How Long Does Botox last, Before and After Pictures

Is biotin permanent? There are various factors that dictates on how long Botox last? In the article, explore more on the how biotin is made, what its used for, how it work and its alternatives.

How Long Does Botox last?

Botox does not last permanent, there are different factors that determines the length of its effectiveness. Its effectiveness length varies from person to the other. The maximum length ranges from 2 to 6 moth while the average length is 3 to 4 month. According to real self

Production of body receptors and neurotransmitters determines how long Botox does last for frown lines. This injection works by binding the receptors irreversibly and since your body produces daily new receptors and neurotransmitters, its effectiveness goes away after some time ranging from 2 to 6 month.

The skills and experience of the injector also plays an important role. The Botox length is determined by the art of your dermatologist in administering the injection.  The effectiveness of injection lasts longer when performed by experienced plastic surgeon who understands the anatomy of the muscles on face.

Medical practitioner nurses can administer the injection well after long term experience or under close supervision by the doctor. You should consider getting yourself skilled and experienced doctor to perform your injection successfully.

Botox is a labile protein, therefore its storage and the way it is handled determines the length of its effectiveness. Excessive exposure to heat and agitations can reduce its effectiveness length. It is therefore recommended to stay under low temperatures in a refrigerator.

Time can also affect its efficiency, long storage over the weekends can reduce its efficiency length to the patience who attend the clinics on Mondays. Always insist on fresh botulin for its efficiency and to avoid some of the side effects of Botox.
The strength of the muscles also determines effectiveness length of this anti-aging injection. Men and women with strong muscles between their eyebrows and heavier frown lines takes laser time for the muscles to return quicker as compared to those with less muscles and frown lines. The effect may last only for 2 to 3 month.

The result of this injection depends on the number of units used. More unit can be injected on a regular lay for longer lasting results. Remember that it is the number of units and not the volume injected. It helps to have long lasting effects on the developed and young muscles that are being formed.

Many people wonders how long does Botox last the first time. The effect may only last for 2 month on the first use. You are supposed to go for a top up after this time elapses to prolong the results up to 4 -5 month. The first time users are recommended to have this injection after every 4 month for first 2 years in order to have long lasting results.
How long does Botox last for migraines? When this injection is used in treatment of a chronic headache, it only last for 3 month. Therefore, patients are recommended for this treatment after every three month.

What is Botox Made of and Come From

There are different rumors that are going around about what Botox is made or comes from. Some people think that it comes from a dangerous poison used in killing rats or it is a snake venom. The truth is that it does not come from any of the speculations.

Botox is a neurotoxic protein that is obtained in the laboratory whereby a certain bacteria known as clostridium botulinum is used in its production. It is manufactured for its medical, commercial and research purposes. It is produced in two main types, botulinum A and botulinum B.

An infection by this bacterium causes a dangerous disease known as botulism. Botulinum is very toxic but like any other medicine, the level of toxicity increases in high dosages. Therefore its low dosages are mainly used as medicine and for cosmetic purposes.

Botulinum toxins type A was certified by U.S Food and Drug Administration as a medicine in treatment of conditions such as chronic migraine, blepharospasm, focal syndrome and bruxism among others.

However, its overuse or wrong injections can spread to the adjacent muscles and other body parts causing symptoms similar to that of botulism poisoning. You need to be very careful when looking for an injector. Don’t just pay attention on how much is Botox injection. Your safety should come first.

What Does Botox do or used for?

Botox is mainly produced commercially for its medical, cosmetic and research uses.
Medical uses.
Botulinum toxins are used in treatment of different medical problems. It treats various diseases by weakening muscles temporarily. Mainly for a duration of 3 to 4 month. The patients are recommended for a regular treatments prior to this duration. Some of the medical problems that it control includes:

  • Chronic migraine. This is a condition that causes severe headache mostly on one side of the head. This medical problem can become life threatening if not controlled. Therefore how long does Botox last for such a condition? The injection is administered after every 3 month.
  • Severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis. This is a condition that causes excessive sweating of your body that can result to body dehydration.
  • Cervical This is a neuromuscular problems that affects neck and head muscles. Its main symptom is an abrupt shake of the head to one side.
  • Blepharospasm This is a problem that causes eye muscles to twitch uncontrollably.
  • A condition that causes improper eye alignment that results to crossed eyes.
  • Cerebral palsy. A condition that affects the muscle spasm in children.

Cosmetic benefits
An injection of botulinum toxins is used in treatment and prevention of frown lines and wrinkles by paralyzing the facial muscle temporarily. After the injection it only takes 3 to 4 days to see the results or sometime it can be delayed up to 2 weeks.
This anti-aging injection is mainly targeted in areas that develop fine and grown lines like the horizontal area of your forehead, glabella area, and cows’ feet around the eyes and on the lips. Its effectiveness can last for 2 to 6 month.

Biotin has also been used for treatment of hair loss and also for enhancing faster hair growth. Deficiency of biotin related vitamin in the body can lead to various skin problem and hair loss.
Research purposes
The scientists, higher school institutions and other organizations are using botulinum toxins in their scientific studies. In the year 1960s Alan Scott and Edward Schantz were the first to discover the therapeutic purposes of botulinum toxins. According to Wikipedia

How Does Botox Work in Cosmetic

Botox is used for treatment and prevention of the frown lines and wrinkles that appear between the eyebrows and on the horizontal area of the face. When it is injected to the affected area it prevents the nerve cells from sending signals to the muscles through the neurotransmitters.

This causes the muscles to leave without instructions to contract and hence, they become paralyzed temporarily. For the muscles to contract or shorten, the nerve cells have to release a neurotransmitter which attaches itself to the muscle receptors to cause a movement. Therefore this is how Botox work on forehead in controlling the wrinkles.

When the injection is administered, the effects may take 2 to 3 days to show the results or in some cases, it can take 1 to 2 weeks for the full results to be shown. From the Food and Drug Administration, there is no any approval on how any toxin should take to work but from the researches done, it takes a round 3 days for full results to be shown.

When the 3 days elapses without changes, you should consult your dermatologist to discuss on other alternatives you can use to fill the lines and wrinkles on your face.

When this injection is administered, the length on how it last is determined by your body and the injector. The effectiveness length varies from one person to the other. The maximum length ranges from 2-6 month and the average length is 2 to 3 month.

What is the Alternatives to Botox

There is no medical alternatives for Botox but there are products that can be used as its alternative cosmetics in treating and preventing frown lines and wrinkles. They can also be used together with Botox for better results.

Botox injection is used to prevent the frown lines that results from muscle contractions. But after this treatment, there might be some fine lines that may remain on your skin surface even when the muscle are at rest. Such lines are formed due to skin adhesion and the inner structures.

The alternatives can work best in treating and preventing such lines by softening and erasing them. A surgical procedure can be a good alternative for such lines than spending more on botulin and waiting for it to last before going for another injection.

There is other products alternatives that are waiting FDA approval to get in the U.S market such as Reloxin. It is currently being used in Europe as Dysport. It works as well as Botox in eliminating the fine and grown lines on the face.
Other products such as purex that is made from Botulinum toxin A and Myobloc that is made from Botulinum toxin B. that works as best alternatives but they are yet to get to the market.
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