What is Biotin Good for, Uses and Benefits in the Body

What is biotin for?  Does biotin work for skin, hair and weight loss? Get insights on the uses and benefits of biotin in the body for hair, nails, weight loss, acne and much more.

What is Biotin Good for?

Biotin is also referred to as vitamin H, it forms part of B complex vitamin. Biotin or Vitamin H plays a very big role in the body by breaking down carbohydrates into glucose which in the process produces energy that is essential for normal body functions.

Also it metabolizes proteins and fats in the body into smaller building blocks and energy. Along with providing the body with energy, biotin also improves the nervous system by maintaining proper function and improves the growth of the hair.
Your body has enough vitamin H, it only requires a minimum of 30 micrograms a day to maintain its balance. Your body may start showing deficiency symptoms of biotin like hair loss, scaly skin, dry eyes and cracking mouth when under some conditions. For example in pregnant women, when taking a diet that has very little vitamin B, alcoholics, addictive smokers and when you have liver diseases you may start showing the mentioned above symptoms.

Therefore when you are under such conditions, you are supposed to eat a diet that has vitamin H. Food stuffs such as green vegetables, Swiss chard, peanuts and fruits are rich in this meneral element.

How is biotin good for the skin?

What are the biotin benefits for skin? The deficiency of vitamin B or biotin in your body may cause many skin problems such as rashes, itchy skin, acne, dermatitis, dry skin and psoriasis. The skin care products contains some little oral supplements of vitamin B that helps in smoothing the skin. Vitamin B is also found in the common diet that we take.

What is biotin good for the hair growth?

Having a healthy and long hair is an essence of beauty in women. Most women around the world are using B vitamin to stimulate the growth of their hair but does biotin help hair growth? There is a strong evidence that support that deficiency of B vitamin in the body results in various hair problems such as hair thinning and retorted hair growth.

Despite having enough B vitamin in your body, you can still use hair products that has the supplement of these vitamin to stimulate faster growth and thicker hair and also to avoid hair loss and other related problems.

What is biotin good for nails care?

Vitamin H has a great importance to your nails, it help to thicken the cuticles of your nails making them strong hence avoiding nail breakage. The cases of vitamin H deficiency is rare but when your body has low levels of these vitamin it may lead to the breakages of your nails. Most nail care companies are including the biotin supplements into their products for healthy nails.

What is Biotin-Supplement Meaning

Biotin supplements are tablets or products that contain biotin or B vitamin. They are administered orally into your body or they can be applied directly to the skin. You are supposed to consult your doctor for correct prescription of the dosage of biotin to avoid overdose.

Biotin plays a very important role in your body. It helps to improve the healthy or condition of your skin, hair, nails, nervous system, digestive system and the metabolism of your body.

Biotin supplements are used as a treatment for various conditions like diabetes and kidney failure. When you are suffering from such conditions, your doctor may give you the biotin supplement or you may be required to buy them directly over the counter.

The  research have shown that when you combine biotin and chromium can be used to lower the blood sugar level for the people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes.

During pregnancy, you may suffer from deficiency of B vitamin because your needs more of these vitamins for proper embryonic development of the fetus, therefore you may be required to take biotin supplement to boost its level into your body.

Deficiency of these vitamin into your body may lead to various health problems like hair loss, scaly skin, dermatitis, depression and brittle nails. You are supposed to consult your doctor before taking vitamin H supplement during pregnancy to avoid overdose and other risks.

Though your body has sufficient vitamin H of 30micrograms a day, you may be required to take supplements in order to have healthy skin and hair. On the other hand, instead of taking biotin supplement you can take a diet that is rich in these vitamin such as the nuts and green vegetables.

Most hair and nail product companies are adding B vitamin supplements into their products for a healthy hair growth and nails.

Biotin supplements can be bought directly over the counter or you can get them fromhealth clinics. They are found in quantities of 5mcg, 10mcg, 50mcg, 100mcg and more. Before you start taking these supplements you are supposed to consult your health provider for proper dosage though the risks of overdose are not defined clearly.

Does Biotin Work?

Does biotin really work? A lot of research is being done to determine whether these type of vitamin do work.  Biotin forms part of vitamin B in your body. It is considered as an important element in your body. It plays a big role in transforming carbohydrates into energy that is required by your body. Also it converts the fats and proteins into smaller body building blocks. Along with providing the body with the necessary energy, vitamin H also aids in ensuring that the nervous system is functioning well.

Biotin also improves the structure of the skin, sufficient amount of these vitamins in your body boosts the keratin production in your body. Keratin is basic in the development of healthy skin, hair and nails. There is no enough research that support the fact that vitamin H improves the skin structure but there is a bold evidence showing that deficiency of these vitamin in your body leads into several skin problems such as dermatitis, rashes, itching skin and scaly skin.

Most people around the globe are also using the biotin supplements in improving the growth of their hair. More so the women have benefited from these vitamin by obtaining long and healthy hair. Biotin do improves the growth of facial hairs like the eye brows and eye lashes, it also helps in thickening your hair.  Not only the women have benefited from vitamin H but also men have benefited. These vitamins can also be used to solve the problem of patchy beards by stimulating the growth of uniform beards.

Deficiency or low levels of biotin in the body results into thinning or hair loss. When you start using vitamin H supplements products, your hair changes drastically. Your nails also benefits from the same. You will realize you have strong and shiny nails.

What is Biotin Used for In the Body?

Vitamin H or biotin forms part of B complex vitamin in your body. As you know B vitamin plays an important role in the human body by transforming the carbohydrates we eat into glucose which then releases the necessary energy that your body requires for its normal functions.

Vitamin B also plays a role in the body metabolism, it turns the fats and the proteins into smaller components that helps in building the body. Also it aids is ensuring that the nervous system functions well. As you read earlier, the cases of vitamin H deficiency is rare in your body but there is  some conditions where by your body can start showing some deficiency symptoms such as hair loss, dry or scaly skin, dry scalp, dry eyes, cracking of the mouth corners, dermatitis, brittle nails, depression, digestive problems among others. Such conditions are prevalent during  the following:

During pregnancy. When you are pregnant, your body requires more vitamin H during the embryonic development. During this time you may start experiencing some deficiency symptoms. You may be required to take some biotin supplements but you have to consult your doctor for proper dosage.

When taking antibiotics. Long-term use of antibiotics inhibits the absorption of vitamin H in the smaller intestines. People with disorders such as Crohn also experiences the problem of absorption of these vitamins.
Itis also believed that biotin is important into the body in the following ways;

Treatment of hair and nail problems
What is biotic good for hair and nails?  There is few evidence that support the importance of biotin to the nails and hair but there is concrete evidence that support its deficiency causes different hair and nail problems such as hair loss and breakage of nails. It is believed that Vitamin H helps in stimulating the growth of a healthy hair, it also aids in the growth of facial hair such as the eye lashes, eye brows and beards.

Skin conditioner.
Vitamin B helps your skin to be smooth and healthy. Deficiency of these vitamin in the body results into various skin problems such as scaly skin, dry skin and dermatitis.

Treatment of diabetes. From the recent research, it shows that the combination of vitamin H and chromium can be used to lower the blood sugar level of people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes. Victims who are suffering from such disorders are required to take biotin supplements to lower their blood sugar level.

The bottom line

Vitamin H is considered to be important for you since it has the following advantages to your body:

  • Healthy hair growth and nails
  • Improves skin health
  • It lowers your body cholesterol
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Lowers blood sugar level

Therefore, embrace diet rich in vitamin H to gain its full benefits to your body.