How to Use Tea Tree Oil on Face, Skin for Pimples

Can we apply tea tree directly on face? The use of tea tree oil also known as Melaleuca oil is a natural way of eliminating face problems such as the pimples.Due to the antimicrobial nature of these oils, they help to disinfect and soothe your skin without having much negative effects unlike to other methods of acne treatments that causes your skin to dry and get peeled. There are various methods on how to apply tea tree oil on face as illustrated below

  1. Direct application of tea tree oil to the pimples.

Is tea tree oil good for your face? Yes, you can directly apply the melaleuca oil on the pimples on your face or on the affected area. Melaleuca oil has antibacterial properties, therefore it penetrates your skin to kill the bacteria and remove the harsh chemicals that causes the formation of the pimples. It also unblocks the sweat pores and the sebaceous glands to remove excessive sebum out of your skin. It dries off the pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and other problems. This is how to use tea tree oil on face for acne.

  • Before applying the tea tree oil on the affected area, wash your face with water and soap and allow it to dry for 5minutes or you can use a towel to dry.
  • Put a few drops of the melaleuca oil on a cotton bud and then you dab on the pimples or on the affected area. Give the tea tree oil time to penetrate your skin before washing your face. You can simply apply at night before going to bed to give it enough time to penetrate your skin.
  • You can repeat the above procedure for one week for effective results.
  • Ensure that you are using 100% pure tea tree oil. Avoid buying tea tree oil in the cosmetic shops since they are not 100% pure.
  1. Homemade tea tree spot treatment.

Is tea tree oil good for skin? Some people are allergic to pure tea tree oil, therefore if you experience allergic conditions such as dry skin, inflammations on the skin or rashes when using pure melaleuca oil you can try using a natural homemade spot treatment.How do I use tea tree oil on my face?

  • You can simply mix pure tea tree oil with natural honey. Raw organic honey has also antibacterial characteristics. Stir the mixture well and allow them to stand for five minutes.
  • After cleaning your face, apply the mixture on the affected area using a cotton pad. Take care of your eyes since this mixture can cause your eyes to water. The procedure on how to use tea tree oil on face is as simple as that.
  • You can make enough homemade treatment to be used for a week or more. Use on a daily basis for one week or two depending with the state of your condition for better results.
  1. Using melaleuca oil in a face mask

There are various recipes you can use in preparing homemade face mask using melaleuca or tea tree oil. You can simply buy a natural homemade face mask in a natural store or you make yours at home using few drops of melaleuca oil. Below are the various recipes that can be used in preparation of homemade facial mask:

  • Take four drops of tea tree oil, one teaspoonful of jojoba oil and one half tomato. Chop the tomato into fine pieces, blend them together to make a fine paste. Stir them well and allow them to stand for five minutes. Clean your face then you apply this mask evenly on the face. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes on your face before you wash it away with warm water. You can apply this refreshing face mask twice a week for better results.
  • Take 4 drops of tea tree oil, one or two tablespoon of green clay powder and mix them together. Add some water then you stir thoroughly to make a paste. Then apply the mask directly to your face evenly using your hand or a cotton pad. Leave the mask to dry on the face for 15 minutes before washing it away with warm water.
  • You can also add 4 drops of melaleuca oil to ¼ of yogurt and stir well. Allow the mixture to stand for 5 minutes then you apply on the face. Leave it on the face for 20 minutes before washing it away with warm water. This procedure can also be repeated on weekly basis for better results.
  1. Tea tree oil can also be used as a homemade face scrub.

Homemade face scrub is also another way on how to use tea tree oil on face. Tea tree oil can be mixed with natural ingredients found in your kitchen cupboard to make a face scrub. For instance, you can take ¼ cup of sugar, 1/8 cup of olive oil, 2 tablespoon of honey and 8 drops of tea tree oil then you mix them together. Stir them thoroughly to make a thick paste then you apply it on your face. Leave it for 20 minutes before you wash it with warm water. Both honey and tea tree oil are natural preservatives, therefore you can make enough paste and store it to be used later.

  1. Adding few drops of tea tree in your moisturizer.

Adding few drops of tea tree in your daily moisturizer helps to mild pimples and other skin problems such as skin pigmentations. You can also add a few drops in the water before taking shower.

  1. Applying skin care products that contain tea tree oil.

If your skin can be allergic to pure melaleuca, you can apply products that contain this natural oils.
All the above are the different ways on how to use tea tree oil on the face. These natural oils works magic on your skin. You can try the one that you think will work best for you, but am sure that all of them has the best results.

Other uses of Tea Tree Oil on Skin

A tea tree oil has an antibacterial properties that are very beneficial to the skin on various ways. From the various research that was done by different universities, it is clear that this natural oil helps to cure different skin problems such as:

  • Treatment of acne. Does tea tree oil help acne? Yes, it’s true that melaleuca oil is commonly used in making skin care products that cures acne. Most of the cosmetic companies are using this natural oils in their products to treat various skin problems. 5% concentration of tea tree oil works effectively as benzoyl peroxide in treating mild acne. A homemade face mask made by mixing few drops of the natural oil and honey also helps in treating the acne.
  • Helps in treating toe nail fungus. The research done by various scientists’ shows that different concentration of tea tree oil can be used in treatment of different skin conditions. High concentration of tea tree oil has become a good way of treating fungal infections such as the toe nail fungus, athlete’s foot and ringworms. To use tea tree oil for yeast infections, apply this natural oil to the infected area twice a day for 5 months helps to eradicate the infection completely.
  • Cleaning of wounds and cuts. Tea tree oil forms a good antimicrobial solution for cleaning and treating skin surface wounds and cuts without having negative effects. You can also make a homemade tea tree oil cleaner by mixing it with lemon water, vinegar and some water. It forms a good antimicrobial solution for killing bacteria.

Tea Tree Oil for Scabies

Scabies is a parasitic infestations that occurs under the skin by small and tiny sarcoptes scabies mites that burrow inside the skin. Scabies causes itching of the skin, scratching the skin can lead to other bacterial infections. Scabies can occur on any part of your body but mainly they occur under the finger nails, around the genitals, buttocks, waist and wrist.
Apart from how to use tea tree oil on face for various skin infections, it can also be used in treatment of scabies. The antibacterial properties of tea tree oil gives it power to act as a pesticide. When you apply the tea tree oil on the skin that is infested with scabies, it penetrates the skin killing the mites. It also destroys the different life cycle of this parasites.
Appling this natural oils to the skin infested by this parasites twice a day for one month helps in eradicating scabies completely. More research is being done to strengthen the effectiveness of tea tree oil in treatment of scabies.