Septum Piercing Aftercare: New, Cleaning Instructions, Healing, Pain, Cost, Dangers

Do septum piercing hurt? How long does septum piercing take to heal? Explore more on the new septum piercing, the aftercare, cleaning, healing time and the pain associated with septum piercing.

What Is a Septum Piercing?

This is the piercing of the wall separating the two orifices located on the nose mainly for the purpose of wearing a ring or a jewelry. Most men and women have this kind of nose piercing, but it is mostly common with women. Some communities like the Australian Aboriginal are having such nose piercing as a way of their culture.
Piercing through the septum has become more popular type of nose piercing. Long time ago nose piecing was a tradition, but now days it  is done as a show of beauty in different part of the world such as Australia, United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, Africa and many more.
Nose piecing has become more popular after the earlobe piercing and there are various rings made for this kind of piercing ranging from the loops, stud with a ball, stud with flat backing and many more.

New Septum Piercing

There are various studios that are performing septum piercing. If you are inspired to have your septum pierced, you are supposed to ensure that the piercer is experienced and is having enough knowledge to perform a successful piercing. The piercing studio should be clean and meets the world healthy requirements.
Septum piercing is associated with some pain but it is not that much agonizing to prevent you from having this beautiful incision on your septum. You will only feel a small hit in your nose that will make a tear to roll down your cheeks. The tear is not really because of pain. It is because of nervous response since the eye receptors are close to the nose. Therefore don’t get scared because of the tear.
After the piercing session you will experience septum piercing pain for the first 1 week. The pain will disappear up on healing. Your septum will take 5 to 8 month to heal completely but it becomes easy after a month.

Septum Piercing Aftercare

The aftercare that is done to your septum after piercing determines how long your septum will take to heal. Also it determines the life of your piercing. Therefore you are supposed to employ all the measure to ensure that your piercing is taken good care off.
2 to 3 days after piercing session your nose may become tender. Washing with septum piercing aftercare sea salt with warm water helps to relieve the pain. Apart from relieving the pain, sea salt also helps to fasten the healing process.
Avoid touching the piercing with dirty hand as they may cause contamination to the wound, also use a clean cotton wool while cleaning. Septum piercing requires a gentle compressing while cleaning. Rubbing the piercing with a cotton wool should be avoided as it may cause damage.
The pierced area will develop crusting’s. Crusts can harbor bacteria that may cause an infection. Use a clean cotton wool to remove them gently. Do the washing twice a day to completely remove the crusts. Avoid overdoing the cleaning as it causes the area to become too dry. Double check the piercing to ensure that there is no salt crystal that may have stacked on the piercing. A salt crystal can cause itching when left on the piercing.
Moving the septum piercing jewelry or changing it within the first month can cause damage to the piercing which leads to delayed healing or cause septum piercing rejection or migration. You are supposed to give it enough time to heal before changing the jewelry. A duration of 2 month after piercing is enough to change the jewelry.
Taking a balanced diet helps to supply your body with the necessary nutrients for proper healing of your piercing. Exercise yourself to ensure you have a good health. A good health helps to minimize rejection and migration of the jewelry.
Septum piercing aftercare tips are important since it has the following advantages:

  • The ideal aftercare practices ensures that the piercing heals on time.
  • It ensures that the pierced are is free from contaminations.
  • Prevents infections to the piercing.
  • It ensures a healthy long life of the piercing by preventing septum rejections and migrations.

Septum Piercing Dangers and risks

You may be planning to have your septum pierced but is it safe for you? Here are the dangers and risks associated with it.
As any other kind of body piercing there is pain, but for septum the pain is somehow manageable. You will notice tears in the eyes of the person being pierced, it is not necessarily because of the pain. The nose is located near the eyes and is due to the nervous response so don’t be scared of that. The pain varies in different people. Some will feel it so painful while others will have mild pains.
When a pierce is done, there is a wound that is left that can attract infections. People who suffers from severe allergies are at greater risk of infections. Sneezing and blowing the nose may be somehow unbearable when your septum is pierced. Also there is some presence of bacteria in the nose that can cause infection on the wound.

Septum Piercing FAQ-Septum Piercing Information

You may be planning to have your septum pierced and you are asking yourself the following questions.

Is it painful?

As you know, there is going to a breakage of the cartilage separating the two nostril, therefore it is associated with some pain but it is not that much agonizing. It is a process that is hurting but you can go through thatseptum piercing pain. You feels as if it is a small hit in your nose that causes your eye to water for few seconds. The pain may be less if the piercer is experienced.

Does it require aftercare?

Piercing causes a wound that needs to be taken care to avoid infection. You are supposed to avoid touching the area with contaminated hands. Leave it heel without disturbing it. You may be recommended to use sea salt based cleanser with warm water to clean the pierced area. It is advisable to leave the area heal with a jewelry but if you may want to remove it because of work or other reasons, soak in warm water before pulling out to avoid creating a new wound.

How long does it take to heal?

The healing duration differs from one person to the other. If the wound is not reinjured, the healing process can take six weeks. For faster healing you are not supposed to change the flip during the healing process and take care while taking off your clothes not to damage the pierced area.

When should one change the jewelry?

There are various types of jewelry in different designs made from various material ranging from gold, diamond, silver and other materials. You may be excited to get one for your septumbut how long should you take before changing? After two month, the piercing will have healed completely and you can change the jewelry.

Does the piercing stink?

The piercing does not necessarily stink when you take good care of it by washing it with warm water. It may produce some discharge around the piercing if it was done at a wrong sport by unexperienced piercer. Therefore ensure your septum is pierced by an experienced person.

Is it possible to hide?

You may not be willing people to know you have pierced your septum or your work may not be allowing that. This type of piercing is easy to hide. You can easily flip up theseptum piercing retainer inside your nose. Also you can chose a black septum retainer that is not easily noted when flipped up inside your nose.

Can one remove the piercing?

The good thing with a pierced septum is that it can get closed unlike to other types of body piercings. If you are not happy with it, you can simply remove the jewelry and then you leave it to close. It will take longer time to close if you also take longer time having a jewelry in it.

Is it scarring?

Aftergiving it enough time the scar disappears or it may not be visible. Since it is located under your nose, no one can be able to notice it.

Is it easy to enlarge my piercing?

Stretching your piercing to create a bigger hole for bigger jewelry can make your eyes to water. It is painful to force the cartilage to stretch. It is recommended that you ask your piercer to make the hole bigger rather than stretching it to enlarge.
Apart from the FAQ there is also other important information that you have to keep in mind when planning to have your septum pierced. You are supposed to research on the best piercing studios that has experienced piercers. Research on their work history how they have been performing their work.

Cleaning Septum Piercing

Cleaning is very important for a new septum piercing, cleaning helps to fasten the healing process. It also ensures that the wound is free from contaminations that may cause infections. You are supposed to clean the wound twice a day, in the morning and evening before going to bed. A dirty pierced septum can become itchy and painful. Cleaning removes the crusts that harbors infestation of bacteria.
Sea salt cleanser is commonly used when cleaning septum piercing. You take sea salt and warm water to make a solution, then you soak in a clean cotton wool for some time. Gently compress the wound with the cotton. Avoid rubbing the wound with the cotton as it may cause damage to the wound. Also you are not supposed to touch the wound with hands as it may cause infection.
Remove the crust that may have been formed on top of the wound. You can then dry the area using a soft tissue paper. This cleaning procedure is supposed to be repeated daily until the wound heals. Avoid moving the septum piercing jewelry while cleaning, it can cause bleeding of the wound.

Septum Piercing Aftercare Instructions

Septum aftercare instructions is important in helping you to know what to do while cleaning the wound. It helps you to avoid the accidents that you could have done to the affected area. They also make you aware of the different ways that can cause infections to the wound while cleaning. They include the following:
Wash your hands well with a soap before touching the piercing.
Avoid unnecessary touching to the piercing as it may cause contaminations. You are supposed to touch the piercing while cleaning alone.

  • Clean your piercing on a daily basis. Dirty pierce can become uncomfortable and itchy also it can develop an infection.
  • Use a clean disposable tissue to dry the piercing. Towels are not recommended since they may be harboring bacteria.
  • Avoid rotating the jewelry while cleaning, this may delay the healing process or cause damage to the piercing.
  • Do not over clean the piercing.
  • Stay healthy by; avoiding contaminations, taking a balanced diet, exercising and ensuring that your body is hydrated.
  • Make yourself clean by taking shower.
  • Ensure your clothing’s and beddings are clean and free from contaminations.
  • Avoid alcohol until the piercing heals. Alcohol causes inflation in the nose that may delay the healing process.
  • Do not change your septum piercing jewelry before the piercing is completely healed.

Septum Piercing Pain

All body piercings are painful therefore septum piercing is not an exceptional. The pain is not that much agonizing, its pain that an adult person can tolerate. The pain also differs from one person to another, everybody has his or her own experience after the piercing session.
You simply feel as if it is a small hit in your nose that causes your eyes to water for a second or you may feel a sneeze. The tear from your eyes is not necessarily due to pain. The nose are located near the eyes therefore it is due to the nervous response coordination with the eyes.
Your nose may become sore 1 week after the piercing session. This pain goes off when the healing process starts. You are supposed to take care when taking off your clothes, causing disturbance to the nose can cause pain. Also you are supposed to be gentle while touching or performing the septum piercing aftercare treatments to your septum. Careless cleaning can cause fresh pains to the wound.
Keep your nose away from contaminations after septum piercing. Touching the wound with contaminated hands can cause infections. Infected septum piercing causes pain. The presence of green or yellow discharge from the wound is an indication of an infection. Getting immediate treatment can help to minimize the pain resulting from an infection. Ensure that your nose are clean always.

Septum Piercing Price, Cost

How Much Are Septum Piercings. A septum pierce is commonly done using a needle unlike to other types of piercing such as the earlobe piercing, belly button piercing, tongue piercing and other body piercings that are done using machine.
This type of nose piercing is rare compared to other types of nose piercing since it involves piercing through the wall that separates the two nostrils.
The price of piercing through the septum is a bit expensive compared to the other types of nose piercings such as nostril piercing and surface piercing. Generally, the septum piercing price range is between 50 dollars to 80 dollars. However this price can be higher if the jewelry price is included. Piercing studios may charge you 20-40 dollar for the jewelry.
The price of septum pierce varies from one studio to the other and also from one region to the other. In developed regions, the piercing price is lower compared to the regions that are still developing.
However, if you are planning to have your septum pierced, there are some factors that determine the price. You may be required to pay less or more depending on the following factors:
The type of piercing studio. The piercing price varies with the type of studio. The studios that employ modern techniques and facilities are expensive. You may find studios that charge less but their level of cleanliness and facilities are below standards. You should avoid such studios because you can get infections.
Region. The urban areas charges less compared to the rural area because of competition from the piercers. The urban areas has more piercing studios than the rural areas. Also you may be required to pay more for transportation to travel from rural area to urban areas in search for a good piercing studio.
Discounts. Some piercing studios are offering discounts to their customers. You may be given a discount of 5% on the total price for other related body piercings like the nostril piercing or any other.
Skills of the piercer. More experienced piercers tends to charge more than others because they are efficient and their services has minimal or no dangers.
When budgeting for septum pierce cost, there are various things that you should consider before going for the procedure. They include the following:
The cost of piercing. The cost of piercing itself should top your list. The cost of piercing ranges from 50-80 dollars.
The cost of septum piercing jewelry. There are different types of jewels made from different materials in the market for a septum pierce. The gold septum jewelry are more expensive than the steel septum jewelry. The cost of jewelry is between 10-30 dollars.
The cost of the after care products such as the sea salt cleanser. After the piercing you may be recommended to use such products to faster healing and to avoid infections.
Therefore the total cost can be ranging from 100-120 dollars when all other expenses are included. After summing the price of piercing and the total costs incurred, you will get the estimated total on how much the septum pierce take.

Septum Piercing Healing

Septum piercing healing time differs from one person to another. Some people have a shorter healing time while others it may be delayed for some time. Septum piercing takes a duration of 6 to 8 month to heal completely, but you can get easy after 1 month. A good septum piercing aftercare is very essential for faster healing of the wound. Cleaning the wound with sea salt cleanser is recommended for faster healing of the wound.
Causing disturbances to your wound may delay the healing process. You are supposed to avoid unnecessary touches to the wound or if you have to touch, do it with a lot of gentleness. Ensure that your hand are clean before touching the wound.
Dirty hands can cause infection to the wound which may end up delaying the healing process. The presence of green or yellow discharge and bad smell from the wound can be a sign of infection. In case of an infection, visit your doctor for treatment. The earlier the treatment the better.
The healing process may be accompanied with some itches, therefore you are supposed to avoid scratching the area before it heals completely. Scratching can cause a new wound that may end up interfering with the healing process.
However the itching is supposed to be mild, chronic itches can be due to an infection, therefore you are supposed to be keen and observant to your wound.