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Do you have acne on your chin? Get insights on the causes and treatment of pimples on chin. You will also explore more on the various home remedies for this skin condition.

Causes of Pimples on Chin

Pimples occurs when excessive oil, dead skin cells and dirty accumulates to block the opening of your skin. The bacteria that live on your skin enters the blocked pores to feed on the accumulated material. They multiply and produces toxins that causes the pimples or acne to erupt. There are several things that may cause this condition, they include the following:

  1. Hormonal imbalances in your body

This is one of the main reason that causes acne on chin. It usually affects different people in various stages of their life. Hormonal imbalances may trigger the zits to develop on different parts of your body especially the face.
Various factors such as puberty, ovulation, pregnancy, child birth, breast feeding and menopause causes hormonal imbalances in your body. The pimples that result from hormonal fluctuations are big in size, inflamed and may cause some pain.

  1. Unhygienic body condition

Poor personal hygiene may cause acne or worsen it by spread to other parts of your body. Unhygienic body condition causes the skin pore to become blocked. This causes the sebum, dead skin cell and dirty to accumulate in the follicles which results to acne on your chin.
There are various unhygienic habits that can transfer dirty and bacteria to your chin. For instance, supporting your chin with dirty hands, holding your dirty cell phone with chin and neck when communicating and failing to wash your face for at least twice daily.

  1. The use of oil-based makeups

This is among the major causes of pimples on chin and around the mouth or other parts of your face. Oil-based makeups may clog the hair follicles especially when left on the face for an overnight. Some makeups may also contain ingredients that encourages the development of zits on your chin.

  1. Poor stress management

Having stress can also trigger acne on your chin. When you are stressful, your body produces stress hormones that includes cortisol, it stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce excessive sebum that may accumulate in the hair follicles. Exercising, meditating and having enough time to rest helps to release stress.

  1. Eating junk and spicy foods

The skin reacts to what you eat, spicy foods contains acidic lycopene that can trigger acne and other skin condition. Some people may also develop zits from eating dairy products regularly. Your diet should contain plenty of vegetables, fruits and water in order to have a healthy and smooth skin.

Pimple on Chin Hormonal

Many people especially women suffers from hormonal acne chin. As you read earlier, this skin condition occurs in various stages of your life. Hormonal pimples on chin usually develops during puberty, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, breast feeding and menopause.
You may not be the only one struggling with acne, many women are suffering from this condition and are trying various treatment that give them a temporal treatment. Understanding the cause of your acne can help you to find the best treatment. This condition is not only for women, hormonal chin acne male usually affects men.
Timing the breakout helps to determine whether your acne results from hormonal fluctuation or not. Pimples that appears a week before menstrual cycle or ovulation are as a result of hormonal changes. The breakout is usually on the chin, around the mouth, jawlines, cheeks, back, shoulders and buttocks.
They are usually deep, cystic or big in size, inflamed, painful and sensitive to touch. This type of pimple may not respond to some of over-the-counter treatments. They causes pain or pressure when touched. It is advisable to avoid popping the since they may leave a scar upon healing.

How to Get Rid Of Pimples on Chin – Treatment

If you are having pimples on the chin, it is good not to irritate them. They may become bigger, red and inflamed. It is important to find out the best treatment that can help to cure your condition. Some of the best treatments includes the following:

  1. Take over-the-counter treatments

Taking over-the-counter non-prescribed medicines can help to control your condition relieving the inflammation, redness and swellings. Such medicines are found in the various drug stores within your location. They contain different active ingredients that includes the following:

  • Benzoyl peroxide. It helps to slow down production of excessive sebum from the over reactive sebaceous glands. This active ingredient also kills the bacteria found in the clogged pores that is responsible in causing the pimples. Benzoyl peroxide also exfoliates the dead skin cells and dirty that plugs into the pores.


  • Salicylic acid. This ingredient is effective on how to get rid of pimples on chin area. It helps in breaking down of different pimples including the blackheads and the whiteheads.

It prevents swelling and inflammation of the pimples by slowing down shedding of the cells of the hair follicle walls. It also prevents of the blockage of hair follicles by speeding exfoliation of dead skin cells, dirty and excessive oil.

  • This is a crystalline phenol that comes from various resins. It breaks down different types of pimples including the blackheads and whiteheads. It can also be used in treating other skin conditions.


  • Other active ingredients are Sulfur, Retin-A and Azelaic Acid. They simply helps in speeding up the exfoliation of the skin to get rid of dead cells, excessive oil and dirty. They also suppresses the growth and multiplication of bacteria that causes pimples.

This medication is found in the form of gel, creams, lotions and soap. You are supposed to take such medicines as directed by the manufactures instructions. Some of the medication may cause some skin irritations to some people. Stop using the medicine when you notice serious adverse effects such as irritation, headache, vomiting, nausea, dizziness among others.

  1. Use Prescribed Medication

When you fail to see positive results after using over-the-counter medicines for pimples on chin, consider visiting your dermatologist for prescribed medicines. This are medicines that are only given under the doctor’s instruction. They includes:

  • Topical antibiotic treatment

This are treatment that are applied directly on the skin or affected areas. Such treatment are found inform of gel, lotion or cream. Example are tretinoin, tazarotene and adapalene. The dermatologist may prescribe this treatment when your condition is mild.

  • Oral Antibiotics

The oral antibiotics are effective on how to get rid of pimples on face permanently. They are prescribed when the condition is severe. You are supposed to start noticing some improvements from the forth to sixth week of antibiotic use. The commonly prescribed antibiotic is tetracycline.
Tetracycline is not supposed to be taken when pregnant, breastfeeding or when trying to get pregnant. Instead, such mothers may take erythromycin. The oral antibiotics can be taken together with topical treatments.

  • Birth control

Women may experience pimples as a result of hormonal changes in the body. Some of the birth control pills are important I regulating the sex hormones. Birth control medication may therefore help to fix this skin condition. Birth control pills that contains progesterone and estrogen may help to suppress the male hormones in the body.

  • Isotretinoin

This medication is very effective on how to get rid of pimples on chin quickly. It helps in treating deep cystic pimples that develops on your chin. This treatment works effectively but it may cause some adverse side effects. You are supposed to take them under the supervision of a doctor.

  1. Observe your personal body hygiene

Keeping your body clean can help to get rid of pimples. Cleaning your face especially the chin area may help to reduce the dirt, dead skin cells and excessive oil that may end up clogging the pores. Exfoliate your face at least once or twice to remove the accumulated material that plugs into the hair follicle.

  1. Take a healthy diet

Having a healthy diet may help to get rid of pimples on your chin. Your diet should consist plenty of vegetables and fruit. They contain vitamins that promotes a healthy skin. You should also take plenty of water. Avoid foods that contain high levels of sugar, animal fats and dairy products.

Pimples on Chin Home Remedies

Pimples are skin condition that can affect anybody. When they are infected with a bacteria, they may cause skin inflammations, swelling or even become filled up with pus. This condition may cause you some discomforts that creates an urge to get rid of pimples.
There are various medicines and lotions that can treat your pimples but they may take long time to heal. Some of the medicines also has some adverse effects on your face. There are many natural methods and home remedies that are effective in treating the pimples within a short time. They include the following:

  1. Use baking soda

Baking soda is an effective remedy in treating pimples. It can also be used on how to prevent blackheads and other blemishes on your face. It contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which heals the pimples. It balances the pH of the skin, absorbs the excessive oil and exfoliates the dead skin cells plugs into the hair follicles. Here is how to use:

  • Mix 2 tablespoon of baking soda with few drops of water to make a paste.
  • Apply a thin layer on the affected chin.
  • Leave it for 20 minutes to penetrate the blocked pores.
  • Rinse it off using warm water.
  • Apply this treatment twice daily until you obtain the positive results.


  1. Apply apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an effective remedy for treating pimples on chin. Its antiseptic properties helps in killing the bacteria that causes pimples. Since it is alkaline, it also helps in balancing the skin pH, this makes the skin condition to become unfavorable for the bacteria to thrive. Here are the directions on how to apply:

  • Wash your face and use a clean towel to pat dry.
  • Mix 3 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water.
  • Use a cotton ball to apply the solution on your chin before going to bed.
  • Leave it overnight and rinse it with warm water in the following morning.
  • Apply this remedy daily until the pimples disappears.


  1. Steam your face

Steaming is effective on how to cure pimples on face in one day. It opens the blocked skin pores. This helps to get rid of dirty, dead skin cells and excessive oil that clogs the pores. The procedure below explains how this remedy is used:

  • Boil some water on a pan and remove it from the heat source.
  • Make a small tent using a heavy towel over the boiled water.
  • Get inside and allow the steam to get in contact with the affected area for 20 minutes
  • When done, rinse the affected areas or the whole face using warm water. Allow it to dry and apply an oil-free moisturizer.


  1. Apply tea tree oil

This natural oil is effective in treating pimples on chin and acne. It contains antibacterial properties that helps in killing the bacteria that causes pimples. It also has the soothing effects that reduces the inflammation, swelling and redness that is caused by the pimples

  • Using a cotton ball, apply diluted tea tree oil on the affected area.
  • Leave it for 20 minutes before rinsing your face with water.
  • Apply this remedy daily for best results.


  1. Use lemon

Lemon juice also the best cure for pimples on face fast. It has natural astringent and antibacterial properties that give it power in treating various skin blemishes. It exfoliates the skin to get rid of dead skin cell, excessive oil and dirty as well as drying up the pimples. Although it may cause some skin irritation but it prevents inflammations caused by the pimples.

  • Before applying the juice, wash the affected areas using warm water.
  • Use a cotton ball to apply fresh lemon juice, avoid bottled juice that contain preservatives.
  • Leave it for 10 minutes before rinsing with cool water
  • Repeat this treatment twice daily until you see the results.


  1. Apply a mixture of cinnamon and honey

A mixture of cinnamon and honey has anti-microbial properties that fights the bacteria that causes pimples on chin. The honey also has natural healing and pail alleviating properties that relieves the inflammation caused by the pimples. The procedure below explains how to use:

  • Make a cinnamon paste and blend it with some hone.
  • Before applying the mixture, wash the affected area or the whole face with clean water.
  • Apply the mixture on the affected areas before going to bed.
  • Rinse your face with warm water in the following morning.


  1. Apply egg white

Egg white is effective on how to remove pimples naturally. A part from treating the pimples, it also fade away the marks and other blemishes on your face. It contains proteins and vitamins that combat acne and other skin conditions as well as rebuilding your skin cells.

  • Wash your face and pat dry before applying this remedy.
  • Using 1-2 eggs, separate the whites from the yolk. Whisk the white and leave it to settle for 5 minutes.
  • Apply the mixture on the chin and other areas that may have some blemishes. Apply the second or third coat in the affected areas.
  • Leave it for 20 minutes before rinsing it off using warm water.
  • Apply non-oil moisturizer


  1. Use toothpaste

The toothpaste that is used in cleaning the teeth can also be used in treating the pimples. It contains alcohol, fluoride and some antibacterial properties which fights the bacteria that causes acne.

  • After cleaning the affected area, apply a thin layer of clinically-proven toothpaste on your chin
  • Leave it to penetrate the skin for 15 minutes before rinsing it off with water
  • Use this remedy once a day until the results are visible.