Itchy Armpits Causes: Yeast Infection, after Shaving, Cancer, Deodorant, Pregnancy

Itchy armpits can be very disturbing especially if it occurs with a rash. There are several reasons why you are going through an itchy feeling in your armpits. Usually, this condition does not cause much harm but at times it can be discomforting especially if it causes you want to scratch your underarm even when in a crowd of people. In this discussion, we are going to learn more about causes of itchy underarm, symptoms, treatments and some of the way you can clear the problem at home.

Itchy Armpits no Rash

It is common that when someone reaches the age of puberty, he or she will start growing hair in the armpit. The hair does not cause itching in the armpit but it exposes the area to some of the conditions that result in a rash that is accompanied by itching.
Your armpit is located directly below the shoulder joints and contains several blood vessels and lymph nodes along with hair follicles and sweat glands.
A number of people may think of armpits only when they want to shave their pubic hair or when applying a deodorant after taking a bathe. However, in this post we will shade some light on the actual condition that may occur in your armpit which is itching that may develop there.

Symptoms of itchy armpits

Itching in the armpit doesn’t happen as a normal cycle that is expected to occur after every given period. This is a condition which is facilitated by given issues that we will discuss here. However, this itching in the armpit is usually associated with other signs and symptoms depending on the severity of the problem. A number of these signs and symptoms that may occur in company with itching in the underarm include the following:

  • You may develop a rash in the armpit
  • The armpit area may change color to reddish
  • Swollen lymph nodes in the armpit
  • In severe cases head ache and fever

Itchy Armpits Causes

Itchy underarm is a problem that should never be ignored at any given time as it can result to a lot of pain and discomfort especially you are an outdoor person. Some of the underlying causes of this problem can develop into a serious condition that will need special medical attention. If you have itchy under arm, it is important to find out the condition behind it and learn on the best ways you can treat the problem before it gets worse.
It is important to know that sometimes when you experience itching in the armpit, it can actually be a symptom from an underlying condition in your body. There are many different factors that can result to itchiness in the armpit and it is good to know them before deciding on treatment that will be best for you.

  1. Yeast infection

This type of infection is very common in various parts of the body. often, human beings have a bit of Candida all over their body but when the immune system is good, it takes care of the health overall. If in case your immune system is compromised maybe due to poor nutrition, this is the time when yeast infection takes place and it may worsen by forming rashes. Apart from the armpits, Candida or yeast infection can also be seen in the groin area and mouth area.

  1. Eczema

This is an inflammation that takes place on the skin and it is often associated with scaling of the epithelial layer of the skin and also blisters. Eczema is as a result of a number of reasons but most of the time, it is caused by an irritation to the skin due to the oil overproduced from the glands, and this can cause itchy armpits too. Also, when your skin becomes too dry expect to be affected with Eczema although this is not the case when it comes to armpit area.

  1. Hidradentitis Supporativa

This condition is not common but people may know it due to its description of a reversed pimple. This condition may occur when your hair follicle is inflamed either due to bacterial infections or harsh environment. The cyst formed after this condition often occurs under the skin and may produce pus if popped. In many cases, wounds that result hidradenitis supporativa don’t heal. In other cases they may just form folds and holes that are obvious under the skin.

  1. Deodorant

Deodorants can as well trigger rashes in your armpit which are associated with itchiness. If the deodorant you are using does not match well with your skin or it has contents that irritates your skin you may end up with an itchy rash in the armpit due to inflammation. For this case, you have to be always careful when buying your deodorant to know the ingredients used and you can stop the use of deodorant if you experience itchy armpits from it.

  1. Ingrown Hair

This is common in people who normally shave their pubic hair regularly. Also your shaving mechanism matters a lot when it comes to development of ingrown hair in armpit. If you use sharp razors that shave deep in the skin, you may end up with an itchy armpit due to increased ingrown hairs there. This is because, sharp hairs that are left in the skin re-penetrate the skin while growing and stick there. This may also give a leeway to bacterial infection.

  1. Lymph Nodes

In your armpits, there are a number of lymph nodes that respond to any infections in the surrounding areas.  Also, they can be inflamed in the process of fighting infection to become painful and itchy. In this case you can acquire some antibiotics over the counter to relieve some pain. You can as well use a warm compress to bring the swelling of lymph nodes down.

  1. Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a common autoimmune condition whereby there is increased production of skin cells that result in lesions on your skin. According to some studies, there are many types of this condition but only one is known to affect the folds of the skin like in the armpit. Psoriasis result in patches that may be reddish, scaly and dry and some of these patches may be associated with itchy armpits. Also, skin that is affected by this condition is usually prone to patches and lesions.

  1. Heat Rash

This is a certain type of rash that forms in the armpit and it can be identified with bumps. In addition to bumps, the patient may suffer from itchy armpits and this condition is usually uncomfortable. While heat rash can develop in any part of the skin, it can spread out easily if not treated in time.

  1. Lack of Hygiene

Your armpits are always wet due to sweat. If it happens you do not take a good care of your skin in there you may end up being irritated. Also, when taking a shower, make sure you clean well in the folds since if not careful, areas like armpits, and groin are easily forgotten. Since the armpit is always wet and warm, if not cleaned properly, bacteria may end up taking advantage of the situation to cause infections.

  1. Laundry detergent

Some people are very sensitive when it comes to ingredients used to make soaps and washing detergents. When they use these products, they may end up developing rashes all over the body including the armpit. If you are one of the people, always make a good choice of products you are not allergic to.

Itchy Armpits Cancer

If you are experiencing an itch in your armpit is can be a sign of breast cancer though the condition is not common. There exists a type of breast cancer that is commonly referred to as inflammatory breast cancer. This type of cancer is associated with symptoms such as; the area surrounding the tumor usually is red, inflamed, and painful with increased itchiness that runs down to the armpit. Also, you may be suffering from a condition known as Paget’s disease that affects the nipple, which is associated with breast cancer and can result in itchy armpits.
Also, you can develop a lump in your armpit which can as well develop into cancer, although this is not common. No one would like to hear about cancer at any given time. It is important to have your breast checked in case you have some shooting pain and itchiness in the armpit which is associated with a lump on the breast. Also, in the case of breast cancer, you may realize your armpit lymph nodes are swollen in addition to the symptoms that we have talked above.

Itchy Armpits after Shaving

It is normal as we have said above to develop some sensation in your underarm after a shave. The itchiness can be due to the body’s reaction to the shaving, allergy from the deodorant to the shaved skin, allergy to antiperspirants, or due to bacteria from unsanitary razors. There are a number of things you can do in order to avoid itchy armpits after shaving. Always make sure you observe hygiene and care while carrying out your shave.
It is important to change shaving razors frequently to keep itchiness abbey. This is because, razors that are dull can result into folliculitis or inflammation to the hair follicle. Also, old razors can be a breeding ground for bacteria. If you want to repeat the use of a razor, make sure it is place in a ventilated area to dry out. You can as well use shaving creams and gel to bring down the irritation during shaving.
Also, you can prevent itchy armpits after shave by use of a moisturizer at least 10 to 15 min after you are through with your shave. Deodorant should be applied after the moisturizer has been absorbed. In case itchiness still occurs, you can try changing the brand of your deodorant. If this problem continue to cause you discomfort, you should see your doctor you may be dealing with an infection.

Armpit Yeast Infection

Research has revealed that Women are more on the verge of getting yeast infections as compared to men. Yeast infection not only occur in the groin but also on other areas of the body that are damp and warm like armpits, under breast, anus, mouth, belly button, fingernails and between toes. The yeast infection that normally occurs in the skin folds is referred to as impetigo.
Armpits are commonly affected by yeast infection. However, yeast infection under the arm is not much serious since can be treated. Yeast infection in the armpit is often itchy and painful with a lot of discomfort. When suffering from yeast infection, you may experience a burning sensation in the armpit due to increased scratching and damage that result from the fingernails. At the end, you may develop a red rash that may cover the whole of underarm area.
Other symptoms associated with yeast infection in armpit are unpleasant smell due to skin bacteria and poor ventilation, skin in armpit becomes dark, with flaky skin.

Itchy underarm Home Remedies

The first thing you need to do is to avoid scratching the itchy armpits. Though scratching will reduce your for some time, it can as well facilitate the spread of infection and breakage of the skin. When the skin is broken, it paves way for entry of bacteria and other disease causing organisms to the open wound.
Also, there are many other things you should do in order to deal with your itchy armpits. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Stay Clean

You can have itchy underarms not because you have an infection but because of dirtiness. Apart from that, bacteria usually thrives in dirty environment, hence your armpits are always damp and warm. In this case, if high level of cleanliness is not maintained, you may end up being infected. Therefore, clean your armpits using soap and water, and you will see how great this can be.

  1. Avoid Shaving

There are other ways apart from shaving that can help remove hair in your armpits. The first one is that you can opt to getting a laser hair removal treatment. This type of treatment involves effectively getting rid of your armpit hair without causing harm to your skin considering that the process is done correctly by a professional. Shaving your armpit with razors has been considered to be that main reason why many people develop bumps and itchy armpits.

  1. Use Hot Compress

Not really hot, but you can use a warm compress. Warm water is known to kill germs that appear close to the skin. Regardless of bacteria thriving in warm and moist areas, a warmer compress can assist in getting rid of the pus that is accumulated in the bumps that appear in your armpit. After all the pus has drained, the itchy bumps will eventually begin to heal.

  1. Tea Tree Oil

This is generally used by many families as a home remedy in these days.  This is because tea tree oil is very effective in getting rid of the itchy armpits fast within an overnight. In case your armpit rash is as a result of a parasite, tea tree oil is one of the home remedies you can give a try.

  1. Oatmeal

You can make Oatmeal to be your choice of breakfast especially if you are under a diet or you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle. However, oatmeal can be used in many different ways. First, it is a well-known home remedy used in treating skin and therefore I can advise you to give it a try on your itchy armpits especially if you have a rash. Also, Oatmeal can be used to normalize the pH level of the skin whereby it lessens the possibility of infections on the skin from getting worse.

  1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is very important when it comes to getting rid of a rash in your armpit. Also, coconut is used to make natural oil which is good for the skin. Therefore, coconut oil can be used to calm down your skin so that the itching can stop and in addition, it contains some properties that can make your armpits rash to heal properly. You can obtain extra virgin coconut oil from the market stores as this is known to be the most effective.

Itchy Underarm Treatment

There are many different kind treatments available for this condition. However, to get rid of itchy armpits you need to know what is causing it, since there are many other underlying problems that may result to it. If your symptoms are severe such as, breathing difficulties, swollen face, fever and many others, make an appointment with your doctor to know what could be causing all these conditions.
How to treat Yeast infection

  1. Antifungal Creams

Some of the over-the-counter anti-fungal medications can be used to treat underarm rash and itchiness from yeast infection. Moreover, these anti-fungal drugs can be used to fight genital yeast infection and also jock itch. Before applying an anti-fungal cream, make sure your armpit is cleaned and dry.

  1. Antihistamines

These types of drugs can help to bring relief from the itching and irritation that result from the infection. Often, antihistamine drugs contain some contents such as loratadine, diphenhydramine, fexofenadine and cetirizine. Also corticosteroids can still help as anti-inflammatory agent that bring down itching and redness.
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