Apple Cider Vinegar for UTI: Pain, Bladder, and Coconut, Urination, Fast

Are baths good for UTI? How do you make urinary tract infection go away? Can you take a bath if you have a UTI? How can you get rid of a bladder infection? Get more insight about how white vinegar work, pain and irritation caused by UTI, Braggs and use of home remedies.

Urinary Tract Infection Meaning

This is an infection that affects both men and women. Treatment of the infection is quite easy but in cases of a serious infection, it may require hospitalization. Do you know a person can use apple cider vinegar for UTI?

Urinary tract infection is caused by bacteria in the bowel. Most urinary tract infections are caused by bacterium Escherichia coli. Some of the major microorganisms such as Mycoplasma and Chlamydia affect the urethra and reproductive system but not the bladder.
However, there are several ways on how to inhibit entry of bacteria causing UTI in the body. The point at which the ureters connect to the bladder to act as a one-way valve to prevent the urine from backing up from the kidney.
Despite these measures, even people with strong immune system get UTI since some of the bacteria get attached to the wall of the urinary lining causing the infection. Therefore, in serious cases, it is recommended to consult a medical specialist for better or proper treatment.

White Vinegar for UTI

The recent research shows that intake of white vinegar into the body is quite beneficial since it helps in maintaining a bit of acidic environment. According to Dr. Earl Mindell’s Amazing Apple Cider Vinegar, the acidic environment prevents the growth of UTI causing bacteria.
Also, it is recommended to stop using apple cider vinegar once the infection is more serious in the tract since the bacteria attach to the lining of the bladder, which leaves the tissues inflamed. The acidity of the vinegar increases the acidity of the urine and in the process, it may increase the chance of getting bladder cancer.
Acidic urine as it passes through the tract, it increases burning sensation and in the process leading to some discomfort. Therefore, at this stage, it is recommended to consult a specialist.
The following are some of the positive effects of the apple cider vinegar when it is used for the treatment of UTI. The effects include:

  1. It fights against infection-causing organisms

The content of vinegar is an indication of the presence of acetic acid which is said to be a weak acid. The acidic environment reduces the growth of infection-causing bacteria in the tract. The acetic acid has the properties of being antibacterial in nature and in the process helps in controlling the growth of E. coli, which is one of the most common bacteria causing UTI.
The acidic content in the vinegar has the ability to block the synthesis of essential nutrients in bacteria and reduces the growth of the disease enhanced by the bacteria.

  1. It blocks inflammation

The bacteria causing the infection have the ability of increased inflammation in the tract. The vinegar works by reducing the level of the production of inflammation in the body. Also, the cider vinegar is rich in chlorogenic acid which is an anti-inflammatory compound.
The anti-inflammatory compounds have the ability to reduce the level of an inflammation-causing substance such as inflammatory cytokines, interleukins, and cyclooxygenases in the body.

  1. It reduces oxidative stress

White vinegar has the ability to reduce the amount of oxidative stress in the body and in the process helps in healing the infection in the urinary tract. The research shows that an increase in a number of oxidative stress results of infections that weaken the immune system and exaggerates the infections.
The presence of chlorogenic acid which is the constituents of apple cider vinegar work as potent antioxidants that help reduce the amount of oxidative stress in the body.

  1. It promotes growth of good bacteria

The overgrowth of bad bacteria in the body results in Urinary Tract Infection. This is one of those infections that sprout when the growth of bad bacteria is more than that of the good or probiotic bacteria.
Therefore, consumption of apple cider vinegar is healthy for the growth of good bacteria in the body. The vinegar has pectin which scientifically promotes the growth of good bacteria in the body.

  1. Digestive aid

Individuals with a problem of digestive system, it is recommended to consume apple cider vinegar to improve the situation in the body. It is also quite beneficial for the health of the urinary tract because it is also a part of the digestive system. The stomach is healed due to the antibiotic and antiseptic properties of apple cider vinegar.

  1. Weight loss

According to the recent studies, the presence of acetic acid in the vinegar helps to reduce fat accumulation in the body and also makes someone fuller and in the process eats less.
Loss of weight leads to proper digestion and in the process, it improves the health condition of the urinary tract functioning.

  1. Reduces bloating

The presence of acidic content in the apple vinegar helps in improving the level of digestion of the food and moves it into the stomach through the small intestines. This makes the whole digestion process quite easy.
Slow digestion can cause acid reflux, so a burning sensation that occurs in your stomach with the consumption of acetic acid, allows the food to be absorbed quite easily. It also gives you a feeling of fullness and keeps you satisfied for long durations of time.

  1. It cleans the food

The apple cider vinegar has the ability of cleaning foods like fruits and vegetables which are the best property as far as the urinary tract is the concern since most of the infections are caused by unclean and unhygienic foods.

  1. Boosts the overall energy

It can also be related as a positive effect on urinary tract infection because when a person feels high energy or a good energy level, the disease-causing organisms in the body are killed because the white blood cells become quite effective against pathogens.
This can be quite beneficial for the urinary tract as most of the pathogens are killed beforehand and the risk of infections become minute.

Apple Cider Vinegar for UTI Pain

This is a type of infection in the urinary tract that develops more frequently than any other form of infection and it is quite rampant in women than men. Since the ancient period, many people treat this form of pain caused by UTI using apple cider vinegar.

Consumption of apple cider vinegar on a daily basis aids the urinary tract to be slightly acidic to inhibit the growth of bacteria causing the infection.  Pain is one of the symptoms that have been relieved by intake of the apple cider vinegar.
Other symptoms that can also be alleviated with drinking of the apple cider vinegar are discolored or odorous urine, a burning or tingling sensation during urination, a frequent urge to void and rectal pressure.
According to the studies undertaken by Dr. Marianne Legato, a professor at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, when the body has been succumbing to the infection, it is advisable to stop drinking the apple cider vinegar since it could result in a more serious condition.
Consult the health care provider when the situation is that serious for proper treatment and also adopt other measures such as voiding regularly to prevent bacteria accumulation, wiping from front to back, using cotton-lined panties, urinating after sexual relations and drinking plenty of water.

Apple Cider Vinegar UTI Bath

Individuals with UTI are recommended to take a 20 minute warm or hot bath. Add a cup of organic apple cider vinegar to the bathtub. Sit up in the tub with the knees up and apart in order to allow entry of the vinegar into the affected area in the urethra.
Adding few cloves of freshly crushed garlic to the apple cider vinegar bath will help kill the bacteria. This study says apple cider vinegar can help kill the bacteria, E. Coli.  In addition, E. Coli. is one of the most common causes of UTIs.

Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar and UTI

Apple Cider Vinegar is known for its many health benefits including providing relief from water infections including cystitis. It is acidic and will help to restore your PH balance in the bladder and make the urine less alkaline curbing bacteria from growing inside the urinary tract system.
Unlike many shops bought kinds of vinegar which have been overheated and over processed, natural apple cider vinegar contains essential enzymes, minerals, and nutrients. Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar also naturally includes anti-bacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties.

Apple Cider Vinegar Bladder Irritation

The common causes of the infection that result in the bladder irritation include:

  1. Toilet Hygiene

This is especially common amongst women, as they have a shorter urethra than men and a woman’s urethra is situated relatively close to their back passage. Women and girls must always wipe themselves from front to back.

  1. Stress

Stress results initially in the excess, and eventually in a diminished production of hormones (especially cortisol) which reduce circulating white blood cell counts and contribute to the susceptibility to infection.

  1. Pregnant Women

Pregnant women may be found to be more susceptible to infection because of hormonal changes resulting in dilation and reduction in tone of the ureters. The pressure of the uterus on the bladder and local congestion of the veins and pressure may also be factors in cystitis in pregnancy.

  1. Venereal Disease

Gonorrhoea and chlamydia infections may cause symptoms similar to cystitis. In addition, there is usually a vaginal discharge, bleeding after sexual intercourse and an inflamed cervix. Cystitis-like symptoms among young sexually active men may be caused by venereal diseases.

  1. Contact Dermatitis

This is a less common and easily overlooked cause of a urinary tract infection. Those using a deodorant or other potentially irritating personal care product around their genitals may develop cystitis-like symptoms.
Note: The use of apple cider vinegar can help ease or alleviate all the symptoms associated with urinary tract infection but it is recommended to visit the nearest health care for immediate treatment.

Coconut Oil for UTI

Urinary tract infection is an infection that is said to affect women once in their lifetime as compared to men. The infection according to the is marked by the urge to urinate more frequently, cloudy urine, and abdominal pain.
There are some medical researchers done by Coconut Oil Central that show that coconut oil is rich in medium chain fatty acids, which fight bacteria. Consumption of coconut oil helps to protect the kidneys and bladder from infection due to its antimicrobial benefits.
The research further recommends that this method of treatment of a UTI may or may not be helpful in reducing the symptoms. In cases where a person notices urine has a pink or brown coloration or experiences severe abdominal pain, it is recommended to contact the doctor.

Apple Cider Vinegar Frequent Urination

The recent studies show that modern women experience overactive Bladder Syndrome that makes them have the urge to pee frequently. The condition happens due to the intake of plenty of caffeinated beverages like sodas and energy drinks.

Also the other common cause of frequent urination is due to the infection of the urinary tract. The infection is caused by bacteria that invade the urethra, kidney and the urinary tract and this will result in frequent urination.
The patient suffering from diabetes is likely also to experience the frequent urge of urination since the body is unable to control the amount of insulin. It is recommended to consult a medical doctor for treatment.
However, those individuals using apple cider vinegar that concentrated or too much are also likely to experience frequent urination. When UTI is more serious, it is recommended to visit the nearest healthcare for treatment.

How to Cure A UTI At Home Fast

These remedies include:

  1. Blueberries

The juices from blueberries have bacteria-inhibiting properties that can help in the treatment of UTIs. The antioxidants present in blueberries are good for the immune system, and they prevent the growth of bacteria that cause UTIs.
What to do

  • Add some fresh blueberries to cereal and have it for breakfast.
  • Make a fresh blueberry juice have it daily, in the morning and at night for quick results. Do not add any artificial sweetener to the juice.
  1. Tea Tree Oil

It has antibacterial properties to help fight the bacteria that cause bladder infections like UTIs.
What to do
Mix 10 drops of tea tree oil in the bath water and uses this water to wash the urethra opening.

  1. Baking Soda

It has the ability to raise the acidic-base balance of acidic urine and gives an individual a relief from the pain. Neutralizing the acidity in the urine also will help speed up recovery. Simply add one teaspoon of baking soda to a glass of water and drink it once or twice a day.

  1. Cranberry Juice

It has certain compounds such as proanthocyanidins that are said to be found in the cranberry to help in preventing bacteria from reaching the walls of the urethra and causing UTIs. Cranberry juice also has a very mild antibiotic effect.
What to do

  • Drinking half a glass of cranberry juice daily is one of the easiest ways to prevent urinary tract infections.
  • Those suffering from a UTI should drink about three to four glasses of cranberry juice daily to prevent the infection from causing damage to the kidneys.
  1. Indian Gooseberry (Amla)

It is rich in vitamin C which in turn inhibits the growth of bacteria. There are other types of fruits that are also rich in vitamin C, some of them include; lemons, oranges, bananas, guava, kiwi, melon, raspberries, tomatoes, and papaya.
What to do

  • Take a cup of water.
  • Add one teaspoon of Indian gooseberry (amla) powder and one teaspoon of turmeric powder.
  • Boil the solution until half the water evaporates.
  • Drink the residue three times a day for three to five days.
  1. Pineapple

It has a certain enzyme known as Bromelain which as the ability to be anti-inflammatory that may reduce UTI symptoms. Along with the pineapple, also take the antibiotics prescribed by your doctor to quickly get rid of this kind of infection.

  1. Uva Ursi

It is an herb that contains a number of substances that help fight infections, including UTIs. The herb contains several chemicals with antiseptic properties.

  1. Hot Water Compresses

The pain caused by the infection can be relieved by the use of hot water compresses will help minimize bladder pressure. It also has the ability to decrease the inflammation and helps prevent the growth of the bacteria that causes the infection.
What to do

  • Put some hot water in a flexible water bottle. Place the hot water bottle on your lower abdomen for a few minutes.
  • You can also place a heating pad on the lower abdominal area to get relief from the pain.
  1. Drinking plenty of water

Intake of plenty of water is advisable to those individuals suffering from urinary tract infection. Try to drink at least eight to 10 glasses of water daily. By drinking more water, the patient will urinate more often, which is essential for dealing with this kind of infection.