How Long Does Sunburn Last: Swelling, Rash, Blisters, Pain, Redness, and Skin Peeling

How long does a sunburn pain last? Get insights on how long does sunburn last, you will also explore more on how long it takes to recover from rash, swelling, pain and peeling that results from a sunburn.

How Long Does Sunburn Last

Before we get to know how long it takes to recover from a sunburn, it is important to understand what is sunburn. You are likely to develop this skin condition a few hours after overexposing yourself to ultraviolet rays that comes from the sun and other sources.
Sunburn can affect anyone after spending more time outdoors on a sunny day. However, people with fair skin are more vulnerable to sunburn as compared to dark skinned people. Fair skin has laser melanin as compared to darker African American skin. Melanin is a substance that provides skin with self-protection mechanism.
How long one will suffer from a sunburn differs from one person to the other depending on several factors. Such factors includes:

  • Intensity of the sun
  • The type of your skin

Exposing yourself to the sunrays for a long time especially from 10am to 2pm causes a severe sunburn. During this time the intensity of the sun is too high to cause more damage. However, it is not easy to estimate the intensity of the sun by the weather condition.
The ultraviolet rays can still pass through the clouds to cause a damage on your skin. Clouds and other surfaces can also reflect the UV rays to your skin. You can also develop sunburn while basking on the beach without knowing due to cool breezes from the sea or oceans. The intensity of the sun causes mild, moderate, severe or lifetime sunburn effects.
Mild sunburn
A mild sunburn may only last for three to four days. You may experience a few mild symptoms of sunburn such as redness and pain on the affected areas. Mild sunburn doesn’t destruct you from daily chores such as work or schooling.  After three days your skin will start to develop new cells while peeling off the dead skin cells that was damaged.
Moderate sunburn
A moderate sunburn lasts for longer time than mild. It may take one week and some days to heal completely. This type of sunburn is characterized by more pain and redness as compared to mild sunburns. It may require an over the counter pain medications. A cool compress and other products such as Aloe Vera gel may be used to relieve pain and therefore such treatments determine how long does sunburn pain last.
Severe sunburn
Severe sunburn is a life threatening condition. You are supposed to visit your doctor immediately for treatment. Severe sunburn may last for several weeks. You may experience severe symptoms such as headache, fever, nausea, chills, dehydration, pain, redness and blistering. You are likely to miss all your routine activities in case you are hospitalized.
Life time sunburn
The answer to this question “how long does sunburn last” may be a lifetime. Several severe sunburns may cause a permanent damage of your body DNA. It may cause other skin conditions such wrinkles, age spots and other premature skin aging conditions.
Several severe sunburns for both fair and darker skins allows the ultraviolet rays to penetrate the skin. It damages the inner tissues of the skin hence resulting to life threatening skin conditions such as skin cancer. There is still better ways you can use to enjoy the sunrays without causing sunburns on your skin. Applying sunscreens and protective clothing helps to guard your skin against harmful ultraviolet rays.

How Long Does Sunburn Rash Last

A sunburn rash results from overexposure to the sun. It can occur on any part of the skin. The sunburn rash develops a few hours after exposure to the sun. It only stay on your skin for three days if you may protect yourself or avoid exposure to the sun during this time.
Sunburn rash can develop to any type of skin but it is common on fair skin than darker skin. Fair skin are sensitive to the sun rays. It is characterized by small itchy bumps on the skin that becomes uncomfortable. The outbreak of sunburn rash is common during the summer seasons.
They normally develops on the scalp, face, neck, chest, back, arms and legs. Severe sunburn rash can also be accompanied with other signs such headache, nausea, fever, chills and blistering. Home remedies for sunburns rash can be used to reduce the time on how long does sunburn last including the rash.
For instance, a cool compress and application of Aloe Vera gel helps to relieve pain while soothing the skin. According to doctor Grinsted, this skin condition can not affect individuals who are in 40s or 50s of their age. During this age, the skin is tough enough to resist the sunburn rash
Avoiding overexposure to the sun helps to prevent sunburn rash. Apply sunscreens of 50 Sun protection factor provides maximum protection of the skin from the ultraviolet rays. Protective clothing such as a hat, goggles and long-sleeved dressing are also important while going outdoors for a long time on a sunny day. According to live strong.

How Long Does Sunburn Swelling Last

Can sunburn cause swelling? Yes. Exposure to the sun can cause swellings on the affected areas. Mild sunburn swelling may only take two to three days to disappear according to UK answers. However, swellings from severe sunburns may last for a couple of weeks.
Treatments and first aid measures helps to reduce the overall time on how long does sunburn last including the swellings. For instance, drinking plenty of water and having a cold compress on the affected area reduces the healing time. Alternatively you may take a cold shower or bath to relieve the excessive heat from the body.
Applying an Aloe Vera gel or any moisturizer containing vitamin E helps to repair the damaged skin faster and hence reducing the time the swelling would have lasted. Severe sunburn swellings that causes blistering and pain may last for longer time. You may be required to seek medical attention for treatment. You can also buy over the counter painkillers to relieve the pain.
Sunburn swellings are only visible damage on the skin by ultraviolet rays. Several sunburns can cause other lifetime damages to the skin. Such conditions includes premature aging of the skin and skin cancer. You should always minimize the time you spend outdoors especially from 10am to 2pm.
Apply sunscreens while going outdoors for long hours. You should also carry and reapply on the skin after every two hours. Use also protective clothing’s that will prevent exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun.

How Long Does Sunburn Pain Last

Sunburn is one of the most problem that many people suffers from sun rays especially during the summer season. Sunburn pain duration depends on several factors. The type of the sunburn caused, skin complexion and treatment. The sunburn pain may only last from 6 to 48 hours after spending long time outdoors.
Treatment using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen and aspirin can be used to decrease the pain. Therefore medication determines how long the pain last. It also affects the general duration on how long does sunburn last.
Home treatment can also be used to decrease the severity of the sunburn pain hence reducing the time it could have lasted. Applying a cool compress on the affected area helps to take the excessive heat out. Vinegar is also effective in taking out the sting caused by ultraviolet rays. You simply apply it on a cotton wool and dab on the affected area. An Aloe Vera may not be a good option for sunburn pain.

How Long Does Sunburn Peeling Last

After exposure to the sun and other sources that produces ultraviolet rays, your skin will start to become red and develop pain after 15 to 30 minutes. The skin burn continues for 1 to 2 days and finally your skin will start to heal naturally, it will therefore be followed by a skin peeling that may take 3 to 8 days to peel completely.
The peeing occurs in the affected parts. It is most cases, it occurs on the sunburned lips, face, neck, chest, hands and other parts of the body that may be affected by the sunburn. The damaged dead skin cells helps to shield the underlying new cells that are still developing. Once they are fully formed the dead skin cells will start to shade off.
You need to be gentle while removing those dead skin cells. Avoid pulling and using puff to exfoliate. The new skin cell are still delicate and they can easily get damaged. Take a lukewarm bath to soften the dead skin cells. Use a soft washcloth to peel off the dead cells. Do not rub vigorously or pull the hanging peel from the skin. Cut them using a pair of scissors.
Dry yourself using a clean dry towel and apply a moisturizer. An Aloe Vera gel is a good moisturizer, it helps to soothe the skin. After exfoliating the dead skin cells you are supposed to avoid exposing your skin to the sun. It may also cause a sunburn or increase the duration on how long does sunburn last. Protect your skin every time you go outdoors on a sunny day.
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