Biotin Benefits for skin Care, Uses and Deficiency

What is biotin good for your skin? Biotin is also known as vitamin H, it forms part of soluble vitamin B in your body. There are various biotin benefits for skin.
The vitamins helps to produce and distributes the fatty acids in the skin, as you know the skin is exposed to the external harsh environment that causes the surface cells to die and exfoliates.Good production and distribution of fats is important for constant production of new cells that makes the skin healthy and glossy.

Though it is rare to suffer from deficiency of biotin, certain condition such as excessive intake of alcohol, persistent use of antibiotics and consumption of raw egg white lowers levels of vitamin H in your body. This may alter the production and distribution of fatty acids in the skin and at the same time the skin may show the deficiency symptoms.

The other important function of biotin is to maintain the functions of the nervous system. For the skin to be healthy on the outer surface, the inner tissues must also be healthy. Biotin plays important role in ensuring that the inner skin tissues are supplied with the necessary nutrients.

Deficiency symptoms of biotin on your skin results into various skin problems such as dermatitis, acne, dandruff and skin itches. Biotin supplements are known to treat such conditions. You only need to consult your doctor for proper dosage before taking the supplements.

Most skin care product companies have discovered that biotin helps to maintain the health of skin.They are including vitamin H supplements into their products which has attracted more customer to buy their lotions and creams to moisture and restore their skins.

Effects of Biotin for Skin

What are the side effects of biotin for the skin? There are more positive biotin effects than negative effects for the skin. Vitamin H is soluble and its excessive amount in the body is processed in the kidney and passed out either inform of urine or sweat.

The deficiency of these vitamins causes various skin problems such as dry skin, dermatitis and rushes. Taking biotin supplements helps to treat such problems by making the skin to be healthy and glossy.
Vitamin H supplements helps to moisturize and restore dry skin back to its normal health. This has been achieved through the use of skin products such as lotions that contain biotin. These vitamin makes positive biotin benefits for skin when taken in their correct doses.

Some people may say that biotin causes acne on the oily skins but this does not apply to all people. It only depends with the way your body reacts to this type of vitamins. The negative effects of biotin is rare but some people may experience some negative effects such as:

Allergies. When you take biotin supplements in large doses for the first time, you may experience allergic conditions to the skin such as painful rushes and itchy skin. These condition does not happen to everyone. It may happen to a small percentage of people whose body are hyperactive to the use of biotin supplements.

Acne. You may experience acne on the face when taking vitamin H supplements for the first time. This condition may only appear the first days of your dosage then it disappears afterwards or it may stop immediately you stop the dosage.
The negative side effects of biotin can be avoided if you seek a recommended dosage from the doctor or taking the supplements as indicated on the pack. You are also supposed to take more water to increase the absorption of these vitamins into your body.

Biotin Deficiency Symptoms

Biotin deficiency is not a common nutritional disorder in a healthy person because it is commonly found in the diet that you take. Also your body requires a small amount of 30mcg in order to have biotin benefits for skin. Biotin or vitamin H deficiency can be a very serious disorder when left without treatment. Biotin deficiency disorder can happen to anybody whose biotin amount is below the minimum requirement in the body. However there various cause of these disorder in the body as follows:

Prolonged use of antibiotics.
Long-term use of antibiotics alters intestinal microorganisms hence inhibiting the absorption of biotin into the body. People who uses the antibiotics for a long term are associated with biotic deficiency disorders.

Long-term consumption of raw egg white.
Consuming raw egg white for many days or years also results into biotin deficiency symptoms. Raw egg whites contains avidin. Avidin binds together biotin hence preventing its absorption in the small intestines. Therefore you are supposed to avoid eating raw egg white. Fried or boiled egg may contain some levels of avidin but it is not strong as in a raw egg.

Genetic mutation.
Some genetic disorders are inherited from our earlier generations to the current generations. If your kid is born with disorders such as biotinidase deficiency may start showing symptoms in his or her early stages of life. In such a case you are supposed to give your child biotin supplements as early as you discovers to avoid more complications. This will help your kid to have biotin benefits for skin as he or she grows.

During pregnancy.
During pregnancy, your body requires more biotin for proper fetal development. During this period small doses of biotin supplements are recommended to avoid showing the symptoms of vitamin H deficiency.

Severe malnourishment also causes vitamin H deficiency symptoms in the body. This may result from prolonged use of diet that has no biotin content.

TPN therapy (Total Parenteral Nutrition)
The TPN therapy deprives the body to get biotin benefits for skin. All patients who undergoes this type of therapy shows some deficiency symptoms of biotin. Some clinics providing these kind of therapy are including biotin supplements in their medication to avoid their patients from its deficiency.
When your body is under the above conditions. You will start experiencing signs and symptoms of biotin deficiency such as;

  • Hair loss. You may start losing your hair that can even result into total baldness if not treated on time.
  • Skin rashes. You may develop various skin rashes such as red rushes, painful rashes.
  • Cracking mouth. Your mouth develops cracks especially at the corners
  • Dry and scaly skin. The skin dries making it to look scaly.
  • Brittle nails. The nails become weak and susceptible to breakages.
  • Development of dandruffs
  • Seborrheic dermatitis
  • Painful muscles

Biotin deficiency is a serious nutritional disorder but its early detections can be treated using the biotin supplements.

Biotin Deficient Symptoms on Skin

Biotin deficiency is not common to a healthy person since it is found in the common food that you take. Its low levels in the body causes various deficiency symptoms of the face such as:

Rushes. Biotin deficiency cause various rashes on your face. The rushes can be painful or itchy.

Skin patches. Your face may develop small yellowish patches especially around the nose which will eventually spread to other parts of the face. If left untreated, the patches can spread to other parts of the body.

Cracking mouth. Your mouth becomes dry developing cracks especially at the corners. If biotin deficiency disorder is not treated, the cracks may become bigger enough to cause other secondary infections.

Dry face. The face may become dry making it to appear scaly.
When the above symptoms are noted in advance, you ought to reinstate biotin benefits for skin by taking vitamin H supplements and using skin care products that contain biotin.