How to Get Rid of Oily Skin Forever, Permanently

When your entire skin is covered with numerous layers of oil especially your face, you are probably suffering from an oily skin. Get insights on how to get rid of oily skin on face, nose, permanently, naturally and by use of oily skin products.

Oily Skin Causes

The overproduction of oil is caused by hyperactive sebaceous glands. Someone who has an oily skin, more often than not, has large pores, obvious blackheads, and pimples. In worse conditions, the person also suffers from acne. The symptoms are all causing drastic humiliation to the sufferer.
Here are some of the main causes:

  1. Heredity

When your mother or father has an oily skin type, chances are you and your siblings will have sebaceous glands that are overactive, too. Skin types can be inherited; hence some people are genetically wired to have breakouts and clogged, large pores.

  1. Diet

A diet made up of processed food, excessive caffeine, high in fats, salt, and sugar will likely lead you to have an oily skin. An unhealthy diet leaves the skin dehydrated and poorly nourished, causing the sebaceous glands to go wild and jumpy.

  1. Pregnancy

There is a drastic fluctuation of the hormone estrogen when you are pregnant. This leads to sebaceous glands being out of control. A lot of pregnant women are complaining of oilier than normal skin. Do not worry as the skin goes back to the previous skin type after delivery.

  1. Puberty

Blame it to the spurt of hormones, adolescent girls and boys experience their first gush of extra oil during this period. This problematic phase stretches until they are about 18-21 years old, although others remain to have an oily skin in their adulthood.

  1. Cosmetics

There are make-up products that encourage your sebaceous glands to be active. These cosmetic items are usual oil-based, hence feel heavier and greasier on the skin. Most of the time, cosmetics in liquid forms cause your skin to be oily.

  1. Seasonal Changes

During the summer season, the heat and humidity drastically increase leading to your skin producing oil than normal. However, during the winter season where the air becomes arid, the skin gets dehydrated causing the sebaceous gland to overcompensate for the dryness, leading to an increased level of oil.

  1. Overuse of Skin Care Products

Sometimes in achieving the goal of younger, cleaner and smoother skin, people tend to over cleanse and over exfoliate. Whenever you use too much cleaning and exfoliating products (especially with scrubs), the skin is stripped of its natural oils, which results to the sebaceous glands compensating for the loss.

  1. Stress

Stress can cause your hormone to go crazy and produce lots of oil.
How to Know If you have Oily Skin

  • If you have the following signs below, then your skin type is oily.
  • Greasy skin all the time. Not just in the T-zone area (forehead, nose and chin) but the entire face.
  • Plenty of blackheads. They usually camp in the opening of the pores.
  • Plenty of breakout battles.
  • Make up does not last long.
  • Experiences oxidation with foundation use. This is when your foundation color changes a few hours after application.
  • Larger pores than the usual. This is most evident in the nose and cheeks are.

Problems Associated with Oily Skin
Common problems associated with having an oily skin is acne. This is an inflammatory skin disease involving the sebaceous glands and is characterized by papules, comedones or pustules.

How to Get Rid of Oily Skin Permanently

If you’re going through a major problem with zits that won’t go away, you are probably wondering what about you or your skin care regimen is amiss. Latinas are more susceptible to hyper-pigmentation, which can mean unwanted brown spots, especially when you spend time in the sun.
Here are six ways to take your skin from slick and greasy to luminous.

  1. Find a great cleanser.

When it comes to oily skin, think of cleaning a cast-iron skillet: You clean oil with oil. Steering clear of anything with alcohol and going for as gentle of a formula as your skin will take, since harsh formulas may remove more oil than you need. You don’t want excess oil on your skin because that can feed bacteria, but you also don’t want to strip your skin of all its fatty acids.

  1. Properly clean your face, back, and chest.

Choose a gentle cleanser and use it at least twice a day to normalize oil levels. Instead of reaching for toner every day, use it once or twice a week at most and make a leave-on cream your go-to for controlling oil production. Overusing toner can lead to overly sensitive skin — skin so sensitive it may not be able to tolerate an acne regime — so opt for a cream low in benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.

  1. wary of home remedies

The popular sugar-lemon scrub some women make at home is a good exfoliant and mildly improves pigmentation, but too much lemon juice can lead to hyperpigmentation. Yogurt masks, which contain lactic acid, can help exfoliate and make skin glow, but they, too, can be overdone. Ataman believes that exfoliating once a week to allow dead skin to slough off is the sweet spot.

  1. Consult a dermatologist early

Certain brands and websites for perpetuating unhealthy fads and myths about the number of products and regimen steps required to maintain glowing skin. Rather than play a guessing game, defer to your dermatologist. And if you’re struggling with comedonal, or mild, acne at any age, see your dermatologist before it worsens and becomes harder to treat.

  1. Choose your makeup wisely

When it comes to your skin, avoid pore-clogging products like liquid foundations or other products that feel heavy. Prefer mousse-based foundations for their silky layers, but says aerosolized foundations work well too. If there’s only a little you wish to cover up, choose powder over foundation.

How to Get Rid of Oily Skin on Face

One best way to get rid of oily skin on face fast is by following a proper skin care routine. To remove oils permanently from face buy good skin cleansing products and oil free moisturizers. Naturally made home remedies using lemon, baking soda, gram flour are also effective to get rid of greasy face. These tips are helpful for both men and women to make skin problem-free in a week.

How to get rid of oily skin on face

  1. Steaming is considered to be a very effective technique for cleaning the oils and dirt from skin pores on face.
  • The first step for steaming is to boil hot water and take it in a bowl.
  • Now take a towel and cover your head with it and allow the steam to pass to your face.
  • Prevent contact of skin with hot water as it can burn your skin.
  • As the steam makes a contact with skin, it makes it softer and easier for you to get rid of oily skin.
  1. Exfoliate your skin once a week to get rid of excess sebum from the skin. Steam your face before you exfoliate for deep facial cleansing and getting better results. This is a very helpful technique used to unclog pores that are full of impurities. Since more dirt sticks to your oily skin, hence buy a good exfoliating product that can easily remove the oils present on your skin.
  2. Moisture is an important step when dealing with such skin problem. Lack of moisture makes skin dry. This makes our body to produce more moisture on the skin. Also, after you exfoliate remember to moisturize to prevent skin from becoming dry. When dealing with oily skin, it is advised to buy oil free moisturizer. Such moisturizers have the ability to moisturize skin without making the skin greasy.
  3. Exercise daily for about 30 minutes for making skin free from oils. While we exercise our sweat glands become active. This sweat comes to skin via pores washing away the dirt and oils from pores and making your face look beautiful. Also try some facial exercise for improving circulation of blood to the skin. In the morning, take your hands and gently rub it around your face. Another method is to take an ice and move it over your face. These methods will quickly fix your many skin problems.
  4. Stress is a common reason for making skin oily. Lack of sleep, office tensions, family tensions are some of the common causes of stress. This condition causes increase in the oil producing hormones in body and also makes skin look old. Hence try medication, yoga, exercises or watch some comedy movie to stay happy and have a fresh looking skin.
  5. Remove makeup before going to sleep to prevent your skin from pimples. Makeup can prevent oils from coming to skin and hence these oils get locked into the pores which can cause pimples. Hence, properly remove makeup, wash your face with cold water and apply a moisturizer to skin before going to sleep.

How to Get Rid of Oily Skin Naturally

Here we are proving natural remedies that will help make your skin oil free and shining.
Get rid of oily face naturally

  1. Lemon

This is the most widely used natural product for removing greasy oils from skin. This natural skin cleanser contains citric acid plus vitamin C that makes skin oil free and fairer looking. Cut one lemon and extract its juice. Now dilute it with water and apply this diluted juice to your skin. With your fingers, rub it gently all over face and then wash face with cold water.
If it causes burning of the skin, then wash it immediately, add more water to the solution and then repeat the above method. This home remedy will remove oils and moisture from skin making it dry. Hence remember to provide adequate moisture to prevent buildup of more oils.

  1. Gram Flour

This is also a helpful remedy in getting rid of excess oils on the face. Add little rose water to gram flour and make a paste of it. First step is to apply this paste to your face and rub in circular motion for five minutes. Now take some rest and allow the paste to dry. After drying wash your face with cold water. Gram flour soaks the oils from our skin, making your skin fresh and less greasy.

  1. Aloe vera gel

It is very effective in reducing the grease from the skin. This gel is rich in antioxidants, moisture, and skin cleansing extracts that makes it a good natural face cleanser. This method is very simple and gives better results quickly. Extract the gel of aloe vera and apply it to your face. Keep it for 20 minutes and then wash it with water. You can also buy aloe vera skin cleansing products for getting rid of the sticky oils on skin.

  1. Baking soda

This is also a good item for cleaning the dirt on face. This method is same as we used the gram flour, but instead of adding rose water simply add normal water and use it for your skin.

  1. Apple

Apples are considered to work well for cleaning dirt from skin. Add a few drops of lemon juice to apple paste and apply it to your face. Keep it for 15 minutes and then rinse it using cold water.
Cucumbers remove excess oils from face without making skin dry. Cucumbers should be used for oily and sensitive skin type. Since cucumbers have the property of cooling it can be a better option against lemon for sensitive skin.

  1. Orange peels

Grind some orange peels and add orange juice to it. Apply this paste on face and keep cucumbers on eyes. Let this scrub dry and then use warm water to clean it from the skin. This will remove the excess oils and impurities from skin, making face glowing and oil free. Now you need to apply a non comedogenic moisturizer to prevent buildup of more oils on skin.

  1. Vinegar for oily skin

Vinegar either apple cider or white is a good way to exfoliate your skin and make it healthy. It is also effective in controlling oily facial skin. It is one of the best face wash for oily skin that balances hormones that are responsible for its oiliness. Dip a cotton ball into the vinegar solution and apply it gently on your face before going to bed. Allow it to stay there for 8-10 minutes and wash it off with cool water.

  1. Clay Mask for Oily Skin On Face

Masks especially the clay masques when applied on face can help reduce oiliness. It tightens the pores and refines them by cleaning them from stale makeup, dead cells, dirt, etc., to control the oiliness. Apply this paste on your face and leave it there for 20 minutes. Now rinse it thoroughly with water and repeat it once a week to get rid of oily skin on face.

  1. Salt for Oily Skin On Face

Salt is a natural gift from sea. It acts as a strong desiccant and removes oiliness and makes your skin dry.
Fill an empty spray bottle with some tepid water. Now add a spoon of salt and stir it well. Now close eyes and gently spay this salt solution on your face. Do this regularly once a day for a month to get rid of oily skin on face.

How to Get Rid of Oily Skin on Nose

The most common area for greasy skin is in the center of the face on the nose. Part of the oily T-zone, the nose has larger, more active oil glands and bigger pores compared to other areas of the face. There are countless products created specifically for getting rid of oily spots. If used correctly, these products aid in the battle against greasy faces in general and greasy noses in particular.
Step 1
Gently wash your face with lukewarm water. Use a mild facial cleanser specifically formulated for oily skin. Check the cleanser label for oil absorbing, skin-balancing ingredients such as tea tree oil or benzoyl peroxide. Rinse the cleanser from your face with cool water to close the pores. Gently pat your skin dry with a clean, soft towel.
Step 2
Apply an alcohol-free toner to your nose using a cotton ball or cotton swab. Toners absorb oil and kill pore-clogging bacteria. Use a toner created for oily skin. Allow the toner to dry.
Step 3
Apply an oil-free facial moisturizer to your face that includes an SPF of at least 25. Check the label for oil-absorbing ingredients such as oatmeal. These types of moisturizers keep moisture levels balanced and help prevent excess oil from forming on your nose.
Step 4
Apply an oil-free matte foundation to your face, if you wear makeup. Foundations created for oily skin are readily available in almost every makeup brand. Lightly cover the foundation with matte loose face powder. The powder absorbs oil and offers extra protection to your face’s oily T-zone, which includes the forehead, nose and chin. Apply matte pressed face powder to your nose if it gets oily throughout the day.
Step 5
Soak up excess sebum from your nose with oil blotting papers. These are small, portable sheets of oil-absorbing paper, sometimes coated with powder. Press one sheet of paper to your nose and hold it there for a few seconds. Repeat with additional papers until all of the oil is absorbed.
Step 6
Wash your face in the evening before bed, following the procedure used in Step 1. Remove all traces of makeup. Apply a nighttime facial moisturizer created for oily skin.

Best Skin Care Products for Oily Skin and Large Pores

From moisturizers, cleansers and toners to quick-fix blotters and wipes, we tried out hardworking, pore-minimizers.
Bright sun and humid temperatures might spell the start of summer but for those with oily skin it can mean an on-going battle to keep skin looking clear. Luckily there’s a myriad of lotions and potions on the market to assist; from quick fix solution to long-term problem solvers. Here’s our edit of the best products to help take control of oily skin.

  1. Clear Difference Aqua Gel

For those prone to shiny skin, the holy grail of skincare is a moisturizer that won’t make things worse. This, from Estee Lauder, is that rare thing. It’s an oil-free and lightweight gel, with ingredients that hydrate and soothe – and keep everything matte.

  1. Elemis Balancing Lavender Toner

Toner may seem like an unnecessary extra step but, given its pore-refining abilities, it’s one of the most important products. Elemis’s lavender one is designed to balance out combination skin while being gentle enough not to strip your face of moisture.

  1. Bobbi Brown Blotting Papers

They may seem old-fashioned, but if you’re looking for a quick fix solution to shine that doesn’t clog up pores, try these fuss-free blotting papers. Unlike many on the market, they’re unscented so won’t irritate. Plus, you get 100 in a pack so they’re better value than they seem.

  1. Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque

This face mask by premium beauty brand Kiehl’s uses a combination of white clay, oatmeal and aloe vera to soak up excess oil without drying. It leaves pores cleaner and more refined. Use it once a week all on the face more often as a treatment.

  1. Skyn Iceland Nordic Skin Peel Pads

Anything with “peel” in the title may sound scary, but these pads are anything but. They contain lactic acid, a gentle, natural exfoliator to rejuvenate skin, while willow bark soothes and protects. Use no more than twice a month, and wear a high SPF for the week following to protect new skin from UV damage.