Side Effects of Biotin -1000mcg, 5000mcg, Dosages

Anything when taken too much it becomes poisonous to your body and also anything that has advantages has also some disadvantages. Get enlightened on the side effects of biotin in the body metabolism, skin, hair and during pregnancy.

Side Effects of Biotin – Tablets, Pills

What are the good and negative side effects of biotin? Biotin is very important in your body. Its deficiency causes various skin, hair and nail problems such as dry skin, dermatitis, rushes, breakage of nails and hair loss. Vitamin H supplements are taken to improve the health of your skin, hair and nails. Vitamin H are soluble in water and therefore its excessive amount in the body is processed in the kidney before accumulating into toxic and passed out as urine. Getting a doctor’s advice is recommended before taking these supplements.

Biotin also known as vitamin H forms part of soluble complex B vitamin in your body. There are various biotin uses in the body such as; converting carbohydrates in your body into glucose to provide energy, metabolizing fat and proteins into smaller body building blocks, ensuring the nervous system functions well and also they help in maintaining a healthy growth of the skin, hair and nails.

Biotin is a soluble vitamin that is found in the normal diet that we take. Vitamin H can be found in foods such as green vegetables, strawberries, milk and fruits. Its excessive amount in the body is processed in the kidney and passed out of the body as urine. Therefore its possibility to accumulate in the body up to toxic level is rare especially in adults.

However taking larger doses of biotin for a longer time may have some side effects to your body especially when you are pregnant. You are supposed to consult your doctor for a correct dosage. The side effects are rare but some people who have been using the biotin supplements for a longer time have experienced biotin side effects such as:

Allergy. The allergic reaction of biotin is not common to everyone but it may occur to you especially when you are using vitamin H supplements for the first time. You may start experiencing some complications such as; nausea, chest pains, itchy rushes, pain and swellings in the throat and tiredness. If you may start showing such side effects, you should stop using the supplements then you seek medical advice from your doctor before resuming to your dose.

Miscarriage. High doses of vitamin H can increase the risk of losing your pregnancy. You are not supposed to take more than 500mcg of biotin a day when you are pregnant or when you are trying to get pregnant. The reason behind that is not clearly defined, therefore you are supposed to consult a doctor for proper dosage before using the biotin supplement. Biotin is necessary in your body for proper fetal development but its excessive may have negative impact to your pregnancy.

Acne.Have you ever noticed some cystic acne on the jawline and on the chin when taking biotin? Acne is also another side effect that is associated with excess intake of biotin in to your body. You may have realized that the acne disappeared immediately when you stopped taking the vitamin H supplements. When you start noticing such side effects, you are supposed to lower your intake up to less than 250mcg of biotin a day.

Interactions. Vitamin H may affect the absorption of other medicines that you may be taking to control other body conditions. For instance when taking medication for diabetes, the intake of vitamin H may hinder its effectiveness.
Biotin is nontoxic and the above side effects may be mild or may only be experienced by few people depending with your body reactions. Consult your doctor in case you start experiencing such side effects.

Biotin supplements Benefits

Vitamin H supplements or vitamin B aids in: transforming the carbohydrates into glucose which in the process produces the energy, metabolizing the fats and proteins into body building blocks and also it ensures that the nervous system functions well.

What is biotin good for your hair? Though it is rare to get deficit of biotin, its deficiency in your body causes various symptoms such as hair loss, brittle nails, dry skin and rushes. Taking biotin supplements helps to make the hair healthy and stronger. When taking these supplements to improve your hair, you will also get other bonus benefits by having strong nails and a healthy skin.

During pregnancy your body requires more vitamin B for proper development of the fetus. It is important to take the biotin supplements to avoid its deficiency symptoms such as hair loss and other related problem. The supplements are also recommended for breastfeeding mothers. However getting a doctor’s advice is important for a correct dosage during a pregnancy period.

When you are using the biotin supplements you are supposed to drink more water since these vitamin are soluble in water. Also get the doctor’s advice before buying and taking the supplements. Some negative side effects of biotin such as headache, allergy and acne may be noted when using very high doses of up to 5000mcg a day.

Biotin for Hair Side Effects

Does biotin help hair growth? Vitamin H plays a positive effect in the healthy and growth of your hair. The deficiency of biotin causes various hair problems such as hair thinning. Biotin is found in the diet you take in foods such as green vegetables, strawberries, brewer’s yeast and cow’s milk but you may require more biotin for a healthy hair. Taking biotin supplements helps in boosting your hair health within a little time.

Vitamin H helps to maintain skin healthy which give rise to healthy hair follicles that results in the growth of strong and long hair that if free from thinning. These vitamins also stimulates the growth of other facial hair such as the eye lashes and the eye brows. Men who have patchy beards can also benefit from the use of biotin to stimulate the growth of uniform beards.

Too much Biotin Side Effects Pregnancy

Can you get too much biotin when taking supplements? Vitamin H is a soluble vitamin and its excessive amount is passed out as urine and therefore the kidney does not allow it to accumulate up to toxic levels in the body. As you know excessive intake of anything becomes poisonous to your body and therefore when you take too much of biotin like 5000mcg may have some negative impacts to your body.

Too much biotin supplement when trying to get pregnant may hinders you from conceiving or taking too much vitamin H while pregnant can cause a miscarriage. Though it is necessary to take biotin supplements during pregnancy but not excessive.
Side effects of biotin do varies from one person to another. Some people when they take too much of vitamin H, they develop allergic conditions such as headache, nausea, vomiting, painful skin rush, swollen throat and face and skin itches. When you start experiencing such conditions, you are supposed to stop taking your vitamin H supplements then you consult your doctor.
People who are taking diabetes medicines may also experience some complications when they start to use the biotin supplements. Biotin causes an interaction with diabetes medicines hence hindering the absorption of insulin into the body.
Also when taking too much of vitamin H for the first time, you may experience acne on your jawline and on the chin which eventually disappears the moment you stop using these vitamins. To avoid such conditions take lower than 500mcg a day.

Biotin is considered to have a positive effect to you while pregnant when taken in the correct dosage.What is biotin taken for during pregnancy? It is mostly used in the development of fetus during the embryonic stage. Therefore your doctor may prescribe for a supplement of these vitamins. Its deficiency in your body causes various symptoms such as hair loss, cracking of mouth corners, dry skin, brittle nails and dry scalp.

However taking too much during pregnancy has also some risks. Too much of these vitamins may hinder you from getting pregnant or it can also cause a miscarriage when you are pregnant. Therefore it is good to follow your doctor’s advice on the dosage when you are pregnant.