the salivary glands is because of sucking and biting of the inside mouth.

  1. Torus palatinus

This condition is marked by a born like protrusion that occur on the roof of the mouth. This growth is normally harmless and it should not cause you to be concerned. They usually form a round lump on the roof of the mouth that is 2mm in other case, although it may vary from one individual to another. The size can also increase as time goes by.

  1. Epstein pearls

This is a condition found in newborns or little children. It is identified by a bump on roof of mouth of a child. Research has revealed that close to 80% of kids will have this type of a bump although it is harmless in its normal state. They are also known as gingival or palatal cysts and they usually consist of yellowish or whitish bumps on the palate or gums in the mouth. Treatment is not required for Epstein pearls since they will sub-size and disappear on their own. You only have to consult your pediatrician if the bump stays for more than three weeks.

  1. Oral cancer

Bumps on roof of mouth that is associated with other serious symptoms like swollen lymph nodes, fever, headache, bleeding, and other more signs should not be taken for granted. Also a cancerous bump will stay in put and will keep increasing in size as the time goes by.
This is a condition that can be life threatening if it is not handled properly. In case of oral cancer, other areas in the mouth that may be affected include tonsils, lips, cheeks, sinuses, roof and floor of the mouth, glands, throat as well as your tongue. Bumps that infected by cancer usually are dark and irregular in shape and they may occur in different areas of your mouth.

  1. Maxillary sinus growths

A maxillary bone is found on the upper jaw. Maxillary growth is an identified by a development occurring in this bone where by it may swell to protrude through your upper palate. It is then seen as a bump on roof of mouth. People suffering from this condition may have other problems like loss of sense of smell, nasal sores and headaches.

  1. Mouth ulcers and spots on the roof of the mouth

Usually, mouth ulcer occur as oval sores which are formed anywhere in the mouth. Places where mouth ulcers are common include the lips and the cheeks, but the roof of the mouth can be affected as well. Ulcers in the mouth cause white, yellow or red bumps on roof of mouth which are sometimes very painful to touch with a tongue or food. They are believed to be caused by stress and anxiety, foods with a lot of spices and acids, and hormonal fluctuations. If you stop smoking you may end up getting them as well.

  1. Canker sores

This is a small bump or a shallow lesion that usually develop on the soft tissues of the roof of mouth. Canker sores can as well form on the gums which feel painful when you pass anything on them.
Before their formation, you may experience a tingling, burning or prickling sensation on the exact places they will appear. After one or two days, you may realize yellow, white or gray bumps on roof of mouth, with a red ring on the borders of the sore.

  1. Allergy

If you develop itchy bumps in your mouth, blame it on allergy. Most of the allergic reactions in the mouth result from foods, medications and vaccines we receive. In this case, lichen planus produces a similar small itchy bump on the roof of mouth which is also confused with an allergic reaction bump.

  1. STDs, like Herpes and HIV infection

Be aware that sexual transmitted diseases can cause you to develop bumps in your mouth as one of their symptoms. HPV is a condition that is known to cause small cluster of bumps that area usually painful on the lips, inside mouth and on the roof of the mouth.
On the other hand, HIV is commonly known to bring down and weaken the immune system of the body. In this return, your body gives in to any kind of infection that may even appear not to be that serious. For example, yeast that exists in a harmless state in the mouth may be aggravated by poor immune systems to cause formation of bumps on roof of the mouth.

Can you get a Pimple on Roof of Mouth

Pimples are not usually different from bumps. However, pimples is a common problem and it can appear anywhere on the skin. The skin inside your mouth is made up of a very thin layer that can easily be broken from any kind of trauma.
In this case, you can find yourself developing a pimple on the roof of the mouth as a result of injury. In this case, a small cut is exposed to the environment full of disease causing organisms. If the body has a poor immune, be sure that the small cut result to something serious like a pimple or a bump on roof of mouth.
Pimples that form on mouth palate usually appear as regular zits causing you problems on your face. The pimple may begin as a tiny bump which may eventually increase in size to become a large bump after a given period of time. Some bumps on roof of mouth may be hard and movable while others are usually pus filled. If the pus filled bump is pressed with some power it may break up to let the fluid out.

Bumps vs Cyst on Roof of Mouth

A cyst is described as a sac-like bag which is filled with fluid and other body substances. As referred to as mucocele or mucous cysts, this sac like bags usually have no harm or pain and they may break up after sometime and heal on their own. They only cause discomfort since they are large developed lumps in the mouth that simplify foreign object in the mouth.
In many cases, cyst in the mouth usually form on the inner side of the lips, on the tongue, on the palate, inside the cheeks, under your tongue and around the piercing for those who have pierce on the lip or tongue. The cyst that form on the floor of the mouth is referred to as ranula, while the one that form on the gums is called epulis. Mucous cysts are diagnosed by just the look of the eyes. They are easily identified.

What are the Small Bumps on Roof of Mouth

Small bumps in the mouth may appear in a cluster or as a single small painful bump on the palate. For those who smoke, chances are that you may end up getting small white pimples on the roof of mouth as we have talked above on smoker’s palate.
Small bumps in the mouth are caused by many things. Also, you can get some tiny bumps from exostosis or mandibular torus, in addition to the tongue-side of the lower jaw.
The process commonly shows extra bone that protrudes and is usually injured by a sharp or hard food. In case of such injuries, you may end up developing a painful ulcer on the roof of mouth that heals slowly due to the bumps that develop in the area.

How to Get Rid of Bumps on Roof of your Mouth

For you to reclaim your normal state of comfort in the mouth, you should know how to clear those bumps that cause you a lot of pain while you have some of your best meals. As we have discussed above, most of bumps that form on the palate are not a reason to worry as they will go away without your concern.
However, there are numerous ways you can treat your bumps on roof of mouth fast and within an overnight. Before doing anything, you should make sure you know the cause of the bump so that you can treat the underlying condition as well.
How to treat 

  1. Drink a lot of water

Some bumps in the mouth usually develop just because if dehydration. Taking a lot of water will help treat such bumps with ease. For example, canker sores usually do not require any treatment, and they will fade away after a given period of time.

  1. Take antibiotics

Antibiotics can help when it comes to infected bumps in the mouth. They usually help to heal bumps that are not as a result of serious ailments. Antibiotics can help in the reduction of pain caused by bacterial sinus infection.

  1. Over the counter medicine

Some of the conventional medications which contain glycerin and peroxide can be helpful for curing canker sores causing bumps on roof of mouth.  When it comes to remedying this condition, you can rinse your mouth with a strong tea prepared from golden seal root, and it can assist in reduction of the bumps due to its antiseptic properties.

Home remedies 

There is a long list of home remedies you can use to clear bumps in the mouth. These treatments have been proven successful since long time ago and are sure you won’t be exclusion. In case your condition is worsening, you should visit your doctor to find out what could be wrong.

  1. Use of mouth rinse

There are a number of natural mouth rinses that may not only enable you to cur your mouth sores, but also they can hydrate your mouth as well and reduce the dryness. Salt water has proven helpful when it comes to canker sores.

  1. Avoid spicy foods

Spicy foods are one of the reason you develop bumps in your mouth. This is because they cause irritation in the mouth that result to sores. If in any case you have bumps on roof of mouth, you should keep spice and acidic meals to facilitate the healing of your condition.

  1. Keep alcohol away

You will only be worsening your condition if you continue taking alcohol with bumps in the mouth. Alcohol results in drying of the mouth leading to pain and increased soreness. Also, in case the pain had already begun alcohol will worsen the situation.

  1. Use aloe vera

Aloe vera is an anti-inflammatory agent, although very bitter when put in mouth, which is helpful in healing of the bumps in the mouth. You just have to cut a fresh aloe vera leaf and extract the gel. Then put the gel in the affected area.

  1. Drink milk

Milk as well is helpful when it comes to bumps that form on roof of the mouth.  It has been used since time in memorial as a soothing agent. While you drink milk, you can swish it in the mouth for a few minutes to allow it reach the affected areas.
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