Bumps on Nipples: White, Causes, Itchy, Pregnant, Get Rid

The formation of bumps on nipples is something that is very common and can appear to anyone. It is a problem that is common in women and in most cases it usually disappears on its own. These bumps are usually seen on the areola as a small group of pimples that are non-cancerous. The bumps that form on the nipples can be described as small raised patches on the skin. However on the other hand pimples are said to be a form whiteheads on the skin.

What Causes Bumps on Nipples?

A condition of bumps on nipples usually can affect both genders. In women, this problem may be caused by hormonal changes during menstrual periods, pregnancy or during menopause. In other cases, women will experience sub-areolar abscesses, specifically which are brought by mastitis and yeast candida albicans when they are breast feeding their children.
Bumps on men nipples are not common but they are as well at risk of breast cancer and other complications such as abscesses. In this case it is good to consult your health care provider if you realize that you have a pimple on your nipple or any swelling there.
Usually, men have less breast tissues as compared to women, therefore if they happen to develop lumps on nipples they occur under or around their nipple area.

Symptoms of nipple bumps that may call for emergency 

When that bump on your nipple is excessively swollen, with pain, or change in color, it is important you call your doctor. Without considering your gender, if you happen to get the preceding symptoms in additional to the usual signs of breast cancer, run to your doctor without waste of time. The symptoms may include the following:

  • The dimpling of the breast or with puckering of the skin
  • Breast discharge in addition to the swelling
  • Lumps or Bumps on Breast
  • Retraction of the nipple
  • Additional swelling in the breast tissue
  • Scaling accompanied with reddening of the skin around the bump.

Some of the bumps that develop on the nipples can form in other places on your body. The problem is that, those that form on the nipple are usually more uncomfortable. Since there has been much fear about breast cancer, the formation of a bump on the nipples is associated with very much panic.
However, the encouraging thing is that, most of the small bumps that form on the nipples are nothing to worry about since they are just benign. Moreover, it is important to visit your doctor in case you have bumps on nipples so that the doctor can find out what is causing them.

Why do I have bumps on nipples?

As we said above, research reveals that more women are affected with bumps on their nipples as compared to men. There are a number of conditions that may result to formation of these bumps. Some of the causes are minor and therefore nothing to worry about as they will go away on their own, while others will call for medical attention. Let as look at some of the causes of bumps on the nipples.

  1. Areolar glands condition

The condition is also known as Montgomery glands. They are small pimples that are located on the areola which produce oil that is used to lubricate your nipples to prevent them from drying up. These kinds of pimples are common and they are harmless with no pain. It has been found that at least each person has them although they vary in size in each person.

  1. Yeast infection

According to research finding, it has been found that yeast exists all over our bodies in a harmless state. It is until our immune system is compromised and the yeast infection start to occur- normally referred to as candida albicans. Pimples that look like a rash around your nipples that are itchy are as a result of yeast infection. Tis infection usually spread very quickly and other symptoms that are associated with it include a reddish rash skin which is very itchy.

  1. Acne

These are bumps that are common and they usually form on any part of the skin. When acne forms on the nipples, they are seen as small whiteheads. They can affect women of any age and they are common in those people who work out in tight clothing as the skin comes in contact with tight sweaty bras. However, they can as well form a few days before a woman attends her monthly periods. Usually, acne break out occur at any time and at any age, although the problem is very common during puberty and menses in mature females, and also in any part of the body that is covered with hair.

  1. Clogged hair follicles

Hair follicles exist everywhere on the skin and your areola glands are not exceptional. There are times when these hair follicles are blocked by excess oil and dirt, leading to the formation of bumps on nipples. This condition is very common in people who do not maintain their hygiene and those who have oil skin. Although in rare occasions, your bumps on the areola formed on hair follicles can as well develop into abscess.

  1. Sub-areola abscess

This is a condition whereby pus accumulates in the breast tissues.  This condition is as a result of an infection referred to as mastitis, which usually occur in the breastfeeding period. In other cases, sub-areola abscess can as well occur to women are not breastfeeding. It usually appears a swollen lump under an areola gland which is associated with a lot of pain. If it happens you are not breastfeeding and you develop this condition, it can be a sign of pending breast cancer.

  1. Milk blisters

Milk blisters are commonly seen as tiny white spots which form on the top of the nipple, and they are known to appear as small, milk-filled lumps. The blister may be seen on a single opening of a nipple or a pore. These blisters are normally painful while a mother is breastfeeding or trying to pump milk for the child. Also, a sucking blister can be painful and large. It normally appears due to your baby sucking milk from a single nipple in the process exerting more pressure on the tip on the nipple. These milk blebs will go away without treatment after some days if the baby is latched in a better way.

  1. Poor hygiene lifestyle

Most people who do not maintain their cleanliness especially in dump areas like around the breast, or do not wash and change their undergarments regularly are at the prevalence of getting bumps on nipples. This is because germs thrive in a dirty environment and germs are some of the reasons people get pimples which can develop to abscess. As we discussed above, dirt can as well clog pores making it hard for excess oil to be removed from the body.

  1. Cloths made from low quality materials

Those people who are easily affected by bumps on nipples are encouraged to use bras that are made from cotton since they can help in soaking on moisture that develops around the area. This will make the affect skin free from sweat and dry hence speeding up the healing process of the bumps. Fabrics made from cotton are good as they can as well allow the passage of fresh hair. On the other hand, nylon and other synthetic fabrics may be of fashion but when considering your health, cotton is the best for bras that are suitable and comfortable.

  1. Poor size of bras

This can as well cause you to develop bumps. How can this happen? If you usually wear bras that are tightly fitted, you are at a risk of developing pimples on your nipples since there is no room for aeration around the area. Also, tight bras block the proper circulation of the blood leading to irritation of the skin around and on the nipples. In addition, they may cause Montgomery glands to be obstructed whereby they block the ducts in the areola leading to pimples formation on the nipples.

  1. Overproduction of milk

Development of pimples around the nipples is very common in breastfeeding mothers as we talked above. This is because during this period, Montgomery glands are usually very active. When there is overproduction of milk in the mammary glands, you may start to develop pimples around the nipples. In other cases, the ducts may become clogged with excess milk that dries up there.

  1. Injuries to the nipples

Traumas from biting by a child while breastfeeding or accidentally hitting your nipples may result to formation of pimples. This is because that skin around the nipple is bruise allowing the entrance of germs in the skin that result in the formation of bumps.

  1. Breast cancer

Although the chances of developing bumps on your nipples from cancer are very minimal, this can as well be the reason you have them around there. It is important to have bumps that you suspect to be cancer around your nipples checked by your medical provider. These kinds of bumps are associated with other symptoms like a discharge of blood from them, pus or any other strange liquid.

White Bumps on Nipples Causes

Normally, formation of pimples on your nipples will occur in different colors in connection to what is causing them to form in the first place. For example, in the case of white bumps on the nipples, the cause is usually clogged pores in most cases or blocked hair follicles in minor cases.
These bumps are normally with no harm, although may feel painful when you try to press them, they eventually go away without treatment after some time. What you can practice is keeping the area clean with warm water to allow the pores to open so that the white content can come out.
Areola glands can as well appear as white pimples on the nipples. They are seen as small white bumps that when squeezed thy usually produce a whitish puss. This is a condition that commonly affects pregnant women. In this case, few of the white bumps will form on the nipples but a number of them usually occur on the surrounding rim. These Montgomery tubercules bumps are known to produce pus when they are popped and are also painful when touched.

Bumps on Nipples Pregnant Symptom?

Pregnant women are usually main culprits when it comes to development of bumps on the nipples, around nipples and on the breasts. During this period, there are increased changes in hormonal levels which facilitate the formation of bumps on the skin. Pregnant women not only develop bumps on breast areas but also on other areas of the body. These pimples may range from whiteheads, to blackheads and even pimple that when squeezed they produce blood.
If you happen to have bumps on nipples while you are pregnant, there is no need to get worried as the condition will go away immediately you deliver. However, while you undergo your normal clinical visits while you are pregnant, it is important to talk about them to your doctor to ensure that something serious does not take advantage of your condition.
Usually, Montgomery tubercles are signs of early pregnancy. Here, a lot of women usually state the formation of pimples on their nipples as the first sign they realized when they got pregnant. Other women will experience this condition even before they miss their periods. The third group of women will realize bumps on their nipples later in their pregnancy period.

White Spots on Nipples not Bumps

White spots on the nipples are majorly as a result of blocked pores, blebs or milk blisters. They usually vary on the size and appearance some of them may appear as pin-head while others are a bit large in size.
These spots may not be specifically white but they can appear in different other colors like pink or light yellow. In case of white spots on nipples, the surrounding skin is normally red and inflamed. If it happens that a woman is breastfeeding, this can be difficult if she has white spots on and around the nipples.
Other causes of white spots on the nipples may include an overgrowth of the skin or thickened milk around the area. This condition usually creates a blocked duck on your nipple tip and in other cases the cause may be mastitis. While breast feeding, the fragile layer of the skin that is covered with white spots can eventually burst or form a milk blister. However, these kind soft bumps will go away without any treatment in most cases.

How to Get Rid of Bumps on Nipples

A number of pimples that form on your breast area are nothing to worry about and they may go away after a given period of time. However, there are cases you need to visit your doctor to identify the cause of the bumps on your nipples so that the treatment carried should directly get rid of the exact condition behind the bumps.
Know that bursting or squeezing pimples around your nipples can result to more problems that may require a lot of time and resources to heal them.
Home Remedies

  1. Use of salicylic acid soaps

The use of a soap that contains salicylic acid and cucumber as major contents can be very helpful when it comes to bumps on nipples. These contents are described as drying agents that prevent the clogging of oil glands due to excess oil production. You have to be cautious while using the products not to overuse as it can result to other problems like over drying of the skin. You just have to gently scrub the skin around the nipple to remove the dead cells. The exfoliation process will also help in the curing of the acne effectively.

  1. Maintain a healthy diet

This can be done by eating more of fresh vegetables and fruits which supply your body with sufficient nutrients to prevent you from acne. To add on that, reduce your sugar intake and other foods that will increase your oil level. You can prevent inflammation of the skin by eating some foods like walnuts as it contains anti-inflammatory contents just like omega-3 fatty acids.

  1. Sufficient water intake

Water is known to flash away toxins that are in the body and to boost the overall health of the skin. You at least take 2.5 to 3 liters of water per day to be on the safe side. Water also facilitates movement of fluids all around the body. Research has it that 70% of the body is made up of blood. To add on that you can as well observe on your sugar intake as it facilitate the overproduction of insulin,  which is known to aggravate the production of pimples on the skin.

  1. Take in green tea

Green tea is known to greatly contain antioxidants, which contributes in the fighting of harmful chemicals in our bodies. Also it helps in the fighting of free radicals that facilitate faster aging of the body. Therefore it is important to maintain the intake of sugar free green tea as a healthy alternative that drinking other beverages that are not helpful to the body.

  1. Aloe vera

This is a known anti-inflammatory and soothing agent that is much valuable when it comes to fighting acne problems. Aloe vera has a therapeutic effect due to the availability of lectins, anthraquinones and polysaccharides. You can take a fresh aloe vera gel and apply it on the affected area of the skin like on bumps on nipples.

  1. Toothpaste

This is a common remedy that is found in every home. It is known to dry up acnes which are caused by active oil glands. You can treat these acnes by applying a thin layer of toothpaste and leave it alone to dry up. You will the n wash of the toothpaste after some time. You should be careful while doing this to avoid being irritated by this home remedy.

  1. Garlic juice

Garlic contains antibiotics which are useful in the abashing of acne causing bacteria. Crush the peeled garlic glove and place it on the bumps on nipples. This is good when it comes to healing acne fast.
Medical Treatment

When it comes to medical treatment, you first have to know what is causing the pimples on your nipples in the first place. There are some pimples that you do not need to go to the hospital to know their cause, for instant, like those that are caused by hormonal changes since they are cyclical.
Medication for milk blisters will involve softening and compressing of the blister. In case you have acnes, you may use anti-acne medications which are available over the counter to reduce that flare ups that usually form around the areola glands on the nipples.
What to do

  • Make sure you regularly cleanse the affected area to prevent germs from taking advantage
  • If there is clogging on the Montgomery glands, use warm water to dab the nipples area with warm water which will help in the softening of the skin so that you can exfoliate it to remove dead skin.
  • You can use pimple removing creams which are available over the counters. The creams may help you in the clearing of the bumps on nipples.
  • If it happens you have tropical fungal infections, you may use topical anti-fungal ointments that can also be acquired in chemists

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