Pimple like Bumps on Buttocks: Causes of Itchy Butt Breakouts, Treatment

Pimples on the buttocks is sometimes referred to as “butt-ne” and are skin infections usually bacteria that start deep inside the skin then progress to nearby skin cells. Build-up of inflammatory cells and oil [sebum] from the sebaceous gland causes a pimple to form. The process can involve a single follicle or several at once. So what exactly causes itchy butt breakouts? And how can butt breakouts be treated? Below is an insight:

What Causes Bumps on the Buttocks

  1. Folliculitis

This is a condition experienced when hair follicles are inflamed. It can be due to friction resulting from putting on very tight clothes or even be triggered by certain infections.
Folliculitis is mostly found on the skin surface and it manifests itself as shallow little bumps filled with pus. This condition is characterized by small red bumps or whiteheads on the affected area- [back, face, chest, scalp, buttocks and legs].
More often, folliculitis will tend to be very itchy or irritating other than being painful.  According  to webmd  when follicullitis affects the buttocks it manifest as pinpoint red bumps and each bump having a small dot of pus at the top.

  1. Sweat

Excessive sweating results to a type of acne known as pityrosporum folliculitis which is occasionally triggered by sweating especially during hot and humid climate.
In addition, overworking your body or undertaking intense body exercise can also be a reason for this kind of acne. According to  Dr. Bowe on Health.com “You should note that sweat-dirt that accumulate on your moist skin after undertaking an exercise could lead to skin irritation and pores being clogged thus resulting to acne”. He also note that butt acne breakout for this case can spread out to your inner thighs.

  1. Bacterial infections 

In situations where bacterial infection is the cause of acne, some persons will develop infected pimples that usually appear to be pus-filled, sore or lesions on the buttocks. They can also manifest themselves as white-headed zits or white bumps. The American Sexual Health Association in one of their publication notes that, “If in any way you develop clusters of pimples and sores on your buttocks, this can be an indication of bacterial infection”.
When bumps are due to bacterial infections they can sometimes grow large or big and ooze pus and they won’t heal faster. If this is the case, then you need to visit your doctor immediately, because it might be a type of staph infection known as MRSA. MRSA is always a serious infection that normally eats away the skin leaving behind severe scars and depressions.

  1. Hormonal imbalance in the body

In women butt acne may be due to hormonal changes they experience during pregnancy, after giving birth and before periods or during menstruation.
During these this stages, the hormonal changes and imbalances can trigger excess production of oil that may influence the dead skin cells to be sticky.  This could lead to pores being clogged leading breakouts on any parts of the body.
Also in teenagers during puberty stage, there are a lot of hormonal changes in the body hence resulting to acne breakouts to any part of the body including buttocks.

  1. Shaving and waxing

If you Shave your buttocks or wax them you are potentially likely to get razor bumps on your buttocks. These may appear as red raised bumps that later turn into white pimples on the buttocks.
Shaving and waxing can result to ingrown hairs-(hairs that curl back into the skin instead of growing out) which may erupt into pimple-like bumps on the buttocks. The pimples like bumps also cause irritation within the skin.

  1. Sitting or cycling for long

Sitting for long results to too much pressure on the butt cheeks, this reduces the circulation of air on the skin a factor that encourages multiplication of anaerobic bacteria which in turn cause pimples on buttocks.
Cycling for long results to excessive sweating of the body including buttocks, sweat dirt clog the pores of the butt skin, resulting to irritation and hence rashes begin to form on the buttock cheeks.

  1. Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes is known to cause some skin disorders and complications. Pimples present on the buttocks and other parts of the body such as legs, face and inner thighs could be a result of diabetes.
According to Dr. Cynthia Baily, a Dermatologist based in California, “Individuals that have diabetes are more susceptible to skin problems such as diabetic rash, sore and blisters. They also tend to be more prone to bacterial skin infections such as zits, boils, bumps on the buttocks, nail infections among others.”
She also note that diabetes results to dry skin, a factor that lead to inflammation, scratching and formation of red bumps on the buttocks.

Are bumps on the buttock a sign of std

According to Physicians Research Network, many sexually transmitted diseases have a correlation with bumps on your buttocks and bikini areas. Many researches have proved that a HIV positive patient is highly likely to develop swollen folliculitis papules as well as itchy red papules on their skin.
Herpes is another STDs that is known to cause bumps on the buttocks. These bumps, boils or blisters on buttocks may crust over to form scabs. Normally these scabs can easily be confused with pimple scabs that are sometimes present in the genital area. Herpes is caused by herpes simplex 1 or 2 [ HSV-1 and HSV-2] virus.
However, it is important to note that presence of pimples on the buttocks does not necessarily mean that one is suffering from HIV. Many other STDs such as gonorrhea, syphilis and candidiasis can result to pimples on the buttocks.

How to get rid of Bumps on the Buttocks

Consider the following remedies:
Antiviral medications are used to manage and ease genital bumps from herpes and HIV. These are used most commonly when the affected person is suffering from a primary HSV attacks. Aciclovir is one of the most commonly prescribed medications for treating genital herpes.

  • Aciclovir slows down the multiplication effect of the virus.
  • Other medications used to treat genital herpes include famciclovir and valaciclovir.
  • If you have sores on the buttocks from a herpes infection, apply petroleum jelly such as Vaseline to prevent dry scabs and bleeding.

Coconut oil is infused with antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal ingredients to get rid of stubborn acne. The painful zits and pimple on the buttock if left unattended to could lead to fungal infections. However, coconut oil is very effective in getting rid of them.

  • Apply coconut oil on the affected area and rub gently for 10 minutes.
  • Repeat this process twice a day for 1 week, to get rid of stubborn bumps on the buttocks

Apple cider vinegar is enriched with vitamin C and other anti-bacterial properties, this makes it effective to get rid of bumps on the buttocks.

  • You can apply evenly all over your buttocks using cotton ball.
  • Wash it off after 60 minutes with cold water.
  • Do not pop or scratch your acne pimple or zits on buttocks for this can aggravate the problem. Let the acne soak, Vitamin C and this will help in unclogging the pores.

The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties loaded in turmeric powder works effectively to get rid of itching, painful acne and pimples on buttocks. Lemon juice contains Vitamin C which will help revitalize the skin and unclog the pores.

Make a thick paste of the turmeric powder, lemon juice and a bit of water to intensify the mixture.

  • Apply it evenly on your buttocks and rub consistently and gently for 10 minutes.
  • Rinse it off with distilled water.
  • Repeat this process twice a day for 2 weeks for effective results.

Natural honey is an excellent cure to many skin problems including butt pimples. Honey contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that help to fight bacterial causing acne. Also, its medicinal properties help to cure wounds. Hence, it is an effective remedy to cure butt pimples.
Baking soda is one of the best effective remedy for butt acne and pimples.

  • Prepare a thick paste out of the baking soda and water.
  • Keep this paste on the pimple and lie down on your belly.
  • Leave it to sit for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse it off.
  • Repeat this process twice a day for 1 week to get rid of bumps on your buttocks.

Application of acidic lemon juice (citric acid) kills the bacterial infestation in your butt acne. Once you apply the lemon juice, the thick oil from your acne spontaneously discharges as pus and blood.

  • Rub lemon juice on your buttocks bumps gently for 10 minute.
  • Let it sit for 20 minutes and rinse it off with distilled water.
  • Repeat this process twice a day for one week to get rid of bumps on your buttock.

Application of ice packs also kills the germs and relieves a lot of the pain from butt zits. You have to keep applying it once in a while, but also remember to try other remedies like lemon juice or turmeric. Turmeric paste possesses amazing anti inflammation properties. You can buy turmeric ointments from local stores. Ice reduces the blood flow to the affected region and gets the swelling to cease.

  • One needs to prepare a paste of turmeric in water and apply it directly on the affected area. Mint juice can be used instead of cold water for further cooling effect.
  • Allow the paste to dry for ten minutes and let it harden.
  • Wash it and repeat it periodically before you bathe.
  • You can also apply the paste before going to bed at night and let it act for a prolonged time.
  • Expect fast action with this highly effective remedy. Just like the ice reduces swelling, lukewarm water causes the pore to expand, making it easy for the clogged dirt to eject.

You should head on to the nude beach if you live anywhere nearby or use your courtyard or sunlit verandah to bask yourself in the sun. During this basking period avoid excess exposure as it can cause sunburns.
If you are worried about acne on your buttock then garlic is the solution you should look for. It is the best natural remedy for treating acne as it works as an antibacterial and antifungal agent.

  • You need to take a clove of garlic, peel off the outer skin, paste it properly and apply it on the affected area of your buttock.
  • Rinse it off with water after 30 to 35 minutes.
  • Repeat this procedure two times a day for few days to get rid of the acne.

If you want to get rid of butt acne then you should apply this remedy. Tea tree oil is an effective remedy for curing butt acne and is easily available in the market.

  • Take a cotton ball and soak it in warm water.
  • Add 4 to 6 drops of tea tree oil on it.
  • Now rub the cotton ball gently on the acne affected area of your butt.
  • Practice this method before going off to bed as it will help the skin to absorb the oil benefits overnight.
  • Repeat this process for 1 full week, for effective results.

Aloe Vera is known as a natural soothing agent for curing acne easily. You can simply heal the butt acne with the help of aloe vera. All you need to do is:

  • Take some aloe vera and rub it on the acne affected area.
  • Let it dry out completely so that the skin absorbs all its goodness.
  • Alternatively, you can buy natural aloe vera gel and apply it on the acne after you wash it with warm water. It helps in soothing the skin, reduces inflammation and heals effectively.


  • Keeping the skin disinfected and clean is one of the best remedy one can opt for curing butt acne. Don’t forget to use antiseptic on your buttock bump before going off to sleep. When you wake up in the morning, don’t forget to wash it and keep it clean for the rest of the day. This will help in keeping the skin disinfected as well as help your immune system fight infections.


  • Neem is considered as an ancient remedy for all kinds of skin infection. The antifungal and antiseptic properties present in neem oil helps in curing butt acne. Apply it on the acne affected area 5 to 6 times a day for effective results and faster healing.

Exfoliating the skin removes dead skin cells and clears away excess oil and dirt that clogs pores, causing bacterial infection in the pores. The infections erupt into bumps on buttocks and can be very uncomfortable. Below is how exfoliate your butt to get rid of bumps faster.

  • Take a long hot shower.
  • Soap up a washcloth
  • Gently scrub the skin on the buttocks to remove dead skin cells.
  • Rinse and repeat twice a week to prevent recurring bumps on your buttocks

You can also use a salicylic acid shower gel to aid the exfoliation process. When using salicylic acid avoid scrubbing too much. This can irritate the skin and cause a rash on the buttocks that can grow into larger pimples.

How to Prevent Butt Breakouts

As is always said that prevention is better than cure, below are 4 simple and effective ways of preventing butt breakouts:

  1. Avoid tight fitting clothes

Let the buttocks feel airy and breathe in loose comfortable light clothes preferably cotton or rayon. Soft silhouettes must be preferred especially during scorching summers and humid weather to avoid acne bump or acne pimple to occur.  You can also choose cotton underwear and ditch the nylon or fancy fabrics.
Also practice the following:

  • Does not stay with one dress or clothing from the time day start to the end; change it frequently to avoid sweating and clogging of pores.
  • Wearing cotton clothing is the best way to make your skin take breath.
  • Keep the affected area clean; clean it for three to four times a day.
  • Do not use cosmetics and sprays which may irritate you.
  1. Maintain hygiene

Maintaining hygiene is the best way to prevent outbreak of pimples and bumps on your buttocks. Bacteria being the main cause of pimple can be born and live on any medium. It grows fast by feeding on the sebum. Hence keeping clean and fresh helps to avoid bumps on the body.

  1. Undergarments care

What you wear matter big when it comes to skin problems. So always look for clean, neat and comfortable undergarments. Help your skin take breath by wearing the comfortable clothes rather than the tight and uneasy ones.

  1. Acne combating ingredients

Use the products that have constituents of Benzoyl-peroxide to cure the butt pimple. Also try using the salicyclic acid which is renowned to fight bacteria causing butt pimples. Salicyclic acid reduces inflammation, exfoliates the skin and there by gives you best results.