How to Strengthen Nails, Naturally, Fast, Thick, Home Remedies After Acrylics and Shellac

Do your nails get broken or split easily? This article contain insights on how to strengthen nails fast after acrylics and shellac. You will also get enlightened on the use of home remedies and biotin to make the nails strong.

How to Strengthen Nails Fast

It is everybody’s wish to have strong, thick and healthy nails. But from the various activities we are doing and different health conditions, we end up having weak, cracking, splitting, and brittle, ragged and even painful nail cuticles. This condition can be very stressful especially when trying to have healthy nail.
There are various products that can make your nails harder, stronger, thicker, and even facilitate the growth. However, you need to be very careful when using such products. Some may contain chemicals that can be harmful to your nails. Here are some simple steps you can employ in strengthening your nails:

  1. Keep your nail cuticle moisturized all the time

The daily chores such as frequent washing and over-use of air conditioners may dry out your nail cuticle and also your skin. You should always keep a moisturizer in the desk of your work. Applying a moisturizer helps to strengthen your nails as well as keeping your skin cool.

  1. Trim your nails short

If you are having weak nails, consider trimming them off as you try the other practices of making them harder or stronger. It is not easy for a shorter nail to break since there are fewer edges are exposed. You should also be very careful when trimming the nails, small cuts on the soft tissues may lead to nail bed infection.

  1. Limit your nails from excessive water and dirty exposure

When practicing the various tips on how to strengthen nails, consider limiting your nails from dirty and water exposure. Wear gloves when gardening and washing dishes. Soaking your nails in a hot tub for long may cause excessive dehydration of the nail cuticle.

  1. Do not use your nails as tools

The nails may become prone to breakage, splitting or tearing if you have a habit of using your nails as tools in opening tops of soda cans. This habit may cause different nail problems including white spots on the nails as a result of minor injuries.

  1. Protect your nails when cleaning

Exposing your nails to chemicals and detergents when cleaning may weaken or damage them. Protect your nails by wearing gloves when handling chemicals and other detergents.

  1. Select a good nourishing base coat

There are various products formulated in treating and strengthening the nails. You are supposed to select the best nourishing base coat and apply before painting your nails. It helps to moisturize and fill the ridges in fingernails.

  1. Avoid frequent use of nail polish remover

Frequent use of nail polish remover can dry out your nails. When working on how to strengthen nails, make your manicure or pedicure to last longer to minimize the frequency of nail polish remover.

  1. Take a healthy diet

The type of diet you are taking affects the health of your body. Diet affects the appearance of your skin, hair and nails. When there is deficiency of certain nutrients in your body such as proteins and calcium, you may end up having various nail problems like brittle and yellow toenails among other conditions.
Your diet should include plenty of vegetables and fruits, proteins and healthy fats. You should not forget to take plenty of water. When your body is hydrated throughout the day, you are also guaranteed of a healthy skin, nails and hair. Take at least 8 glasses of water a day.

How to Strengthen Nails Home Remedies

Having healthy, shining and well-shaped of your nails enhances the beauty of your hands and feet. All most everybody is struggling with different treatments and practices that can make his or her nails strong, long and healthy.
There are various potential natural cures that are not only inexpensive but also has the potential of showing positive results. Why should you spend more on products that may came with some side effects when you can achieve your dream of having strong nails by using the following home remedies:

  • Mixture of lemon juice and olive oil

Lemon juice and olive oil are widely used as beauty ingredients in treating various skin conditions. This two ingredients also has the ability to strengthen your nails. When applied on the nails, the olive oil penetrates into the cuticle to strengthen the nail.
On the other hand, lemon repairs the peeling nails as well as removing the yellow and other stains that are caused by infections or nail polish. To use this remedy, you simply mix 6 tablespoon of olive oil and 2 table of lemon juice to make enough solution for both finger nails and toenails.
Using a microwave, heat the mixture to become slightly warm. Soak your nails in the mixture for at least 20 minutes daily. Leave it on the nails for an overnight before rinsing or washing it away in the morning.

  • Coconut oil

Coconut oil is also effective on how to strengthen nails and make them grow. It contains saturated fats that is a good moisturizer for weak and brittle nails. It also penetrates the cuticle to moisturize and repair dry tissues. This natural oil also has the ability to prevent different nail infections such as fungus.
Warm 2 teaspoon of coconut oil and apply directly to each nail. Using one finger, massage the oil on the nail plate and on the surrounding tissues. Be gentle while massaging. This helps to improve the circulation of blood in the nail. Apply this remedy 2-3 times a day.

  • Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an affordable remedy that can be used to strengthen nails naturally. Apart from strengthening weak nails, it contains various properties for skin and hair care.  Organic apple cider vinegar contains various nutrients and minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamins and acids that are beneficial for healthy nail growth.
This remedy is effective when you mix equal quantities or organic apple cider vinegar and water. Soak your nails in the solution for at least 20 minutes. When done, massage the areas around the nail while trying to push down the cuticle.  Apply this remedy daily until your nails become strong.

  • Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is very effective in strengthening brittle nails especially those that are damaged with a fungal infection. It is a strong natural antiseptic that is powerful in treating different infection. When applied on the nails, it also helps in bleach nail discoloration to restore the normal color.
You simply mix 1 teaspoon of vitamin E oil and 2-3 drops of tea tree oil. Apply the mixture on the nails. Gently and thoroughly, massage the solution on the nails and the areas around. Leave it to penetrate the nail for 30 minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. Do this twice daily until you achieve the best results.

  • Sea salt

Sea salt works best on how to strengthen nails fast. It contains various minerals that is helpful to your nails. Apart from strengthening brittle nails it also softens the cuticles as well as enhancing a brilliant shine to the nails.
Using a bowl or container, mix 2 tablespoon of sea salt in a cup of warm water. Add 3 drops of wheat germ oil and lemon essential oil. Soak your fingernails and toenails in the solution for 20 minutes. When done, use a paper towel to dry them and apply a moisturizer. Do this for 3 times a week for best results.

  • Egg yolk and milk

Weak and brittle nails results from deficiencies of certain nutrients that include protein and calcium. The egg yolk and milk are the great source of the above nutrients. Calcium and proteins helps to fortify the nails.
Although the mixture of egg and milk may not be appealing to some people but it has a grate results when it comes to strengthening brittle nails. It is a grate moisturizer to the nail cuticle and also prevents peeling of the nails. It make your nails whiter by removing the stain.
Mix an egg yolk with 3 tablespoon of milk and stir well. Soak your nails in the mixture for 20 minutes. Massage the nail plate and the area around. When done, rinse your nails with warm water. Apply this remedy 3-4 times a week for best results.

  • Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E oil is effective on how to strengthen nails DIY.  This natural vitamin makes a way into DIY home remedies. It is effective in giving the skin a lighter tone and making the hair to grow thicker and stronger.
Inadequate moisture in the nails is the major cause of brittle nails. Vitamin E oil works by moisturizing and hydrating the nails. This helps to keep the nail cuticle nourished and healthy. You simply extract some oil from Vitamin E capsules. Coat the nail with the oil daily and leave it for overnight.

  • Green tea

This is also an effective remedy for strong, longer and healthier nails. It contain antioxidants that helps in strengthening nails. It also restores the shiny pink color of the nails by getting rid of yellow discolorations and other stains on the nails.
You simply make a cup of green tea and allow it to cool. Soak your nails in the solution for 20 minutes. Repeat this remedy twice daily until you achieve the best results. Am sure it won’t disappoint you.

How to Strengthen Nails After Acrylics and Shellac

A change in career or lifestyle may prompt you to go back to your natural nails from acrylics and shellac. Having a healthy nails after acrylics may be a challenge unless you give them the required treatment and care. The artificial nails may give you a pretty look but they have negative effects on the nail bed.
You may end up having weak, brittle, thin and splitting nails after wearing artificial acrylic nails for long. The various chemicals used in acrylic nail application that may damage the underlying nail. They can even cause fingernail and toenail falling off. The following steps will help to strengthen your nails back:

  1. Removing the acrylics or shellac

The first action to take is to remove the acrylic or the shellac. This procedure can be done while at home with the help of pure acetone or professionally. You may opt for professional removal of the artificial nails to minimize the chances of damaging your natural nail.

  1. Visit your manicurist weekly

Although weekly manicure may be expensive but you just have to spend in order to restore the health of your nails. After removing the acrylic your nails usually appears stunted. It requires regular stimulations to promote circulation of blood, oxygen and for growth.
You may also opt for at-home remedy. This is simply done by soaking the affected nails in warm water for 15 minutes. When done apply moisturizer on the nail and areas around and massage gently and thoroughly. Repeat the procedure daily until your nails recovers.

  1. Trim the nails short

Trimming is effective on how to strengthen nails. You are supposed to concentrate on making the nail healthy and thickened rather than making a thin nail longer. Trim the nail across and use a nail file to smoothen the sharp edges. Remember to be gentle.

  1. Apply a moisturizer

The nail is always dry after removal of the acrylics. Use Vitamin E oil to massage on the cuticle and nail plate. This natural oil contains various nutrients that are essential for a healthy growth of the nail.

  1. Apply nail strengthening products

Consider using nail care products that has strengthening properties. You are supposed to apply the product after every three days until the nails restores to their normal health.

  1. Avoid nail polish

You can still paint your nails but it can be better if you can keep them free from chemicals during this recovery time. If it is a must you have to paint your nails, then consider painting one week on and the other week off.

  1. Treat infections

The separation of acrylic nail from the bed can cause an ample breeding ground for nail fungus or bacteria. Consider home remedies for toenail fungus in treating the infection. If the infection is severe, visit your podiatrist right away.

How to Use Biotin to Strengthen Nails

Weak, thin and brittle nails are believed to be caused by dehydration and dryness of the protein keratin with is found in the nails. Biotin is proved to be effective on how to strengthen nails as well as for skin care and hair growth.
Biotin is found in the natural foot that we take and can also be found in supplements that contains high levels. The following steps will guide you on the use of biotin to strengthen nails:

  • Step 1. Include foods that are rich in biotin in your daily diet. Such food includes: liver, egg yolk, yeast, whole grains and cereals, milk, fish, peanut butter, lentils, bananas, cauliflower, mushrooms and soybeans.
  • Step 2. Take biotin supplements if your nails fails to show improvements for 2 weeks after incorporating biotin rich food in your diet. The supplements are available different doses of 10, 50, 100, and even 1000mcg. Consult your doctor for correct biotin dosage.

Thick Toenails

Your toenail becomes thickened as you grow older, but you can also experience this condition at any age. Toenail injury or infection is the main causes of thick toenail among the young people.
The major trauma on the toenail can cause thickening. For instance, when your toenail is caught in a closing door or hammering your nail may cause it to thicken as it tries to recover from the trauma. Other minor injuries caused by ill-fitting shoes may also exert pressure on the toenail which results to thickening.
Toenail thickening can also be caused by a fungal infection. It is usually accompanied with other symptoms such as yellow or brown toenails, foul smell and presence of discharge from the nail. Thick toe nail is difficult to cut and may also increase the chances of infection.
You can prevent thick toenails by keeping your nails short, avoiding ill-fitting shoes, having a good hygiene of the foot, preventing sharp edges by filling and applying various remedies and treatments on how to strengthen nails.